June 2017 poll and caption winners

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Below, the 10 winners of our June 2017 newsletter poll below. If you see your name, claim your $2. (See how at the bottom of the list.)

  1. Adrienne White – I’m play the part of a bird because I’m always work behind the scenes when it comes to parties, social functions, as well as clerical and computer work as a volunteer. Department Heads and Staff Members always ask me to comprise a poster, make flyers, or banners promoting ALL events! They stated that people enjoy my amateur artwork due to its creativity, color, and what else attracts them. They also enjoy seeing myself serve food, cleaning after functions, and so forth.
  2. Richard Vargas – I’m like a peacock. I like to put on a show. Once I get started, I consider myself a comedian. I enjoy the laughter.
  3. Karen T – I’m like the mother hen who stays home and babysits the kids of the people who go out and party. That’s the kind of party animal I am.😄
  4. Mary – Which animal is the socially awkward one that just wants to eat snacks and play with the dog? I’m that one.
  5. Brian Vaughn – An armadillo! Check out the party, then roll out if it’s not a good one
  6. Deb – My party animal is a lazy cat. I like to find the most comfortable chair, curl up, and try to ignore the barking dogs (drunks).
  7. Carol Miller – My party animal would have to be an owl. I only venture out at night for a really good party. Once I’m at the party my eagle eyes assess who is there and my overly astute hearing let’s me immediately know what the hot topics are being discussed. I do more listening than talking but if there is ever an argument, the host knows that my razor sharp tongue will settle it in a minute. Everyone knows I argue very persuasively. I am sharp witted, calm and insightful so that I can carry on a very intelligent conversation with anyone. If my host or hostess sees someone on the peripheral of the event they always give me the “eye” to fly over there and use my deeper spiritual side to let this guest know they are included. I have had many thank you notes from my hosts and hostesses for bringing everyone together in a very playful but intelligent way. I have even had followup phone calls asking me to go on night adventures. Can’t beat that.
  8. Chris – I’m always the “Bird”, especially if the party is at my house. I’m very OCD, and everything has to be perfect and on task. I DO find time to enjoy myself though.
  9. Mel & Nate Swanson – I am definitely a party snail!! I am always late and stay late to help clean up!! My sister’s father in law always says “it’s time to start the party Melisa is here!!” hahaha Everyone else is like about time!! Even if the party is for me i still am the last to show!!
  10. Asheley Ortega – I am a puppy always having fun and wanting to play with everyone,socolize with everyone and have fun, especially I like eating at parties a lot.Thats the kind of party animal I am.:-)

The winners

$1 January 2017 Caption Challenge Winners

  1. Coryn – Basically I’m in a pickle.
  2. Sylvia – Pickles $2.25. Chiropractor $225.
  3. carpediem5790 – Dear
    this is a DILLY of a jar
    and I RELISH the idea of opening these pickles for you
    but if you keep yelling and GHERKIN my chain
    it may end up being a JARRING experience!
  4. Sharon Lyn Frazier Edwards – Darn…FICKLE…PICKLES !!!
  5. Rob Merritt – Popeye was never the same after he gave up spinach for pickles.

$1 January 2017 Caption Challenge 2 Winners

    1. Diane Krumenaker Eugenio – Hey Macarena!
    2. Shaelyn Voss – Defense Class for Pussies
    3. Rob Merritt – No one can be told what the Moewtrix is they can only be shown. Whoa I now know CatFu.
    4. Cristina Grunfeld – When the human is away the cats will play.
    5. Sherry Amerson – Cat-a-pulting – lol

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