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The winners

$1 winners

  1. Lindsay Poliseno – I thought it would be cool in my high school cheerleading days to put glitter on my Eyelids and a in my hair to decorate myself up before competition.. it looked good for a minute but when we started I was jumping all around and started to get hot so all of the glitter from my hair got all over my face and all of the glitter on my eyelids went in my eyes, and boy did that hurt! I was trying to get glitter out of my hair for days! Not my brightest moment! Now glitter drives me crazy!

$.50 winners

  1. Mellissa Naylor – Oh god not the glitter. Things started out fun untill– well they went wrong and it was even worth writing a poem about. I once had a friend who wanted to be a glitter queen for this one time a year we call hollowen , She hands me the glue and i look at her sideways i said are you sure, she said yah it’s clean and pure, I apply to the eyebrows the cheekbone and lips and off we go trick or treating for kicks, Now we are home its time to relax ,let’s take off your make- up so we and eat some of our snacks. I start with her eyebrows and the directions say apply a warm cloth let stand wipe away, I wait just a minute and wipe away the glitter and glue realizing the eyebrow has come off with it to… Biting my lip she says what’s wrong,? i handed her the mirror and said you where rite she saysabout what, i said, this stuff is ( clean and pure…. Btw this really happen… Up vote for me ty
  2. Pammie Burman – One of the places I used to work for had a unique way of saying happy birthday. The birthday victim…I mean celebrant…would arrive at work to find their entire desk area covered with glitter. Man. it took forever to get all that glitter out of keyboards!
  3. Teresa Rojas – I have an autistic niece, and glitter just fascinates her, so I try to get some for her all the time, she just loves it.
  4. Anna Morellon – My adult son was nosing around in my stuff one time and found a very small vial of very fine white glitter he thought were drugs. He gave it to my boyfriend at the time to confront me and find out what was going on. Cocaine…. Meth….. are you kidding me? They both looked kinda stupid.
  5. Linda Sorensen – Well, I lived in London in 1973 and 1974. I was working as a photographer’s model. I was wearing just your basic simple dress, which was black and covered in red, green, blue, yellow all different colors of glitter that were hand stitched to the dress in wavy vertical lines,with maybe an eighth of an inch between the different between the lines. I was glowing! I ran across the street from Harrods to catch a cab, and I was so sparkly, that I was hit by the car of an off duty policeman, called a Bobby in England. He couldn’t see me for all the glitter!
  6. Rochelle Vine – Don’t laugh at me when I tell you my story!! It really was scary!! I was working on a Christmas stocking I had made for my niece. I wrote her name in glue and then put a bunch of glitter on a piece of paper. The plan was to blow the glitter over the glue but my plan kinda sorta didn’t turn out that way. As I was about to inhale to blow the glitter I felt a sneeze coming so I turned my head to sneeze away from the glitter and sneezed in my cats face, scaring him to death so as he prepared to spring away I moved the glitter under my face so he wouldn’t spill it but he didn’t spring away…he actually jumped up and bit me which made me inhale quickly as I was pulling my arm away from him…yes the arm holding the paper full of glitter!! It coated my lungs!!! No amount of coughing could remove it. My husband took my to the emergency room as I was turning purple bluish!! They had to induce a coma so they could artificially ventilate me and expel the glitter that was coating my poor lungs! I now use a mask if working with glitter…which is very rare. I just buy glitter glue now!!!!
  7. Natania – I have the funniest glitter story. Kayla (my daughter) loves glitter, we use to sprinkle everything with glitter. Our only problem was Jeff (Kayla’s Dad) hates it because it ends up everywhere, including your face. Anyway one night when Jeff went to bed, Kayla decided to paint his fingernails with this hot pink glitter color, (she was only 7, so imagine what they looked like, it was more like his entire finger along with his nail was painted.) Morning came and our alarms didnt go off because the electric had went out. So I got Jeff up late for work, we were hurrying to get his lunch and coffee ready and I completely forgot to tell him about his nails. With him hurrying and it being a little dim still, he didnt see it. When he got to work, the guys noticed it right away and gave him a hard time all day about it. Of course, the guys didnt have nail polish remover, so he was like that all day. He scratched some of it off his finger but not much. When he got home and told me, I laughed so hard my mouth hurt. Then when a friend that works with him told me all the joked they said to him, I laughed even more. It was great!
  8. Lee S – My young niece LOVES glitter – has glitter shoes, glittery princess dresses, and the like. She visited one day with a glittery headband on her head. My husband said he was going to take her headband and wear it. She started giggling and squealing at him as he chased her around the house and finally got her headband. He put it on his big bald head and pranced around the house saying “I’m a princess!” and had glitter all over his face and head. Niece couldn’t stop giggling and still talks about it when she visits! She says she won’t wear her glitter headband around hubby any more 🙂
  9. DM – a month ago I spilled glitter once while working on a school project with Dustin. The cats went crazy, they got it all over their paws. We laughed so hard and it was another one of those forever memories. Still makes me smile today.
  10. Belinda Ortega – My glitter story is that every year especially at Christmas time My Husband and I argue over glitter decorations. I can’t stand Christmas decoration’s w with glitter on them and he likes them so we end up having to buy more than what we mean to buy because I buy the shiny things and he buys the glittery things.
  11. Sue W. – A friend of mine who recently passed away, used to send me cards and letters and every one would have some kind of crazy glitter in it that would fall out everywhere. I sure miss her!
  12. ramadevi – My mother’s brother was professional tailor. My mom always used to request to make dresses for us when we were kids. but my uncle was very busy doing it for customers. Once my close relative marriage was there, and my mom wants to make a nice gown for me to attend the marriage. She bought light yellow cloth with glittering thread work on it. She gave it to my uncle to make a dress for me. She gave the cloth to him before 2 months so that my uncle will make it in time. Finally he made a gown with frills design on it and also he put a matching lining cloth. Because the cloth will sting to the skin. That time I was may be 4 years. I tried the dress and it was beautiful. But even though it has lining cloth, I feel like needles on my body and get itching. I removed it saying that it is itching. My mom convinced me to wear it. Every one liked it and praised for the design. But I cant keep it for even 5 mins. The glittering design stings to the skin. I tried to wear it several times for very short time. And slowly I disliked it and stopped wearing it. But I liked it very much and I made my mom disappointed by not wearing it.
  13. Richard White – My wife and I went to my 20th high school reunion where we ran into an old school mate of mine.He came up to us and asked me if I had remembered him and of course I did. We had a polite conversation and he walked away. Afterwards my wife looked at me and asked me if he was wearing glitter. I had to chuckle and say yes.He is a flamboyant gay man with a huge heart. We keep in touch with him and every now and then it comes up in conversation “is he wearing glitter?”We have a nice laugh.
  14. Sylvia – I bought silver spray glitter for my niece to adorn her hair for prom this year. Her pretty updo just needed a couple sprays so I aimed carefully and shot myself square in the face, yup, I had the nozzle backwards.
  15. Karen T – 💖I LOVED glitter when I was a kid. I always looked forward to creating designs and messages by sprinkling it all over the glue, especially for Christmas! Now I know what we put our mom through when she had to clean up that mess. I think I’d rather risk stepping on a lego than clean up glitter for a week..LOL! But for the kid’s sake I guess I’d still do it.🙆‍♂️🙆‍♀️
  16. Kelli – My brother thought it would be funny to dump glitter all over me awhile back. He would do it just to mess with me and he knows I hate glitter so he dumped it all over my head one time and I was stuck with glitter in my hair and all over my face for close to a week
  17. edeliz – I used to be terrified of glitter! When I was about 7 years old, one of my aunts told me that if glitter got into my eye it would scratch it and leave visually impaired. For the longest time, I avoided it like the plague. The problem was that I used to dance and all our costumes usually came with glitter all over them. Talk about anxiety! Oh, I figure out that my aunt loved those urban legends and got over the glitter thing.
  18. JoJoSprout – How bout things My kids and I have that’s #GLITTER. And use daily between the 7 of us. Eyeshadow, Lipstick, earrings, necklace, traperkeeper, one daughter has 10 posters unicorns and glitter, My 3 daughters and I have the same journal, necklace bracelet, socks leggings Shit, hairband, the girls have rings that say always mommies girl and I’m special glitter because my mommy is special as well. the girls got me a ring that has all 3 names inside this bubble andaif you hold.it to the light you can see there names, withwa poem that says there is lots of glitter in the world but we are special glitter because our mommy helped make us. And has a rainbow under names on 1 side and the moon on the other side. The 3 boys got me a key chain that says we’re from special glitter because our mommy made us and there a photo of the boys inside the 💓 when the light or sun hits it you can see tiny glitter inside. So mom got the 3 boy key chains with a photo of me and the boys in it that shines and says loved more then glitter, but the same as my sisters.
  19. MT – At work, we sign Christmas cards for all employees each year. This past year, whoever picked out the cards had apparently been wronged by the rest of us somehow, because the glitter was so thick, by the time we signed the 250+ cards, our desks and hands were completely covered with glitter!
  20. mario Thompson – was at my prom afterparty, having a great time and someone accidentally shot a confetti cannon with glitter directly in my face.
  21. Noel Stewart – Being a NY Giants fan, I am anxious for the new season to start. I love to watch the fans with glitter on their fingernails and eye lids sporting their team’s colors. This season will be especially joyful because of our new Cornerback LOVE. I believe Julian Love will bring some glitter to the New York Giants TOO. So I will have lots of glitter to kibitz.

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