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The winners

$1 winners

  1. Anne – ‘Canned corn’ tops my list ’cause it tastes better (to me) than fresh. I’m never able to get the corn off the cob without mushing it in the process, and I don’t overcook ‘canned corn’ cause I like it with a crunch. Other than that I’ll buy frozen for nonperishable reasons.
  2. Pammie Burman – Corn. But that’s because it’s easier to eat than fresh corn on the cob, plus you don’t have to husk it,

$.50 winners

  1. Claire Johnston – Peaches. I definitely like peaches canned. Served with some evaporated milk or custard. It takes me back to Sunday afternoons as a child 🙂
  2. Noel Stewart – I like sloppy joe mix better canned than fresh — it’s not as sloppy!
  3. MT – Green beans. I like them softer after sitting in their “juice” for months.
  4. Camille Dzierba Kazmierczak –Canned Cranberries are my favorite. I use them every thanksgiving and I love how they taste. On thanksgiving your plate is full of so much food that the gravy was in with my cranberries. When I first tried this I was so surprised at how good they taste together. So canned cranberries and gravy go good together.
  5. Tammy Robertson – Green beans are a lot better than canned! And they smell better too!
  6. Debashree Mondal – Canned pitted olives, as they have a long shelf life, reducing spoilage and is an economical way to use more olives into our diet.
  7. Michelle Wilson – Canned Anchovies by far although they are hard to find at regular stores. But Amazon has them! The little fresh anchovies completely gross me out but I can put the canned version on pizza any day! 🐟
  8. Kasi Kirby – corn because i don’t have front teeth to knaw it off the cobb. thats why i answer surveys at vindale to get new teeth implants
  9. Carol Miller – I like tuna canned better than fresh. You can do so much with a can of tuna. Whether you make tuna salad or a tuna casserole it is easier to work with than fresh tuna and, in most cases, tastes better.
  10. Jason Provo – Lentils/legumes/beans etc are what I like canned better than fresh. Much more easier to use and less time consuming. Sure, I have a pressure cooker but washing and preparing dry beans/lentils can take forever sometimes and still the texture is not always right. With the canned article, I can just get going with the recipe that I am making.
  11. MyKinKStar – It’s all about canned tomatoes baby! They’re better for us that way too, because it is a mix of all the best in the can, versus those mushy, tasteless fresh ones in the grocery store. Canned tomatoes work best over a salad too because less salad dressing is needed to add flavor and wetness to the greens = less calories too! I won’t be using canned toms to make a tomato sandwich, but when I get that urge I go to a farmers market to get some freshly picked and then race home to start slicing!
  12. edeliz – Clams, the fresh ones are too much trouble. Then again, I only use them in clam chowder.
  13. Kelli – Pumpkin. The 100 percent pure. Yum I could even feed to my dogs
  14. DM – Asparagus is easier to eat canned, I do not like it crunchy.
  15. Kevin Zak – Most definitely gotta be canned beef…when I was a kid..we didn’t have much..so my dad bought the canned beef and pork…I guess u could say it kinda stuck with me.
  16. Honey🍯 Bee🐝 🇵🇷♎️ – I love canned chicken. I mix the canned chicken with a lil Mayo and put it on a toasted bagel. So so good
  17. Claire Johnston – Peaches. I definitely like peaches canned. Served with some evaporated milk or custard. It takes me back to Sunday afternoons as a child 🙂
  18. Boston_Mama84 – Funny question. Where do you guys come up with this stuff? 👍🤣 I do like canned beets though much more than fresh. Actually I don’t even like fresh beets one bit. I only will eat them if they are from a can.
  19. Natania – Canned pears, I absolutely love them. I buy the can in heavy syrup and the best part is drinking the syrup. I have had fresh pears and they are good, but the canned ones are better!
  20. Anna Morellon – Some of you may not get this but for me it is canned MENUDO. Fresh is good but people make it different. You would think canned would be far from tasting good, but it is delicious. With some chopped tomatoes and cilantro. YUMMMM.

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