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$1 winners

  1. Lindsay Poliseno – My favorite purple thing is my purple picture frame that my daughter made for me on my birthday, which she decorated all nice and put a nice picture of her and her baby brother in it, that sits right on my shelf and is the first thing I see waking up every morning!

$.50 winners

  1. Teresa Rojas – We must all remember the Purple People Eater!!! 😜👍 That’s my favorite!
  2. Natania – Anytime I think of purple, I think of Prince. He was an amazing singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, actor, and film maker. He always wore purple, and my favorite thing was his song “Purple Rain!” Prince also loved purple but noone really knows why. Some say the reason was because him being a lifelong resident of Minnesota, he wouldve seen purple all around town, being the primary color of Minneapolis’s NFL team, the Vikings. Others say he owned purple. One thing we can say for sure is it was evident in his music, extended to how he dressed, he was branded with purple. He passed away on April 26, 2016, but he will always be remembered.
  3. Anne – The colour purple has been associated royalty, power and wealth for centuries. In fact ‘Queen Elizabeth’ forbade anyone except close members of royalty to wear it. Purple’s elite status stems from the rarity and cost of the dye originally used to produce it. Oh yeah, and the movie of the same name… ‘The Colour Purple’ was really awesome👍👍
  4. Maxine Vannasdall Crawford – My favorite purple thing would be my purple awareness ribbon for my Crohns Disease.
  5. Carol Miller – My favorite purple is the Purple Martin bird. I have a Purple Martin house in my back yard. Every year, at the beginning of April, my beautiful Purple Martins come back to their home. As they travel in groups, their gorgeous purple color radiates with the sun and appears as a shimmery, iridescent Purple. It is breathtakingly beautiful. They nest in their home and it is mesmerizing to watch the baby Purple Martins emerge. The babies have small streaks of purple. As they develop their purple color will increase. Without a doubt my favorite purple is the Purple Martin.
  6. DesiRae Stinson – My favorite purple thing….. Probably my fishing pole 🙂 it’s black and purple and my son, myself and his daddy all love fishing!!! And so it’s just a reminder of happy times 🙂
  7. Cathy Deslippe – My favourite thing Would be my mom’s golden ring. It was once past on to her than me. Its the shiniest purple you ever did see. It made its way here in a crate. There are stories behind the ring which is great. I will cherish it forever, where it proudly on my hand. From Ireland, Scotland it made it all the way to Canada’s land.
  8. kandeels – My front door. It is a blue house with a purple front door and shutters. Reminds me of the Victorian Era and it is easy to find!!
  9. Timothy Mccollum – My favorite purple thing is my purple sweater my grandmother made it’s warm and so comfy.
  10. Noel Stewart – Grape Jelly is my favorite purple thing. Together with peanut butter that grape jelly is outstanding.
  11. ramadevi – Purple is my lucky color. I have a scarf which is purple in color. This is my favorite purple thing. But I have other things like purple uniform, purple eye glass case, purple shirt etc.
  12. Terri Mulligan – My bible I found at a park it is lovely and it reminds me to be mindful
  13. Sylvia – The African violets on my kitchen windowsill that greet me every morning as I grab that first mug of tea.
  14. Alice Ketchum – Beets! They are especially pretty sliced and steamed with carrots. The orange and purple colors play off one another.
  15. MyKinKStar – An Amethyst stone in a ring my Mother would wear sometimes. She was born in February and it’s her birthstone. I keep it inside a fuzzy lavender pouch, inside a little jewelry box, and only bring it out every now and then. It’s a reminder of another time and place, that seems like a whole ‘nother life to me now.
  16. Judy Burba McGarvey – My favorite purple is the purple coverlet my deceased sister-in-law had on her bed. She was born with spina bifida and spent her life in a wheelchair or bed. Every Christmas or birthday, I bought her something purple for her room or desk. When she died at the age of 37, I chose a floral arrangement with purple and lavender flowers.
  17. Kelli – I’d have to say Thanos from the newest Avengers movie. I’ve watched it and it was pretty good. Even though he’s the bad guy, he’s my favorite purple character
  18. David Hearst – For me its got to be BARNEY, the big purple talking dinosaur, who entertained my children for hours when young. I don’t think they or I ever missed an episode.
  19. Susan Saueressig – Two walls in my bedroom. Some family members painted my room Cappuccino and Napa Grape as a present to cover up the ENTIRE room being cranberry when I moved in.
  20. Rochelle Vine – Purple is my favorite color so I am surrounded by it!! My bathroom and bedroom are purple. My bedspread and lounger are purple. Even my shoes are purple but my favorite purple thing ever is a scarf Prince gave me in 1985!!!
  21. Denise N. – My favorite purple in nature are the purple sea stars that can be found along the Pacific coastlines from Alaska to California. They are crucial to keeping the population of mollusks in check and they have a unique ability to grow additional flesh to compensate for acidity in the ocean caused by increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. I find their saturated purple hue most pleasing to see.

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