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  1. Natania – I have to tell this, it’s funny but at the same time, very true. Last weekend we were going out to eat. It was me, Jeff (Kayla’s Dad), and Kayla (our daughter). Jeff was driving and Kayla was in the backseat. Jeff kept getting texts, and he was replying to them. Kayla says, “Dad quit texting while driving, its not safe!” Jeff replies, ” I will hun, let me finish this last text.” He puts the phone down and a minute later the phone goes off again. Jeff looks at the phone and texts back. Kayla says, “Dad” he interrupts her and says, “ok Kayla, be quiet, you know I am the adult.” You could tell he was getting very aggravated. A few minutes later, the phone beaps again. Jeff looks and starts texting again, Kayla says, “Dad if you do not put that phone down and leave it, I am going to call Dr. Phil!” I started busting out laughing because she was so serious. The next thing we hear is sirens, and guess what? We were getting pulled over. The cop comes up to the window and informs Jeff he seen him texting on his phone while he was driving, and he could give him a ticket but was just going to give him a warning this one time, but if it happens again, he will get a ticket. Jeff could not believe it. He said, “Kayla you somehow told on me, didnt you?” It was so funny. Kayla says, “this wouldnt have happened if you would have just listened to me the first time I told you not to be texting while driving.” It was just so crazy how it happened, but couldn’t have taught a better lesson. Kayla says, ” Dad, you cannot pay attention whats going on around you if you are texting on your phone, and I dont want to get in an accident, however you should know this since you are the adult.” I said, “Jeff bottom line, she is right and you are wrong!” Kayla is 13 going on 25. However this time I completely agreed with her. Every time we get in the car since then, she says, “Dad give me or Mom your phone.” If he dont, she grabs it. Our daughter taught us, do NOT text while driving, or she will get the cops after you!
  2. Lee S – I worked for Head Start when I graduated college. A lot of those 3-5 year olds had very few material possessions and less than comfortable home lives. However, they ALL came to Head Start with smiles on their faces everyday and were so polite and loving. It wasn’t from a well-off family growing up, but I never wanted for anything. Those kids taught me to appreciate my family, my situation, and my ability to make other peoples’ lives just a little better each day – if only by smiling at them or saying a kind word.

$.50 winners

  1. Zelda Jones – My youngest son taught me to appreciate myself more. Ever since he was very little, he has been regularly telling me that I am beautiful. He is now 21 and still tells me this.
  2. edeliz – My little cousin taught me that is you mis mashed potatoes and spaghetti-os, they plate turns pink. She ate it, I almost barfed.
  3. Lindsay Poliseno – My neighbor’s 7 year old daughter came over one day and she said something about a Jurassic Park movie and I made a comment about one of the dinosaurs and she corrected me and literally taught me all about dinosaurs.. how to pronounce their names, what they eat, and if they are nice ones or not! And after she left I looked up everything she said and it was all right! I was so impressed that a 6 year old knew all that information and that I actually learned something from her!
  4. meanlady – my grand daughter taught me the the sun was a star not a planet shes 6 i felt pretty darn stupid
  5. Sandra Spalding – My kiddos love to dance. And so they have taught me how to dab and floss. Nothing looks crazier then a 37 year old flossing?? Is that even how I would say it. I mean, my teeth do look pretty good :p
  6. Ken Grant – Compassion for everybody no matter what they look like.
  7. Anne – I did some volunteer work at a a daycare center when I was in my 20’s. Let me tell you something, kids are quite smarter than adults. ‘ Out of the mouths of babes’ usually comes the absolute truth. Their were a myriad of different children, different ethnicities. Well this little ‘native’ boy stuck to me like glue. He was so sweet👼cute little guy. I kinda took him under my wing, I don’t know why but their was something special about him. Anywho…this one day we were all (me and the children) out in the play ground. I decided to do the slide thing with the kids. ‘Well’ I did a header when I reached the bottom, and sure enough little ‘Harry’, that was his name, was there to help me up. He then said to me….. ‘ You really need to look both ways when you do stunts like that, but if your really hurt, when I grow up I’ll be your doctor.’ Well, I must say he melted my heart ❤ Hoping your doing well in life Harry ‘God bless you’ P.s I mistakenly got his name wrong. It’s HARRY not HENRY😕my bad
  8. Pammie Burman – I learned to be careful of what you ask for. Back in my teens I babysat this tyke named Buddy…a real bundle of energy and a total daredevil. I used to say I wanted a kid just like him…and then I got one…my now 18 year old. When he was the age Buddy was when I babysat him, he was this real bundle of energy and a bit of a daredevil. What I didn’t take into consideration with Buddy is that I only had to deal with him for short periods of time (not to mention having been so much younger then)…whereas with my own little bundle of energy I had to deal with him 24/7!
  9. Bashar Jirjees – As a begining I am a middle eastern, what kids used to do in here are just tricking, achieving things with lies and fraud tears,as I was born In a country full of this basics that dragging it backwards everyday, I lost hope in people. When I traveled to Europe, and made friends, I saw the kids with their balanced personalities and honesty I got surprised and the hope came back to me, as it is still amazing what other countries can provide that much love through their youngest portion of people, no wonder they could achieve my original country couldn’t.
  10. Itz Emmanuel Funboy – “A kid thought me three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires.”
  11. DM – Dustin taught me that laughter is the key to any situation in life. At an early age he taught me this. Losing him at 16, I look back and realize now he taught me so much. I miss him every day, 16 years later.
  12. Kimberly Nicholls – I don’t care if I’m too late. I have to share this. My child is an absolutely incredible human being. She’s a micropreemie (birth weight under two pounds) with a brain injury that causes multiple disabilities, but she doesn’t let that stop her dreams. Her muscles respond correctly to her brain 30 percent of the time, but she’s a dancer, gymnast, pianist, and currently Little Miss Delaware United States. She’s got ADHD and a host of learning issues, but she’s never had to repeat a grade, nor has she received a bad report card. So my daughter has taught me that nothing is impossible if you put effort into it. She taught me that anyone can reach their maximum potential, and truly no barrier is too great to cross. I love my munchkin! She gets up everyday with a smile on her face ready to conquer the world. I need more of her confidence.
  13. Carol Miller – After being in the teaching profession, I realized the adage, “If a teacher you would be, by your student you will be taught.” I learned patience with slow learners. I learned to look beneath the surface of rebelliousness to see the hurt child inside. I learned courage through a little girl who was fighting AIDS. I learned perseverance from student who were battling major home problems, but still did their best every day. I learned Hope from students who were mired in poverty and gave their babysitting money to their parents to help out. I learned that athletics sometimes saves a kid from being in a gang. I learned love from students who looked out for their younger siblings while a single parent was still at work. I learned that there is no doubt that children are our greatest teachers.
  14. Jason Provo – I am getting free piano lessons right now. My girlfriend’s daughter is 11 years old and she takes piano lessons. She is picking it up quite well! After her paid lesson, she then imparts what she has recently learned onto me; sort of like a 2-for-1 deal. She is a patient teacher. I am all thumbs, which is not good for piano playing.
  15. Paul Clément – My 1 year old grandson spontaneously greets me with such a sincere and loving smile every time he sees me. For some reason, he has bonded with me in such a no nonsense unconditional way, that he has taught me that if a child, in all its innocence can so express love, what wonders lay ahead of me if I choose to reach out to others so. I’m telling you, his whole face smiles and lights up when he sees me and I just melt. So precious!
  16. Erin Estilette – How to wake up in the morning in a good mood. I’ve never been a morning person, but seeing bright and shiny, sweet, happy little faces in the morning sure makes it better!
  17. Ann Patricia Deeming – A new way to do the 9 times table using your fingers
  18. Kelli – A little kid in 3rd grade I was helping to tutor him and he ended up teaching me how to play super Mario kart for half the day
  19. MyKinKStar – I was in my 20’s when I worked at a daycare and learned as much as I liked children I was not interested in being a parent or having my own children. Years later when I got a place together with a co-worker, I ended up being the ‘bad cop’ with her son because she let him get away with waaay too much. I always knew kids NEED and WANT boundaries, to help them feel secure and to allow them to grow as needed, and she learned that kids don’t need friends, but parents to guide them. She and I fell apart due to idiot boyfriends getting in the way, but eventually found our way back to claim our loving friendship. Thankfully through ups and downs, her boy grew into a respectful young man, who works and plays hard. I was only in his life for a few years, so can’t claim much (or honestly, any really), but like to think some of what his Mother learned from our time together helped her stay on point to get him where he is today. She was a Mother when it mattered and can now relax to be a friend to him, who is also a proud Momma.
  20. Ray Ayala – One day, I was volunteer tutoring at the public library. On this particular day, I was assigned to a third grader in geography. I soon found out that I was not necessarily smarter than a third grader when he asked me the difference between latitude and longitude. He said he actually knew the difference, but that he was reviewing the concepts, because the key to his success is repetition. After he explained the difference to me, he said not to feel bad, because almost everyone missed that question on the last test and that it was kind of tricky.
  21. Tammy Robertson – It is okay to go outside to play and leave the cleaning for another day! Your kids are only little for awhile and don’t care how many dirty dishes are in the sink.
  22. Belinda Ortega – Well this is a bit embarrassing, but a kid taught me to start taking care of my dandruff problem. I remember my niece had been near me one day at a family gathering and seen my dandruff and asked me what that stuff was in my hair. I was so embarrassed that I started trying different shampoos to take care of the problem.
  23. tejastoolman – In 1980 when we were both kids still, this friend down the street taught me how to ride his 3 wheeler, it was so much fun in the sand an mud when it rained, months later I got a go cart and the rest of the kids got something motor powered as we all would ripe & play is the sand dunes at the end of our neighborhood. Toob bad kids today do not get that kind of outdoors fun we all had growing up
  24. Kate Duizer – That most children hear and catch everything you say even if you think they are not paying attention or listening to you

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