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The winners

$1 winners

  1. Jason Provo – The Secret Garden, a book written by F.H. Burnett. It was published in 1911. I guess technically it is considered childrens literature but so finely written and compelling that it is a good read for adults as well. I think the author meant for this. You all should give it a read! I myself have a beautiful musty old copy or the original 1911 publishing that I paid a small fortune for online.
  2. Celia D. Scribner – My favorite garden is a well weeded, colorful and very fragrant. It will always have sweet peas in it🌱, because I love to eat them. I am very happy with mine at the moment I have daffodils, crocus, hyacinth, and my tulips have even sprouted…

$.50 winners

  1. Pammie Burman – Any of Monet’s paintings that include a garden. He’s absolutely my favorite when it comes to art. I know they’re not exactly gardens, but his water lilies series are the best.
  2. Noel Stewart – My favorite garden is the OLIVE GARDEN! This is the place to go for Spaghetti and Meatballs! I am not Italian BUT my favorite meal is Spaghettti and Meatballs with Garlic Bread!!!!!! Yum!
  3. Lindsay Poliseno – I’d have to say my garden! Ever since I moved into my house a few years ago I have done a lot to my front and backyard garden areas and removed several bushes and replace them, plant flowers, put my garden decorations out, and lay mulch down and each year I put a lot of hard work into making it look nice because it also makes the outside of my house look nice. I love just sitting outside and staring at my hard work!
  4. DM – In my backyard I have a memorial garden for my son. Roses, butterfly bushes, sedum, Lilac, all kinds of flowers. Butterflies & hummingbirds visit.
  5. Claire Johnston – My favourite garden was my parents garden when I was growing up. It begun as a complete wilderness and I used to enjoy exploring it with my bestfriend and we used to pretend we were digging to Australia. Haha! Then as I got older my parents had the time to devote to creating flower beds and a massive vegetable patch and I enjoyed seeing the garden yield crops and flowers. Now my parents are in their later years the garden has matured and the vegetable patch is grassed over once more. It’s sad to see the once thriving garden past its heyday. 😥
  6. Anna Morellon – Such a good and happy memory, my favorite garden is the one my son (now 42) made when he was 11. We lived in an apartment and had this small back patio outside our sliding glass windows in our living room. This was our back yard too. He made a garden that took up about 1/4 of the total space and planted cantalope and pumpkins. Cantalope to eat he said and pumpkins for Halloween. It was so very nice to sit in the evening in our living room and look at the plants when they started to grow, and they did. We would talk about life and science, the wonder of it all. And we ate cantalope that summer too. And so did our neighbors. And yes there were pumpkins for Halloween too. LOVED IT!!
  7. Carol Miller – My favorite garden is Longwood Gardens in Kenneth Square, PA. The DuPonts built this exquisite masterpiece. No matter what season you go there is a plethora of blooms both inside and out. They also give outdoor concerts amidst this beauty. The original DuPont home sits in the middle of the acreage and you can tour it and learn the history of how these acres of beauty were put together. People come from all over the U.S. to visit Longwood. I would venture to also say that many overseas visitors stop for a day trip to Longwood. I am very fortunate that this landmark is close to my home and I am able to visit there so often.
  8. edeliz – My herb garden! Love, love, love how much flavor I can add to food using fresh herbs. Since I lovl in Florida, I have those fresh herbs pretty much all year long. (This is all thanks to my husband, as he’s the gardener )
  9. Cathy Deslippe – My favorite garden is my Serenity Garden. I started it when my mom past and the neighbours gave me money for a bush or plant to put in the garden in memory of mom. I went from a Lilac bush (moms favorite) to two red rose bushes like the ones she use to have at our homestead growing up. Last year my Aunt past and she loved snapdragons, so now they have been added. I have sea shells I collected and have them on a strings, trips to Port Dover. It is starting to fill in beautifully. I have started indoor gardening to take out this year. So with my dad very ill I have Shasta Daisies ready to be planted. My garden brings me so much peace and joy and so many memories are collected and added every year.
  10. Kerryn Ayton – When I think of by favourite garden, my thoughts immediately go to The Botanical Gardens in Melbourne, Australia. It stretches over 89 acres & I go a least once a year just to absorb the sights & smells. It even has a Rainforest! Other that all the indigenous flowers & bushes I adore, it has a secret for children. There’s a genuine fairy tree! It was craved in 1931-34 by Miss Ola Cohn as a gift to Melbourne children (she was a children’s author) Overly the years they build a little fairy town with roads & houses around it. This child always stops by for a visit & a big smile. Sometimes is amazing what wonderful sights you can find in your own city if you get out there & look ✌️🇦🇺😊
  11. Carolyn – We have a very large vegetable garden every year. The only tomatoes I will eat are fresh garden tomatoes. The tomatoes in a store just don’t compare. I love to can the tomatoes, corn, green beans. Not to mention the green onions, squash, squash, and more squash!! potatoes, green peppers, zuchini, more squash!! okra, etc. And then come the pumpkins and watermelons!! Nothing can beat having your own garden!!!
  12. ramadevi – The Botanical garden which is very near to my home. Just 15 mins walk. I go with my husband 2-3 times every year. It is indoor garden which is beautiful with all kinds of flowers. I can see my country flowers there. It is beautifully designed and one of the city attractions. Whenever I have visitors we take them to this garden. People come from all parts of city also the tourists visit the place. Now summer is coming and I go to the garden more often to spend time there. I like all the flowers with different colors. It is really amazing, all my family like it. We take pictures every year. Also people come there to shoot for wedding album. Some times they grow new different plants, each year different.
  13. MyKinKStar – My Daddy had a rose garden when I was little, up along the side of our home and by our driveway. They created the best smells, that lingered during the hot summer nights. Like most things I didn’t fully appreciate when I was growing up, I had no idea what all was involved to keep them growing up and healthy, and failed when I tried to grow roses myself. He only had about 25 plants, but it was just enough and oh, the colors were spectacular! I especially liked the yellow roses and the peachy salmon colored ones, but they were all unique and simply lovely. I hope to try growing roses again one day, and hope I do a better job of it too – to honor my Daddy with colorful roses that fill the night air with rich fragrance.
  14. NA A – Tucson Botanical Gardens in Tucson, Arizona. The assortment of cacti is really amazing to see. Oh, and check out their guave honey (extracted from cacti) and different products in the gift shops!
  15. MahLou Whelan – Garden of Eden. The beautiful garden containing the tree of life, where God intended Adam and Eve to live in peaceful and contented innocence, effortlessly reaping the fruits of the Earth. The garden also contained the tree of knowledge of good and evil, from which Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat.
  16. Erin Estilette – Secret Garden. The book and the movie. I’ve always wanted a secret garden of my own.
  17. Kelli – Busch Gardens. It isn’t an actual garden but it’s one of my favorite theme parks. I used to go there a lot becuase I love the thrill of roller coasters
  18. Debashree Mondal – My father’s beautiful flower garden. It has 21 varieties of roses and several Dahlia plants. Many people come to see them. Though I moved to Canada but my father still sends me pictures every year 🙂
  19. Anthony Stevens – My favorite Garden is my flower garden at my house. It is one that blooms nearly all year long with different seasonal shrubs and plants so that it will remain beautiful all summer long from gardenias to knockout roses, honeysuckle and Jasmine
  20. Ray Ayala – I like having a mini zen garden on my desk at work. I bought one of those DIY kits. It is my favorite garden, since it requires no watering. Whenever I am having a lot of stress at work, I can go work in my zen garden and find a little bit of peace.

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