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  1. Anna Morellon –I have an amethyst crystal rock as big as my fist. It may sound weird but sometimes just holding this rock brings a feeling of inner peace. I have read also that this crystal brings clarity of the mind helping you to become more in tune with your feelings so you get to know yourself on a much deeper level. When i am feeling stressed at times I have taken time to relax and explore the beauty of this rock. Which really has made me feel better and able to deal with things on a calmer level.

$.50 winners

  1. Cathy Deslippe – Probably at my age no one would ever think of my favorite all time Crystal. The Crystal Chandelier song sung by Charlie Pride. I know every word and we use to get up and dance around the house with my parents growing up to that favorite song. My dream is seeing Charlie Pride and hearing that song soon. It even goes way back as far as my grandparents on a Sunday afternoon visit, they would sit and listen to such an amazing song..
  2. Karen P – Many years ago, while in Austria, I visited the Swarovski Crystal Center. I collect turtle figurines so thought I’d buy this Mama turtle and 2 babies. Well I only could afford the Mama. Several years later, my friend’s parents were also in Austria at the same Swarovski Crystal Center. Knowing that I collected turtles, they brought me home the 2 baby crystal turtles for souvenirs. Now, 30 years later, I still have that 3-piece set and cherish it greatly.
  3. Claire Johnston – I read Chemistry in University and I’m now a Science Teacher with a specialism in Chemistry. In all honesty some of my pupils have an overactive imagination and think I must lead the life of a Breaking Bad character 😂. Over recent years a number have asked, “So how do ya make CRYSTAL meth Miss?” 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
  4. Venus Bloodflow – It’s the height of the Cold War, and archaeologist Indiana Jones returning from his latest adventure, finds out his job at Marshall College is in jeopardy. He meets a young man who wants Indy to help him find the legendary Crystal Skull of Akator, and the pair set out for Peru. However, deadly agent Spalko is searching for the powerful artifact, too, because the Soviets believe it can help them conquer the world…and that’s all I can share of my “crystal” story. 😉
  5. Carol Miller – I bought my mother Waterford Crystal for birthdays, Mother’s Day etc. Well my dear mother passed away at the age of 57. Her Waterford Crystal was one of very few items that she had of beauty and craftsmanship. My father had so many women after my mother passed away and, unfortunately, little things started missing from the house. I asked my father if I could have my mother’s Crystal because I had bought her every piece. He refused. Finally, the woman he was going to marry started going through the house and taking whatever she wanted back to her townhouse. I knew the Crystal would be the next thing to go. So, I bought an imitation Crystal set and switched the Crystal. Perhaps I shouldn’t be proud of this but, to tell the truth I am. The reason being she cleaned my father out of everything including all his money before he died. That Crystal had no real meaning to her other than monetary value. It meant the world to me because it was a remembrance of my mother. I knew in my heart my mother would have wanted me to have it. I will pass it on to my granddaughters as a remembrance of their great grandmother.
  6. Kimberly Nicholls – When ,y daughter was three years old I took her to the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC. We went through the gems and crystals exhibit and she was absolutely enamored by all of it. They have a huge ameythist geode in the front that you can touch, and she loved all of the petty necklaces and just the colors of all the crystals. She quickly said, “Mommy I want a rock!” So we went into the museum store and I saw these really pretty thin slices of geodes that seemed like a reasonable price. I bought five of them which my daughter absolutely loved! “Yay, mommy! I got rocks!” We’re walking along, and my daughter is looking at her geode slices and being pretty impressive. “mommy, this one green!” “Mommy, this one bwoo!” “Mommy, look! Pink and yeyow!” We get home, and she watches Dora the Explorer jump into a book and go rock climbing. So, my daughter places her geode slices on the floor and begins jumping on top of them repeatedly. I heard the noise and ran into the living room, but I didn’t make it in time. She’d already smashed the slices into pieces trying to jump inside. 😩😩😩
  7. Jason Provo – I am a horror movie fan. Especially the classics such as the Friday the 13th series. You know; Jason wearing his goalie mask and stalking and slashing teenage campers to bits…. Where did this all take place? Why, it is a fictional camp ground called…..wait for it….CRYSTAL LAKE!
  8. Rochelle Vine – I am a true rock hound!! I pick up rocks everywhere I go. We went to Wisconsin to visit my sister in law with our tent trailer. We went geode hunting. Wisconsin has them everywhere!! As we were driving home my husband kept complainig that the trailer was hard to pull and kept stopping to check the tires. We got home a few days later and when he started to clean out the tent trailer he discovered the 500 pounds of geodes and crystals I brought home with me!!!!
  9. MahLou Whelan – My crystal story I remember from my previous work I was overwhelmed and grateful that I was part of the team to celebrate the crystal anniversary with lots of activities to do, preparation and lots of memories. Crystal is the traditional 15th anniversary.
  10. Colleen Goodbrand – My grandparents used to have a cottage in Northern Ontario, Canada and near their place was an amethyst mine. It was quite a ways off the road and while hiking back to the mine, we did come across bear droppings that nearly made us turn back. We carried on, however and spent an untroubled afternoon chipping away at the rocks and came home with sizable chunks of amethyst. We never had anything done with the amethyst. It’s just a pretty paperweight.
  11. debbie – My crystal story…I went with my step mother to a farm where she was buying main coon cats. I met the woman whom I spoke with and she handed me a citrine crystal as she told me she felt that it was for me. It is a beautiful light orange color and felt good In my hands. She had horses beyond a wire fence i had no idea would shock me. It did. What a trip that was getting electrocuted. Lol
  12. Sara DuVall – It was 1993. We were driving through an intersection when my mom noticed a rock on the median. We drove back around to take another lookin that’s when we noticed it was a giant Crystal!! My mom got my dad to go get it. He had to pull up on the median and get out in the middle of 5 o’clock traffic. It weighed about 60 lbs. thank goodness my dad lifted weights his whole like. Lol! He cut his stomach in the process of getting it from there to our house. We still have it to this day!! Summer of 1993-today 3-18-2019 I’ll keep it forever!!
  13. Judy Burba McGarvey – My music teachers at school always told me my voice was like a crystal bell.
  14. Lindsay Poliseno – My only crystal story that comes to mind is a while back I had a cold so I went to the pharmacy I go to and the older man that owns the place was helping me and recommended an over the counter medication called Aprodine and I went home and used it and it knocked my symptoms right out, so now I swear by it. So just a few days ago I went back to that pharmacy to buy the same medication because I was sick again and as they were scanning the medication they were asking me a bunch of questions like my age and to see my ID, and then all the sudden the pharmacist said you’re not buying this to make crystal are you? and as I just laughed somewhat appalled I told him no I had no idea this medication was used to make that, I am actually sick! I guess they still have to ask even if the person going to the pharmacy looks really sick and has two young kids with her!
  15. Natania – My Aunt gave me these when I was younger and told me they have powers and I have to always take care of them. She said they were healing Crystals, she gave them to me in this cute little leather sack, where they still are today. They all had little papers attached to each one explaining their “power”. One is the Rose Quartz which is the love crystal, it’s suppose to help attract love, protect relationships, and helps recover from pain and disappointment. Another is the Iron Pyrite, which is used to deter any negative energy and physical danger, help with memory, boosts your self worth, and promotes positive thinking and business success. Another is the Amethyst, which is known to help cure hangovers (this one has came in handy when I was in my twenties.) enhances intuition, and calms the mind. Another is the Hematite, helps to ground and balance you, used to center, calm, and balance when stressed. Also clears away negative feelings. These are just a few of my favorites but I have 10 of them. Anyway I wanted to see if they really worked so a few of my friends were having trouble in different areas, so I had them over one at a time and let them borrow my crystals. Just the one they needed to help their situation. I am not kidding within days of giving them the crystal they needed, their situation either improved or was completely better. I tried it on 6 people and everyone was so happy with the outcome. This was many years ago, when I read the question, I immediately knew this was my answer. Now I am going to have to get them back out and try it on some others to see if they still work.
  16. Lee S – My young niece overheard my husband and I talking one day – I asked him if my point was clear and (being a wise guy) he replied “Crystal”. Now when I ask my niece if she understands what I’m asking her to do (like sweeping the floor or helping with the dishes) she responds “Crystal, Aunt Lee!” regardless of whether it makes any sense. It’s hilarious!
  17. Karen Lynch – I’m really drawn to the amethyst crystal. I have a small crystal on my bedside drawers close to my pillow. I also have a necklace gifted to me years ago that I have yet to wear. For some reason the right time didn’t occur; until now. I’ll be wearing it on my upcoming wedding and using it as a focal point for the ceremony. My Mum introduced me to the powers of crystals,the individual significant strengths and usages. I’ve been blessed with her leaving her abundant collection to on her passing.
  18. scott power – I have an amethyst crystal that was given to me by a girlfriend who passed away. I use it when I want good luck as I know she will help through it.
  19. Elodie – For as long as I can remember my family has had (at least what I thought was) a rare and expensive crystal vase from some relative. My mother would put it on the dining room table for special occasions and if I, or any of my siblings dinged the rim to produce that wonderful crystally tinkling sound we would be in big trouble. Ever since my “little girl” years I have always had an awed view of crystal and it’s apparently very delicate nature.I always imagine that a crystal dish of any kind will shatter into a thousand pieces if I even touch it now 😂
  20. Michelle Wilson – I grew up in a small mining town and when my sister and I were young, we would go on adventures looking for treasures around the old mining buildings. We saw all of the “sparkling black crystals” around the buildings. We collected for hours and took it home.. we said to our Mom and Dad, look at all these crystals we found and thought we were rich!! With a chuckle Dad informed us that they were nothing but small lumps of coal! To this day I still have a piece!

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