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  1. Lindsay Poliseno – I have a pair of jeans that fit perfectly around my sneakers, that aren’t too long and not too short. They are the only perfect fitting jean I have and of course the store I got them from is now closed! I have worn them out where one belt loop ripped and Now the bottoms are fraying and ripping! I can’t lose these, but may have to part ways soon! 😫
  2. Celia D. Scribner – My favorite denim was that Jean jacket wore back in school it went with everything you wore…not really sure why they went out. But we never had skinny jeans when I was younger either, what’s up with that and those hipsters…👖
  3. Natania – I have a pair of denim shortalls, in case noone knows what this is, its a pair of overalls but they are shorts. I have had these for years and I absolutely love them. They are so cute with a tank top and a pair of sandals. I know they may not be in style these days, but I dont care, I wear them anyway. Last year, I wore them out with my sister and she asked me if I was going to an 80’s dress up party, I just ignored her until later that night I got 4 compliments on my outfit. Which she heard so I asked her what did she say about my outfit earlier and she told me she was only kidding, and she thought I looked really cute. I think this may be the only outfit, I wore 12 years ago and still wear today. I just cant bring myself to put my shortalls in that give away pile.
  4. Sarah Turner – My husband in his denim jeans.
  5. Boston_Mama84 – In the 90s when the movie Clueless came out everyone was using all the catch phrases the characters had said. One of the biggest was the word “whatever.” So back in 97″ when I was in 7th grade I purchased a pair of light blue wide leg denim pants from Tello’s (does anyone remember that store lol ) in big, bold, black, capitalized lettering on the bottom of 1 leg it read ‘WHAT’ and on the other, ‘EVER’. 😂 not to mention small patches around the thigh and butt area that said “as if”, “totally bitchin” and one I cant remember. They fit me like a glove and were actual thick denim, not like the spandex stretchy ones mostly available today. Whenever I clean my attic I happen to come across them & instantly get the need to relive my youth by trying them on. They are 2 sizes too small now and I’m still hoping to fit back into them one day. They will always remain my favorite denim because it takes me back to some of my best memories. If I can find them or access them easily in my attic i will post a pic.
  6. Alice Ketchum – I have a pair of high waisted jeans from the seventies which cost me a fortune and I remember saving up for an entire month to buy them. I could never part with them. I couldn’t get into them now, if my life depended on it, but they do look fabulous on my daughter.
  7. Camille Dzierba Kazmierczak – My Denim Overalls…..I read somewhere that when you reach a certain age you should not wear Overalls anymore. Well I am 57 years old and still love to wear my denim overalls no matter what the fashion police have to say. Feelin good in my Denim…..
  8. Sally Klingsporn – sadly my most favourite denim jeans were stolen when i allowed a freind to help me out by taking home and doing my washing last year while i was homeless and they never came back. They were a white pair of Calvin Klein. they had a great, cut and fitted perfectly. they were a mid rise and didnt sit very high on my waist (which i loved because i am quite short so pants can be very uncomfortable when they sit high up near my ribs. lol) you really can tell when something is made well. the jeans cost me $65 (most i have ever spent on jeans)
  9. DM – A denim shirt that was my son’s. I were it all winter. Love feeling close to him after he is gone. So glad I kept most of his favorite clothes.
  10. Jason Provo – I have a very old, circa early 1980s storage case for vinyl 45 rpm records. It is sort of like a clasped lunchbox; and the outer covering is made of denim. It is made to resemble a pair of cut-off denim shorts. The clasp is made to be the buckle of the belt around the top. It is so old that is frayed along most of the edges; just like a pair of frayed denim shorts. It has built in back pockets to store God knows what (any ideas, community?) and a zipper in the front that looks cool but serves no purpose. Totally cool!
  11. Karen T – 👖A denim jacket that my son❤ wore in 1992 when he was 9🏃‍♂️. It’s an authentic, thick, DURABLE LEVI denim that is still holding strong after 27 years of wearing & washing!😎 I think most of us here can remember the high quality and decent prices you could find at places like Sears. Today’s materials kinda give a whole new meaning to “Faded Denim”.🤔 Some things are just worth hanging on to!😊
  12. Chris – I have a denim jean jacket that I got not too long ago. Took me a long time to find the right one. Perfect denim color and goes great with some spiky heels and skinny jeans.
  13. Crizzy – I bought a beautiful flared denim skirt with 6 panels and distinctive stitching ready for Summer holidays 4 years ago. I look at it lovingly each time I open the wardrobe door but I’ve never worn it, or any other skirt because of the ugly swollen & purple lower leg condition I developed suddenly just afterwards. So, all you young people – don’t hide your lovely legs inside trousers, show them off, Flaunt them!
  14. Sylvia – I still have my son’s OshKosh denim bib baby jeans. I know it’s silly to keep something for over 20 years but I’m hoping to dress a grand baby in those adorable jeans some day!
  15. Rochelle Vine – My daddy had his own trucking business so he got denim jackets with his logo and our names on the jackets and gave them to all us kids and his driver as a Christmas present in 1999. He passed in 2001 and my mom passed in 2012. I have their jackets, mine, my husbands, and my siblings and I had them made into a quilt!!! I love it!!!
  16. Elodie – I have a pair of jeans that I love so much I buy the same size of the same brand whenever I chance to find it. I’m a “Goodwiller” so basically when it comes to denim jean shopping that means going through two packed aisles of jeans. I have now have three pairs of the same brand of jeans so when one pair wears out I can just move onto the next.
  17. ramadevi – Back home I used to wear my traditional dresses, and I never tried to wear pants, jeans or skirts after marriage and before marriage. Until my 15 years I wore long skirts and tops. Only once me and my sister wore my brother’s pant and shirt to take a picture. I lived in a town where there is no exposure but we used to know the evolution of dresses in movies. In main cities only some people used to wear all kinds of dresses. After immigrating to Canada I adopted to the culture and also it is not possible to wear my traditional dress due to extreme cold weather. So first I went to buy a denim jean which was thick, beautiful and nice fitting. I used it almost 10 years. After that my belly grown and my body changed, so it cant fit for me. Still I have it with me. I am planning to make a wall decorative piece. I am looking for ideas, soon I will see it on my wall. Still looks bright blue and new look not changed. But I maintain my clothes carefully as much as possible.
  18. Paul Raymond – I’ve got my baseball denim that I wear to everyone of the kids baseball games. Its a superstition thing, where even with the losses I’ve got to have them on if its game day
  19. Debashree Mondal – A denim jacket with my dog’s name stitched by me, which added another level to his cuteness!!
  20. Judy Burba McGarvey – My favorite is a denim purse my granddaughter made me as a school project. It’s so cute!

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