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$1 winners

  1. Natania – When I was 17 me and my friends decided to have a party at my house. I was playing horseshoes and cornhole and volleyball. After that I was hot so I decided it was time to cool off by jumping in the pool. I ran inside to change, I got undressed but couldnt find my bottoms. So I figured maybe I left them in my friends bag from the day before, we had went to Coney Island. So, I grabbed my robe, threw it on, and ran out to her car. Her bag wasnt in her car so I walked in back where everyone was and her bag was in her hand. I walked over and quietly asked if my bottoms were in there, she said yes. As we was walking inside to put our suits on. Two of our friends run up one picks her up, one picks me up, I am yelling, “no, no, put me down, I do not have!” and another guy friend grabs my belt to my robe and pulls it and grabs my robe and tosses me in the pool. Luckily I went in quick, so I dont think anyone seen to much. My friend they threw in with me, hurried and grabbed a towel and helped me out of the pool so nothing could be seen. She asked why I didnt have anything on and I told her my bottoms were in her bag so I just threw my robe on thinking it would just take me a second to grab her bag. I was so embarrassed and I will never forget that party, but I hope everyone else did!
  2. Carol Miller – A movie that I loved quite a long time ago was called “The Robe.” Richard Burton starred as a Roman soldier, named Marcellus. Marcellus wins Christ’s Robe in a dice game during the Crucifiction. Marcellus is an atheist but his slave Demetrius is a Christian. Demetrius escapes his slavery and takes the Robe with him. Marcellus is haunted by nightmares about Christ’s crucifixtion and feels he must find Demetrius and the Robe to be cured. Since there has always been extreme controversy over what happened to Christ’s garments which were truly divided among the soldiers over dice, I found this movie to be quite fascinating. Of course, Richard Burton in the lead role also added to the poignancy of the film.

$.50 winners

  1. Boston_Mama84 – Recently this past March I ran to my car which was in my driveway, directly after waking up so it could be warmed up before taking my daughter to school. I had on a tank top & pajama pants so I tossed on my bathrobe but couldn’t find the belt to tie it. It did have a small string on the inside though that I tied. I ran outside waving good morning to a neighbor as she passed then turned my car on & dragged my trash barrels to the curb for pick up later that day. Meanwhile I could feel the chill in the air on my left shoulder and chest more than anywhere else. Didn’t give it much thought. Headed back to my shed to get the recycling bins and on my way back to the curb I caught my reflection in my car window… my whole left side of my chest was out and exposed for the world to see. I must of not realized I never put my arm in the armhole when putting on my top last night before bed and the tiny string holding the bathrobe closed wasnt the same strength as a normal robe belt. I’m not sure how long I was walking around outside like that but hopefully my neighbor didnt see.
  2. Leslie Anne Soloman – My robe story is this the church choir robe with my name printed on it was regularly taken from the choir rack and used by someone other than me on the Sundays we sing. Mind you I am the smallest member in our choir. This was very frustrating for me because I would have to scramble and find one to wear which wouldn’t fit … ugh! So I now take it home with me and the problem is solved.
  3. Pammie Burman – It used to be that you earned Kmart points whenever you rode with Uber. There have been times I’ve had to take Uber a lot so my points really added up quickly, By using those points, I was able to get a really soft full length robe free.(BTW, I really scored with a bunch of other freebies as well!)
  4. MyKinKStar – Best robe I ever had was silky smooth on the outside, with a cotton terry inside that worked perfectly from bath or beach. It washed up nicely and was just the right amount of goodness without losing it’s sexy. It was an off-white color, with a design on design kind of fabric, and I simply loved it! Ah, but I got involved in all the wrong things for all the right reasons, and allowed some seriously trashy people too close in my life, which meant I put that robe and many other precious things in danger of being taken. One day that is exactly what happened and no matter how much I play it all back I can’t find the reason I let my guard down sooo much. I messed up, but though it all I never lost me and was able to save myself and I am grateful to have never completely lost the morals and values I learned from Mother and Daddy. I do sometimes have to stop myself and my guilt over messing up, because nothing changes it now, but geez, that robe was something else!
  5. Anne – I would really like to know one thing Vindale, ‘Who comes up with these questions?’ Lol 😊 Yes..i own a robe that my sis gave me a couple of Christmas’ ago, nothin special about it, but it does keep me warm and comforted on those chilly nights when all that’s on TV are really bad reruns of ‘Whos the boss’, (no cable) and I happen to have forgotten my laptop at work so I can’t even play my computer games. ‘Dang’.@$#$, I just spilled my drink all over my nice clean robe 🍸 hiccup
  6. Jen – There’s a woman in my neighborhood, in her late 50’s, I don’t know exactly where she lives, only the direction she comes from. But a robe is ALL she wears walking down the center of the street. It’s not always the same robe, I assume she changes it up for the weather. Or I hope she does. Sometimes she wears shoes, but always the robe, always in the middle of the street, always having an exciting conversation with herself, and the robe always eventually comes open.
  7. Crizzy – I have a most beautiful Robe which my Father brought home from the Far East for our Mum when they were courting, in his Merchant Seaman days. It’s black silk and satin with gold embroidery including a full length dragon down the back….and Yes it should probably be called a Kimono but because I feel like a Queen when wearing it ‘Robe’ is more fitting.
  8. Camille Dzierba Kazmierczak – My Father came from Buffalo to visit with us in NC and it was on Halloween and I had a party. Mom and Dad went to bed early but then later as we were all outside along comes my Dad …. He dressed up in Moms Robe with her scarf and purse and pretended to be an old lady…..Funny Moment in time.
  9. Richard White – I went to a military college where I got an entire wardrobe and in it was a red robe. I had it for years when I finally passed it on to my children because I outgrew it. Needless to say the robe is 20 plus years old
  10. Faith Faith – I usually slept naked or I used to sleep naked at the house, one morning when my husband is about to leave to work I heard him shouting in the kitchen like there is something happen. I get up and look my robe because I always put that at the back door but I did not find it so I run in the kitchen naked and when I get there he laughed and said I had your robe and said I just want to see your perfect body. I get mad because what he did is not a joke.
  11. Cathy Deslippe – The Christmas Story at our church when I was six. I was so excited when they handed the robes out, I see Mary’s robe coming my way. “Well that didn’t happen”. Oh no I was one of the three wise men. Oh such a beautiful brownie ugly robe and I spoke like a man. I honestly think in my dad’s eyes II made him proud after all three daughters and I got to play a male role. lol
  12. Christi Hubler – I had recently purchased chickens for my coop. One morning I went out to feed them, wearing my favorite (but very colorful robe) I stepped into the coop, and chaos erupted! The chickens went crazy, yanking and pecking at my robe! They were flying at it like it was the devil in disguise! Needless to say, stunned as I was, I took the robe off and flung it at my chickens. I am sad to report the robe did not make it.
  13. Paul Clément – I was about 15 at the time and serving midnight mass in my red robe as thurifer (incense bearer). With many family members in attendance, it was a proud moment for me and I felt the glow. At one point in the ceremony, while standing to the left of the celebrant, I was required to genuflect during the elevation of the host. As I did so, the toe of my shoe hooked onto my front robe hem and down I went, my face practically kissing the carpet. Not one to be easily taken aback, I immediately and somewhat abruptly sprang to my feet notwithstanding the awkwardness of the gesture and attempted to resume my standing position to the left of the priest, somehow imagining that no one had noticed my ”misstep”. I deemed myself successful in that measure until my cousin cried out at the family Christmas Eve dinner later that day: ”Did you guys see Paul do the recovery dance at mass?” Needless to say, I was less to grateful to her at the time. Cousins!
  14. DM – I used to walk in my sleep. Once I walked into my mom’s bedroom and put on her robe, then went back to bed. Did not remember any of it the next day.
  15. Caroll Souza – I have a lovely Mickey and Minnie robe I bought during my honeymoon (Spain).. it is soooo cute and reminds me of that amazing country and from all these amazing moments I have had back then
  16. Daniel Balderas – My robe story is short, My mother recently passed away and it is her red robe that i will keep until my last days. It was the robe she wore until a few days before she passed. It has her smell and i will keep it until my final days on earth
  17. Ray Ayala – Every time I see the word robe, I remember how that word cost me 10 points on a French quiz and knocked me down to a B instead of an A. The quiz said to translate the French word “robe” into English. I didn’t realize that in French a robe is a dress. However, I never ever missed that question on any further French quizzes, so I learned from my mistake.
  18. Tammy Robertson – Every time I get a nice robe someone in my family takes it for themselves lol I gave up on having my own. Recently though my mom gave me her dad’s old robe!
  19. Timothy Mccollum – I went to a hotel in Vegas and they had some great ropes in the room we stayed at. I bought one on the way out so comfy.
  20. Rochelle Vine – When my brother and I were little my mom had a yellow robe with a hood on it that was way too big for her but she loved it!! My little brother used to get on my shoulders and we would put on moms robe and walk around like a mupoet or Big Bird!! I used to peak through a hole in it so I could see where we were walking!!
  21. Teresa Rojas – I can’t believe this came up, because my brother went to Acapulco this past weekend, and had a picture taken out by the pool, wearing a robe, hiding a drink and looking very much like the newest playboy. He of course had posted and updated his profile picture with this one. That’s my brother. I have to say it is a great picture.

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