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  1. Carol Miller – My favorite button is a small franchise in my township called “Grandma’s Buttons.” The lovely lady who runs it makes handmade jewelry from buttons. You can bring special buttons to her and tell her what, specifically, you want. She usually has a stand at any fairs in the area. Her jewelry is so unique and each piece is a conversation unto itself. I have a pair of button earrings and a button necklace from her and get many comments and compliments. It always amazes me what she can make with such a wide variety of buttons.

$.50 winners

  1. Pammie Burman – Although I don’t have it anymore, my favorite button was the one I had a long time ago that read simply “No S**t Sherlock”
  2. Marce McHone – My favorite button is our aging beagle named Benjamin Buttons. He is old and grumpy, moans and groans at everything, but I love him to death!
  3. barbaraknighton – My favorite button is the jar of buttons my grandmother had and she passed down to me. I love to look at the buttons in the jar. So many colors, sizes and shapes. It is fun to look at them and wonder what they come off of and who they belonged to. Back in the olden days (I am 62) I used to string them into necklaces, so many colors, when I got done, back just into the jar they went for next time.
  4. Anne – My favourite ‘Button’ had ‘bugs bunnys’ face on it, and was sewn onto a stuffed animal that I got when I was an infant. I took it deeper into my childhood, carrying it around with me when I was a toddler. I think it was my father, or one of my brothers that tossed it out on me just out of spite. Kinda bruised me a little (lot) but then I got a puppy, named him…. Not ‘buttons’😂 Named him ‘Beau’, like…. ‘buttons & beaus’
  5. Steffyboo32786 – My favorite button would be my new 5 week old Chihuahua my hubby got me for Easter. He is as cute as a button!!! We are thinking of names for him and Button is one we were passing around. All I know for sure is I love my lil button. He such an adorable lil puppy.
  6. Leah Capets Krupar – As I think of buttons I recall my mom saying this when she lost one. “Button, button, where is the button? If I were a button where would I be?” I always thought it was so cute and I think about it when I’m trying to find something.
  7. Natania – Definitely the fast forward button on my remote. I tape everything on dvr, so I can fast forward through the commercials. I absolutely cannot stand watching them! I dont even watch the news live anymore, I watch it until the first commercial comes on, then I hit the dvr button, and tape the rest, and watch it later so I dont have to watch any commercials. I honestly dont think I would watch tv without the fast forward button, I guess I am spolied and no longer have the patience for commercials.
  8. Lee S – My favorite button is my baby nephew’s cute little “button nose”. He has the same one as my brother and me when we were babies – absolutely adorable 🙂
  9. Deby Briley – This old medicine bottle that my mom had filled with old buttons. Those are my favorite.
  10. DM – My Grandmother was a seamstress. She would give us colorful buttons to keep. I have one that is multi colored, very special.
  11. ramadevi – My favorite button is my coffee machine button to start coffee every day morning. I do my brushing mean while the coffee is ready. Without this I cant function, every day I press the button to get myself recharge.
  12. Alice Ketchum – Button mushrooms are delicious, especially in soup!
  13. Julie Dascoli-Yanop – my favorite button is the one that sits on my desk at work. It is the bullshit button and I use it often!!
  14. Adrienne White – My favorite professional figure skater, of the early era, Dick Button.
  15. BON – Favourite button is a belly button which gave you life
  16. Tammy Robertson – My favorite would have to be the one with my son on it in his Rugby uniform senior year in high school. He wasn’t the biggest or fastest on the field but, he was there every game and didn’t miss a tackle!
  17. Karen T – 🚀My favorite button was actually more than one used on The Jetsons “back in the day”⏪ to access or activate just about anything which we now use today! The Hanna Barbera cartoon 1st aired in 1962 and was portrayed to take place in the year 2062. They had Robot vacuums, internet, facetime, location devices, nutrition in a pill, advanced imaging- just to name a few. As a kid, I couldn’t wait to be able to fly my car to work and tube my way to the office! Umm…ok, I’m still looking forward to that! LOL🌠⏩
  18. Boston_Mama84 – Omg this is a no brainer for me.. My favorite button is any one of my New Kids on the Block ones I have had since I was a kid. They are in pristine condition still and come in all different sizes. From the typical small button size to very large almost the size of your head ones, I have them all. I own atleast 30 of them, not to mention a bunch of other NKOTB memorabilia 🤣 Each button has either the whole group posing together or one specific member individually. I could never part with them. I was such a big fan and as a kid it was inspiring to have a group so world renown be from the same neighborhood in was from.
  19. Peter – My favourite button is the one I had as a kid. I had a teddy bear of Santa when I was young and I always played with the eyes (which where small red buttons).
  20. MyKinKStar – I have several jars of buttons from when my Mother was growing up during the Depression, when they saved everything. She added buttons to those jars throughout her life, and some remind me of the outfit they came from of hers or Daddy’s shirts or something I wore. Spilling these buttons on a towel on my bed OR just gazing at them on the shelf is a form of comfort and joy, and more than once I’ve needed a replacement button, then spent endless time searching, while recalling another place and time. Ah, so no favorite button for me, but many favorite buttons!

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