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$1 winners

  1. Sandra Spalding – My glasses. But they were on my head the whole time. I did not know that nor could I find them. Until my son said, you mean the glasses on top of your head? I swear if my head weren’t screwed on, I would lose that, too.
  2. Lindsay Poliseno – Pretty sad to admit.. but I was at a job interview and parked in a parking ramp, which at that time was only my second time in a ramp like that and I misplaced my car! I walked up every circular isle going up and down to not even realize there is a middle isle and walked passed the section my car was in about 14 times! Back then I didn’t have an alarm signal on my car and I was in a hurry and forgot to look at what secrion number I was in… not my brightest moment
  3. Natania – I was in my early twenties and wasnt very responsible. I had been working and didnt have many bills, so all my money just went into my checking account. One day I went to buy something and couldnt find my debit card. I wasnt to worried at first, I figured it was on the table at home or maybe fell out in my purse. So I went home and cleaned out my purse, couldnt find it. I looked everywhere, thats when I started freaking out. The next day I decided it was time to call and cancel my card. The day after I cancelled it, I got a call from someone that worked at a bar, and they said they looked my name up on the card and found my number. I must have left it at a bar, very immature of me. A few days later when I got my statement in the mail, I noticed there was about $300.00 in charges that I didnt do and the date was the day I lost my card. Which means someone stole my card, went and charged items to it and then took it back to the bar where they found it. I couldnt believe someone would do this. Luckily I called the bank and they refunded me my money as long as I agreed to their investigation and pressed charges. Which I did, but this wasnt a fast process, they never found out who it was but I did get my money back. I learned a huge lesson, not to be so irresponsible with important items. and I think this is what made me start growing up and being more mature. It was a huge headache though!

$.50 winners

  1. Lydia McGowan – I misplaced where I put a phone that I had found, whilst on the phone with a man who was phoning me in response to my “found phone” poster by a man who had misplaced his phone and had finally seen my phone Ad after hours trying to locate where he wrote down his new unmemorized phone number.
  2. Julie Dascoli-Yanop – i misplaced my birth certificate…what a pain. Of course I didn’t realize it until the month before I needed it to get a passport! Thank God they had expedited service! (For a large fee!)
  3. Iris richardson – My mother’s chicken. Okay, this is a funny story. I was 9 years old and lived in Brazil, my mother asked me to go to the butcher shop to buy chicken for her, (in Brazil there are many small shops in all neighborhoods and at that time it was safe for children to walk to the stores for their parents) I went the whole way jumping between the stairs in front of the houses of neighbors. when I arrived at my house the chicken was not in my hands was the biggest scare I have ever had in my life I was so scared to imagine facing my mother and say that I had forgotten the chicken on some sidewalk around. so I ran back and ran all the way already covered and finally found the chicken in front of a neighbor’s house. Phew, I never told this to my mother.
  4. Lee S – I have misplaced the blanket my grandmother made me when I was 5. We moved cross-state 5 years ago and it’s never shown up. I’m absolutely heartbroken but I know I wore that blanket out and loved it tremendously while I did have it. Still have the memories! 🙂
  5. Frances Lawrence –My retainer for my teeth I had had braces then I was at school and I put it on my lunch tray and I took it up there I didn’t pick it back up and The Lex lady ended up yelling at me like princess you forgot your retainer I was so embarrassed
  6. Bashar Jirjees – Hahaha ha I had to that mistake for about 6 years, the word was “Elite” that I always wrote “Elaite” I don’t why exactly, but I think it is related with my pronunciation of the word itself which with letter “a” added it became more comfortable for me to say. 😅
  7. Kimberly Nicholls – Oh wow. MY KEYS!!! 🤣🤣🤣😩😩😩 Like where am I gonna go without my KEYS!?!? Can’t get into my car, can’t get back in the house! Can’t check my mailbox! Can’t get my daughter to school! Can’t make my doctor’s appointments! I mean there is nothing like that absolutely frantic, heart palpitating search for my keys! I can’t even describe that primal fear reaction when I realize I’m stuck and there’s a hundred things I need to do and the whole day is passing me by because I’ve lost my keys! I can’t even be happy when I’ve found them again! I’m just mad I wasted all that time and I’m going to be late to everything. My pressure’s all the way up just thinking about it. And yes, I’ve checked for my keys twice just writing this post. They’re in my purse, but I’m watching. I do NOT like losing my keys!
  8. Ana Rojas – It gives me laughter and griefat the same time went to the super market with my mother and my son had in that then 3 years well we were entertained watching the product and suddenly I heard by the high voice of super that there was a child crying for his mom I I do not pay much attention when I go to the cashier to pay I’m looking for the good child I look for each aisle and nothing until a girl in the store tells me that if she lost a child and I told her that if she takes me He was really playing and I was scared a lot and I do not take my eyes off the child for a minute
  9. Heather Mills – For some reason, I have always misplaced my 3 lb dog!! She never made a noise so when I could not find her I would get panicky. The funny thing is, usually she would be right under my computer chair the whole time!! It has been 3 months since she has passed away and I still call out for her or look for her. Always thinking I misplaced her somewhere.
  10. Roderica Smith – Til this day I still don’t know what happened, but I lost $400 from the ATM to my house. I withdrew $800 to pay rent and when I went to the store to put it in a money order, I only had $400 in my wallet. I’m not sure if the ATM didn’t give me all my money or not but I didn’t count it cause I thought you can trust an ATM machine especially at a bank! The biggest mystery today!
  11. Belinda Ortega – Most important thing I misplaced were my families social security cards. I didn’t even realize it until my kids got to the working age and they were going to need them. It took me about a month to find them.
  12. Tammy Robertson –The most important thing I misplaced was my youngest son’s birth certificate. Which was a big hassle to get a new one.
  13. Jennifer – A Gucci watch that was given to me as a welcome present by my boyfriend then (now my husband of 20 years ), when he worked overseas. Being a person who is very sentimental to everything, it saddened me for months.
  14. Anna Morellon – Years ago I misplaced a bundle of very sexy pictures my first husband had taken of me. I was not totally naked but the lingerie I was wearing was very skimpy and I was in some very provocative poses. I had those pictures for years after my divorce and through my second marriage also. I don’t know why I kept them and often thought I should have burned them. Well I never did find them and still to this day wonder what could have happened to them or worse did someone find them and not want to tell me because of the content. I used to worry that someone, (I would hope to be a stranger), had found them and that one day these pics would show up on the internet or something. But I don’t worry about that now, we don’t use those kind of sites and I was so young then, no one would recognize it was me anyway.
  15. Tracy Leonard – My husband’s birth certificate. My phone while talking on it. My glasses on my face.
  16. ramadevi –When I got my nursing diploma, I misplaced some where the certificate. i needed it to make my portfolio to apply for my first job. i never do this but it is important for my portfolio. i did not tell my husband. i started looking for it when he left for work. I looked for it all the places but I do not remember at all where it is.I keep on searching like a headless chicken whole day. I was getting all bad thoughts that I lost it. I started thinking backwards. then….. then….. then…… I got it. I got it in my hand bag, after returning from graduation I did not take it out from the bag. Ufff ……… what a misery, how come I forgot it totally.
  17. Katy Jones – My social security card
  18. justinkeene – When I was in cab and i had just moved to city. I had lost my wallet. never recovered it. Luckily it didn’t have much cash in it.
  19. MyKinKStar – A ring my Mother wore everyday of her life that I knew her, that my Daddy had specially made for her. This is a recent thing and I know it’s here, but it makes me sick to not know where it is and all I can do is let it go for now. It will show up in time, because I know without any doubt it was not taken by anyone. Carolyn – My wedding ring was missing/misplaced for months. I always keep a container where I put my extra change and I usually take it to the bank every couple of months to cash it in. As I was pouring the change from the container to a bag that I would take to the bank, there was my wedding ring! I still don’t know how it got there, but I was so happy to find my wedding ring!
  20. edeliz – My mom’s living will. That’s was horrible, we had no way to enforce her wishes without it. She didn’t want to be intubated and that’s exactly what the doctors did.
  21. Sylvia – Whenever I do a messy activity with my kindergarteners I take off my wedding rings and place them on a little ceramic dish on my desk. Last Christmas I thought I did this as we were using glue and glitter to make ornaments but after I cleaned up all the sparkles and stickiness I realized my rings were not in the dish. I went into a panic when I couldn’t find them and my little sweeties saw how distressed I was and began looking all over the room fo my rings. I was tearing up when no one could find my rings and I reached into my pocket for a tissue when lo and behold I found my rings. The whole room broke into cheers when I announced my discovery but now 26 little voices politely remind me where to put my rings whenever I must remove them. Wonder if they could help me with my keys, phone and glasses too!?
  22. Ray Ayala – Since it is tax season, I have once again misplaced a 1099-INT. I guess I better call the bank so I can finish my return.

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