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The winners

$1 winners

  1. Carol Miller –The line of Icons at the bottom of all Android phones is called “A Favorite Tray.” I absolutely could not live without all the apps I have on this Favorite Tray. It is very aptly named.

$.50 winners

  1. Craig HouseMusic Earnest – Mine would be an ashtray because I like to smoke cigarettes. I know, it’s bad for me. But oh well. lol
  2. Anne – Mine would be the number 3. In cards (which I really enjoy)😉, the 3 card is considered a ‘Trey’ and that # (for me), holds a lot of luck🍀
  3. Lee S – My favorite tray is my new teeth aligner tray that stores the aligners when I’m not wearing them (from SmileDirectClub). I’ve wanted to straighten my teeth for years and finally bit the bullet (literally-ha!)! Just started the program and already feel and see the difference! Can’t wait for my new smile to develop – been a long time coming! It’s never too late to better yourself!! Check it out – http://fbuy.me/mHK66
  4. Natania – The tray we put on my Grannys walker. It has been a huge help for her. Before, when she got up, she put her phone in her pocket, well she forgot one day, went to the kitchen and she fell. Luckily she wasn’t hurt, but she didnt have a phone to call us. Now, she keeps her phone on her tray on the Walker and when she gets up, the phone is on there and everything else she needs too. Since then we have also got her Great Call. Which calls us automatically if she falls. She can walk with her coffee on the tray, the phone, her mail, a snack, and her fingernail clippers, and anything else she chooses. Its awesome to know my Granny is safe and has everything she needs. She means the world to me and I would do anything for her!
  5. Lindsay Poliseno – My favorite tray would be the platter serving tray that I received when my grandma passed away. It was passed down to me and has been in the family for a long time. I use it more for a decoration on my shelf as I am scared it will get ruined if I actually use it and it means a great deal to me because my grandma was a huge part of my life, and it’s something that I can look at and always be reminded of her!
  6. Michele – The tray my kids bring me, filled with yummies, on special occasions or just because.
  7. Diana Cordell – My favorite tray is a long TV tray that I use to serve my mom her meals in bed since she has mobility problems.
  8. Anna Morellon – Mine is the one my 5 grandkids and I painted one day while spending the day down at the river. I took the project with me in case they got bored from swimming because I knew we had to stay most of the day. It is now a funky type of abstract bed tray. But it hangs in my kitchen.
  9. Cathy Deslippe – My favorite tray is the silver tray we were given 35 years when we got married. It was given to us from my Aunt and Uncle and as a child I always remember her pouring a lovely coffee or tea from her silver tray service. It looks quite eloquent and is used on very special occasions. Its piece of my heart from my past life and I would love to see it shared with all of my family.
  10. Paul Clément – Shall I admit that I’m a freak, a pickle freak that is because my favourite tray is our crystal pickle tray. My wife puts it out out special occasions and holidays which indicates home made pickles are on the menu that day. Hooray for the tray… the pickle tray that is!
  11. Terri Mulligan – My tea tray it is red like my tea pot and it has Asian inspired painting of cranes on it I found it at a yard sale for 2 dollars it has been used every weekend since for 12 years running
  12. ramadevi – During Christmas my colleague bring a tray full of country style cookies. It will contain sift cheese , mixed nut, sour cream, and butter cookies. I dont remember but I remember the taste of them. They are in a big tray and nicely decorated and wrapped up. These cookies are special, I dont know where she buy them. There is a country style shop which is special and she gets them for us during the Christmas. Each one is a kind and tastes very soft, fresh and delicious. This is my special tray and pick my favorite ones and I get some extra from the tray to eat later. Ha…ha…..everyone loves this tray in my work place.
  13. dottie p – when i was a little girl, my grandma had one of those coffee trays on wheels with a water jug and bowl on it. when we went to visit, my grandma would set it up with the coffee set and let me play waitress with her and my parents, of course, i was too young to pour but it was still fun. i miss my Grandma Laura, but that i’ll never forget
  14. Rochelle Vine – My husband and I (before we became husband and wife) were out exploring the woods one day around Burney California and found an old abandoned cabin way off the beaten track. As we were exploring around this old cabin with our metal detector we found an old handgun with no more wood handle and this old tray. We brought both home and my husband spent quite some time cleaning them both up. The pistol we were told was from the 1800’s as well as the pure silver tray we found!! The tray I still have to this day. We used it at our wedding. My husband put a beautiful new handle on the pistol and we are going to give both to my daughter and son in law at their wedding. Easily my favorite tray!!! And worth a pretty penny!!!
  15. tejastoolman – rolling tray, for rolling my own import cubano` leaves into cigars for family & close friends, not acquaintances 😉
  16. MT – I had a ninja turtles TV tray that I thought was the coolest when I was growing up.
  17. Lu Cinda Sealey – My grandmothers 50th anniversary to her husband was a matching silver tray that she left to me and anytime I use it, I think of her and him and their happy life together
  18. Sylvia – When my school cafeteria was discarding some old lunch trays I rescued them for a little project. My kindergarten students cut out paper hearts, flowers , smiley faces and rainbows which we glued covering the entire front of the trays. My hubby then covered the trays with a clear protective coat and my class gifted these trays to a local personal care home. The staff use these trays with the elderly residents who are bedridden so they can play cards, write letters and to hold toiletries or snacks. We’re hoping these bright and colorful trays bring a smile to their intended recipients and is proof that little hands can accomplish big things.
  19. MyKinKStar- My first thought is the food tray I use to keep my hot laptop off my legs, but that thing is too annoying to be a favorite. The legs on it collapse too easily and one of my boyZ (cats) has a habit of wanting to go up under it and ah, that’s not how it works dude!
  20. Alice Ketchum – My ice tray is a very useful device!
  21. Noel Stewart – My favorite tray is located in on my bathroom counter. It is stainless steel and revolves so that I can reach all items.

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