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$1 winners

  1. Pammie Burman – Nothing scary for me but I’m sure it scared my mom that my dad bought me a pretty good size chemistry set for Christmas when I was in 4th grade,
  2. Carol Miller – I remember one year they came out with a Barbie Doll that was bizarre and scary to little girls. When you lifted her arm a panel on her stomach dropped down and an upside down fetus popped out of her stomach. I remember they got a great deal of negative press over it. Most girls still playing with Barbies wouldn’t know anything about reproduction and would question what exactly was going on. It was reported that many little girls were screaming when the baby popped out. The company took it off the market pretty quickly. Whoever thought up that idea needed his or her head examined.
  3. Lee S – Ventriloquist dummies freak me out completely! I envision them coming to life in the night and attacking anyone in the vicinity! Not for me!!

$.50 winners

  1. Erika ONeil – O.M.G…i cant. Teddy Ruxpin hands down. That demon possesed-devil bear lookin like he would murder you and everyone you loved since 1985. 🐻🔪
  2. Robyn – Troll dolls are rather creepy…when I was a child, I was told that they were “demonized” by members of the religion I was raised in. Of course I don’t believe that now, but the residual feeling remains.
  3. tejastoolman – I have alway liked the fake bugs that look real, place them under pillows or in silverware drawers to scare family members from time to time, but the snake tied to fishing string when the door opens or closes is the best one that really makes them scream hehe
  4. Natania – My cousin had this fake spider and I swear it looked so real and felt real. I hated it, even though I knew it was fake, he still got me with it every time he came over our house. Even today, I hate fake spiders!
  5. ramadevi – I never come across any creepiest toy other than Halloween toys eg. skeleton, bats, spiders and insects etc. It scares me for few minutes having feeling of creepy. Other wise it never bother me. The feeling, liking and watching things in different way make the feeling of creepy. The toys never bother, the fear and psychological feeling creates fear. this is my opinion. Toy is a toy, it is not real, not real that is a toy. This way I make myself comfortable. Sometimes I wonder who got this creepiest idea to to make the creepiest toys.
  6. MT – My son had a sound puzzle that would make airplane or train or other vehicle noises when you put the pieces in. One day, it started making all kinds of noises when it was in a toy bin. We took it out of the bin and set it on the floor and after awhile, it did that again. Decided either the puzzle or the apartment was haunted, so we got rid of the puzzle.
  7. Tammy Robertson – Jack in the box ! You crank until a scary clown pops out!
  8. MyKinKStar – Never bothered me but my cousin got a Ouija board one year for her birthday. We used it and laughed at what seemed obviously fake – we were all moving it at last subconsciously or maybe on purpose . . . Somehow I ended up with it and all these years later I still have it and it’s in the original box too!
  9. Dennis Parent – My creepiest toy I had when I was a kid was my pet monster. There was a movie in the 90’s about this boy who would turn into a monster when it got hungry. Then they came out with a stuffed animal that was called my pet monster.
  10. Sara DuVall – Those creepy Bradford Exchange Babies! They look so freaking real!!! Babies creep me out anyway, but in doll form they are down right scary!!!
  11. Judy Burba McGarvey –My son’s uncle bought him a Darth Vadar character when he was three and he hadn’t seen Star Wars. He opened it and started crying. I have to admit, it was the creepiest toy I’d seen.
  12. Molly Kathleen – Furbies. Especially when they’re running low on batteries. My brothers and I got them for Christmas one year when we were little and they were kinda creepy just as is. Like, those eyes? shudders But once the batteries started to go, they started making these weird murmuring noises out of nowhere and their eyes would randomly open and close while making a whirring noise. By that point we ‘noped’ them into the downstairs closet and buried them under a huge pile of coats. Thank god we never saw them again after that.
  13. Camille Dzierba Kazmierczak –Ouija Boards….are one of the most creepiest toys….so they call it a toy game….but is it really or can you call evil spirits into the game? You decide. The exorcist movie was based off of true events from this board game….Very Creepy….Scary Creepy…. I played with a Ouija board as a kid a bunch of us girls and the board said some really nasty things that led to me. The girls swore they did not move it….That thing was moving and it was moving fast. Creepy…..
  14. Rochelle Vine – Does anybody remember the old fashioned metal Jack in the Box? They were creepy and you just knew when it finally popped out it was gonna scare the pants off you!! Well I had one and my little brother was a sadistic little turd so unbeknownst to me my Jack in the Box had been beheaded and when he popped out of that box headless with ketchup all over his neck…I was traumatized!!!!
  15. Noel Stewart – I try to fish; but I am not a good fisherman. So, one day, as a joke for my birthday, my spouse baked a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. BUT to embellish the cake with my amateur hobby, my spouse placed plastic, icky, sticky, Thumbnail WORMS on top of this yummy looking cake. Needless to say, I think the most disgusting, creepest toys are plastic, icky, sticky WORMS.
  16. Debra Klope – A squeeky ambulance toy my son had .. honestly only SUPPOSE to go off when it was squeezed . Low and behold it kept going off when it was just sitting on the table. I threw that thing out the window , somehow it made it back inside my house and was going off again . Come to find out honestly that others have said that weird things have / had been happening in the house for AGES !! CAN YOU SAY HAUNTED ? TV turning on and off with the remote sitting on the coffee table, bathtub water running full speed when the family sitting in the living room . Just to name a few !!
  17. Alice Ketchum – Old dolls sometimes have features that are not in good proportion, giving them a scary and creepy look. We have friends who keep a couple of these gals on their guest bed. Yikes!
  18. Amanda Greene – A handmade doll I had as a child that would wake up in bed with me or one of my siblings every morning with a knife, we locked it in things and it would still show up. My siblings and I tried trashing it and no it came back, we broke it into pieces it still came back, ultimately in the end we had a pastor bless it and then we broke it in pieces burned the pieces and put ashes into different trash cans which finally worked to get it out of our lives! Oh and this was a one of a kind doll!
  19. Belinda Ortega – Chucky dolls ! Why would anyone want to buy one of these?
  20. Michelle Wilson – I was terrified of the little evil creatures in the Critters movie. I had nightmares and visions of them biting me. My children had to have Furby’s when they were popular. They talked and kinked their neck just like the critters. I literally had to take deep breaths and tell myself not to freak out when they played with their horrible little furbies! I blame my panic and anxiety disorder to this day in those few years of my life! I would have been much better off if my kids wanted Barbie and and Ken dolls!
  21. Timothy Mccollum – I always thought Santa Claus was scared just saying.

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