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Daily question 2004

$1 winners

  1. Lindsay Poliseno – Every night when I put my kids to sleep I make myself about 3 cones with strawberry ice cream and enjoy a nice treat while watching a show! And I’m not exaggerating.. it’s literally 3 big cones that I make and eat all to myself! With no kids hounding for a lick, taste or bite! 🍦

$.50 winners

  1. Anne – I remember so ‘vividly’ (like it was yesterday). I was about 2yrs old, and myself and siblings we were all bought an ice cream cone at the beach in ‘Wasaga’ (which was where our cottage was). Well I was about to have my first lick of my cone and my brother came behind me and knocked it out of my hand. Can’t remember much after that😣 wasn’t happy though. I didn’t care about that 3 second rule, so I picked it up…got in trouble for picking it up. I do remember that.🍦
  2. Sarah Turner – When I was 13 we moved to a new town and I didn’t know anyone, so my parents took my little brother, sister and myself for a drive. We found a little store on the Spokane tribe Indian reservation that had little ice cream cones.
  3. Natania – When Kayla (my daughter) was in kindergarten we made cupcakes for her birthday and took them to school for her class. So when she was in first grade, she said she wanted a really special treat to take. After a while we came up with Cake Cones. It was fun because we made them together, you need to get the cones that stand up, then we made cake batter and added some red food coloring (which turned out pink, what we wanted), we poured the batter into the cones and put them in the oven for the time and temperature the cake said, we kept inserting a toothpick and when it came out clean we knew they were done. We let them cool, and they looked so good. We filled them perfectly because the cake swelled over the cones just as I wanted. We put icing on them and a few sprinkles. Kayla was ecstatic and couldnt wait for the next day! I told her I would bring them up before lunch like her teacher said. I got to the school and walk in the office to sign in and they wont let me take them to her class. They say it has to be healthy and on the schools approved food list. I was so upset, I explained I brought cupcakes last year and it was fine. She said that shouldn’t have been allowed either. I didnt want to say her teacher said I could and get her in trouble. So I run home and put each Cake Cone in a ziploc bag, and took them back up to the school and ask if I brought them up at the end of the school day and they took them home to eat, would that be ok. It took me a while but I finally persuaded them to allow it. (Probably because I gave her one.) When I got back later that day, I took them to Kaylas room and the kids were so excited to get them. Kayla looked so sad until she seen me, poor thing was waiting on me all day to bring them. I just wish it was like when I was in school, we were allowed to bring in any kind of treats for our class on our birthdays and it was so fun.
  4. Lee S – My husband was was watching the Coneheads movie on our Roku early one morning before I was awake. He was laughing so hard and loud that it woke me out of a dead sleep! I’ve never watched it (thought it was goofy when it came out) but oddly, I couldn’t look away when I started watching it with him. It was kinda cute – not my favorite, but if it keeps him laughing I call that a ‘win’ 🙂
  5. Boston_Mama84 – This happened recently actually. I took my 2 daughters just last week to an ice cream shop that also has a small petting zoo on the property. My youngest a toddler has never seen chickens up close. As she was chasing some around, they began chasing her. She got frightened and as she tried running away she tripped, sending her ice cream cone flying to the grass. She landed face first in her pile of vanilla ice cream but the best part was when she lifted her head to move with the cone stuck to her forehead but slipped on the wet grass so she face planted right back down crunching the cone everywhere and by then all the chickens and a baby goat were surrounding her to eat the ice cream. She of course freaked out even more but it was a funny moment.
  6. Camille Dzierba Kazmierczak – My favorite cone story is not eating ice cream in a cone….It has always grossed me out all the dripping ice cream that falls on the cone and on your hand. lol so favorite thing to do is put your ice cream in a bowl and have them put the cone on top and top it with some whipped cream and some hot fudge and sprinkles and you have a Sunday Cone …
  7. DM – The first time Dustin had a waffle cone, he tried figuring out how they put a waffle around ice cream. It was a funny moment I will never forget. Good memories.
  8. Tammy Robertson – My boys don’t like them so when they were little they would order ice cream cone without a cone lol
  9. Ray Ayala – Cones have never really been a big part of my life except that long year when I had to take geometry. By memorizing the formula for the volume of a cone, I was able to do poorly on the regular part of the test and then earn lots of extra credit points. To this day, I am still amazed at how the ancient Greeks figured out all of those formulas. I figure they must have had a lot of free time and were really bored without television and internet.
  10. Karen P – When I was 16, my friends and I thought we’d be real smart. One friend had a half pint of sloe gin. We had nothing to mix it with so went to gas station and bought a couple cans of Squirt from vending machine, and so as not to look conspicuous, drank one right away. Then went to the local restaurant to get a few “cones” to use as glasses. They were the paper cones they used to line Sundae cups. We told them we needed them for Algebra classes. Now with all components in place, we proceeded to go to the park to imbibe our refreshments. I don’t have any idea why we went to such lengths to drink alcohol, when as an adult it has not been near as hard nor as sought after. All we ended up with was a hangover the next morning. KIDS!!!!
  11. Skye – The classic younger sibling that I was dropping my scoop because it were a hot day and it had not stuck to the wafer properly and the generous older brother giving me his second scoop making his a plain old single. I even think of that every time that episode of the Simpsons comes on and Bart does the same for Lisa. Lol
  12. Sin – In primary school, we had an ice-cream day once, where we all got an ice-cream cone for free. One guy I was hanging with said I should bite the bottom of the cone out and then suck the ice-cream through it like a straw. Well, I bit too much off and the ice-cream all slipped out of the bottom and landed with a plop on the concrete in front of me. Being the 6-year-old that I was, I got upset and one of the teachers came, saw the situation, and gave me an ice-cream on a stick. I felt pretty special.. and dumb… that day.
  13. Marilynne Ferreira – We had a golden retriever and whenever we would go to Mcdonalds we would get him a soft cone ice cream. I would lick it to make it all even and than I would give it to him. He had the ice cream gone before we left the parking lot. For the cone I would tell him little bites. He would gently take small bites around the cone until the top piece was gone Then I would say ok and he would devour the cone in one bite. He has been gone now for ten years but i can still see him eating that cone
  14. MT – I was in a summer reading program as a kid, and for every 4 hours I read, I got a coupon for a free ice cream cone. What a summer that was!
  15. Karen B. – My favorite cone story. My granddaughter. We had just bought her a expensive double dip ice cream cone. She was so excited she was hopping around with it, and then she dropped it on the ground. She wanted me to pick it up, and put it back together. Before I could reach down and get it, a random dog snatched it! At least someone got to enjoy it!
  16. Alice Ketchum – I like the color sensitive cones in my eyes. They are responsible for color vision.
  17. dottie p – i was working at Mcdonald’s working drive thru, i don’t know if any one remembers the cars that when you open the door the seat belt pulls off you and if you shut your door it comes back on. well this guy came through drive thru ordered a cone and his window wouldn’t open so he opened his door, low and behold, his seat belt moved away from him. he paid for his cone, took it, and shut his door, his seat belt when back into position and pushed his arm with the cone into his face. funniest thing i’ve ever seen, i gave him a lot of napkins, took his cone, gave him a new one, this time he was careful not to have it smash in his face.
  18. Ken Grant – I used to go to Thrifty Ice Cream and buy a triple chocolate cone for fifteen cents. Very upset when it went up to 20 cents, but I managed. Loved those triple cones. Yum.
  19. Sylvia – I was at a buffet that had a self serve soft ice cream machine. I was happily filling my cone when I realized the machine had jammed and would not turn off. As I yelled for help my cone buckled under the weight of the soft swirl avalanche and I started filling bowl after bowl in humiliating desperation. By the time help arrived I was covered in a melting sticky mess and had no desire to eat my cone. But the restaurant offered a next meal free card to me and on my subsequent visit I suspiciously eyed the soft serve machine and helped myself to a slice of blueberry pie.
  20. Paul Raymond – I just recently had one of the most disappointing ice cream cones in my life the other day 🙁 Ive eagerly been awaiting the new Kit Kat drumsticks and they’ve finally hit my local stores. This tasted nothing like a kit kat!!!! The chocolate was nothing like you’d get from a Kit Kat and there was no crunch at all

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