July 2017 Caption Challenge Winners

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Below, the 10 winners of our July 2017 newsletter poll below. If you see your name, claim your $2. (See how at the bottom of the list.)

  1. Brandie Postell – That’s the time I get to spend with my Uncle. I only get to see him twice a month and he lets me drive because he never gets to just enjoy the ride and look out the window.
  2. Jessica Neiweem – The best thing about grocery shopping? Living in a country where it’s possible. I take for granted the fact that I can go to any number of places in my city, some within walking distance, some that are open 24/7, and buy food to my heart’s content. I forget sometimes that there are people who live on donated rice in refugee camps or are lost in the wilderness somewhere, hoping to find enough insects to sustain them for another day. I also have to remind myself that even my own grandparents grew up watering down milk and hunting squirrels when times got tough. I am truly lucky to be able to live in a country and in times when food is so available to me. The minor annoyances of grocery shopping pale in comparison to the feeling of an empty stomach and the worry of where your next meal is coming from.
  3. Kirsty Muro – Walking through the freezer section and opening the doors watching them fog up
  4. Chandler Parsons – The best part for me is when get home. I have came in the door with a pack of toilet paper and my 4 year old reacts like i came in with GOLD! He says “OH WOW THANKS MOMMA!!”
  5. ap – Although it takes forever, I love being at the store with my kids (4 year-old boy and 1year-old girl) and teaching “sissy” about all the colors and foods and make up stories and silly songs! We make new friends with random people and get weird looks from others 🙂
  6. Sharde Walker – The best part about shopping is knowing that I have the money to buy what I want. There was a time when I lived off food pantries and soup kitchens.
  7. Abdi Abdile – I say Martins grocery store is because they allow you to use printed coupons with their coupons you load to your card together. A couple of weeks ago, I saved almost $110 just in coupons and loaded coupons together! My parents couldn’t believe how much I saved just in coupons alone! They allow me to do all the grocery shopping for our house cause I am always searching for ways to save us money. Just the other day when I went shopping at Martins; they had a huge sale on ice cream and condiments. For every $15 you spend; you receive $5off. I bought $30 worth and saved $10, plus I had a coupon loaded for an extra $2off ANY two ice cream, The bakery smells, draw me in. I walk each and every aisle, taking my time to look for sales, new products and coupon items. I’m a label reader too. (Everyone hates shopping with me). It’s really a bonus when they are giving samples, unless of course
  8. Pang5891 – It’s everything – it’s the Sales and being able to stock up on products that are on sale, the excitement from seeing how much I can save with manufacturer coupons and in store coupons, and watching my loyalty points add up in a short amount of time. I like to plan and prep my weekly meals, use and combine coupons(where it is accepted) and track my savings weekly and monthly. It truly adds up. It makes me feel great and accomplished when I’m able to look at my total savings each week and month compared to what I would be spending if I hadn’t use coupons, loyalty points/perks and store coupons.
  9. Jason Provo – Free samples! I love to pick away at fresh produce such as grapes and baby tomatoes. I love to try a freshly opened box of crackers dipped with a new peanut butter on promotion. I love to taste the fresh ingredients at the do-it-yourself salad bar. I hate it when security comes to ask me to stop doing these things until an actual sample counter is set up…
  10. Carol Miller – The best part of grocery shopping is going early in the morning around 6 or 7 a.m. You have freedom of the aisles, no hassles bumping carts, friendlier managers and personnel, freshest produce and bakery items, weekly coupon specials stocked, more employees to ask questions about where to find items, fast check out and the most pleasant cashiers ( because they haven’t been hassled all day). The other best part is, of course, having the necessary money. When I was a struggling single parent that wasn’t always the case so I appreciate that aspect of grocery shopping VERY much.

The winners

July 2017 Caption Challenge 1 Winners

  1. MT – I promised you a beach vacation, I didn’t promise it would be a warm beach!
  2. MyKinKStar – Google Maps fails again!
  3. dottie p – darn should have peed before i got all bundled up in the middle of nowhere
  4. cabot tower – Canadian Uber!(Really)
  5. kathtastik – Can you hear me now?

July 2017 Caption Challenge 2 Winners

  1. Deb – Llama?? Alpaca?? The loser gets the spit.
  2. Beeeej – I TOLD you I was dry-clean only…!
  3. stephen elsworthy – You may laugh, but I am warm and you are not
  4. Richard Vargas – I wish the paparazzi would stop hounding me. Read my lips, I’m not Joe Camel.
  5. Sylvia – I’m not fat, I’m fluffy!

July 2017 Caption Challenge 3 Winners

    1. Richard Vargas – I heard of flipping a bird, but flipping a bug?
    2. Rusty Carper – Why use a leaf, when you can use a water droplet to cover your “private parts.”
    3. BradandNatalie Gray – I’m not heavy, it’s just water weight.
    4. Lachlan Johnson – HANG IN THERE! 🙂 lol jk I can fly…noobs.
    5. Laurie – Natures Bidet!

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