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  1. dottie p –oh the memories, when we were kids living in Madison, Wi. Every Sunday we went to church. after church we had a pancake eating contest.I always won. ok so mine were the size of 50 cent pieces, and everyone else ate plate size but i was the youngest and i think they let me win. i could eat a whole 6 of them. when the boys could only eat 3 and Dad could only eat 2. thank you for the question and the wonderful memories of the 8 of us sitting at the kitchen table, what a great smile you put on my face

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  1. Pammie Burman – My oldest son (now deceased) made the best blueberry pancakes I’ve ever tasted! He made them from scratch and used real blueberries!
  2. Natania – I didnt like pancakes because when I was younger I was eating them and I wasnt feeling well, and ended up thowing up that night. So I thought I got sick from the pancakes and jut never wanted to eat them again. . Anyway it had been years since I tried them again and both of my sisters bugged me every time they ate them. They kept saying as you get older, your taste buds change, and they always said I didnt get sick from the pancakes,I was just sick in general and wouldve threw up no matter what I ate.. Mom made them for dinner one evening, and my sisters were talking about one of them holding me down and the other forcing a bite into my mouth. They said it loud enough for me to hear them, so I decided to just try the pancakes so they didnt get the satisfaction of wrestling me down. We sat down for dinner, and I was getting the fork close to my mouth and just changed my mind, I couldnt do it. I know that sounds dumb but I seriously thought I was going to throw up. I told them I would try them in a little bit. Well that wasnt good enough for them. So my sisters ran over to me and one sat on me and held my armsdown and the other one put a bite in my mouth. I was chewing my bite and I remember saying, “hmm those were pretty good!” They start going on and on, like we told you so, thats why we made you try them, we knew you would like them. From that day on I have ate pancakes all the time and I really like them.
  3. Lindsay Poliseno – I thought I’d try making pancakes from scratch one day, and I’ll be the first to admit that am not a very good cook, so not only did I burn them, but I tried to cover the burnt parts up by sprinkling powdered sugar on them… well it wasn’t powdered sugar, I accidentally sprinkled flour on them! That was my last time ever trying that! I’ll leave the cooking to the man of the house and I’ll stick with the cleaning! 😜
  4. Ken Grant – During Summer vacations I used to pick blueberries out behind my older Sister’s house. We would bring them in and then she would make the best blueberry pancakes ever. We lost her about a year ago, but that memory will always remain.
  5. risingphoenix2018 – One of my favorite shows growing up was “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” In one of the episodes titled “Pancake Madness,” Sabrina’s aunt warns her that pancakes are a witch’s weakness and to stay away from them. She doesn’t listen and becomes obsessed with pancakes. Hence this scene where they sing “that’s right, the answer to the riddle is cakes on the griddle.” Makes me crave a pancake, too! see more
  6. Cathy Deslippe – When my children were younger I saved my big honey jar. I would make the pancake from scratch than pour it into the bottle. When I put it in the pan I used the squeeze jar to make the letters of both my children. This was used to celebrate the joy of eating pancakes and an education tool for the children to learn the letters of their names. Now this is past on to my grandchildren. It is great for making hearts or anything you like. A nice circle with chocolate chips for a Happy Face is always nice as well.
  7. Sylvia – When introducing the letter “P” in kindergarten I decided to make pancakes for snack. Do you know how many pancakes 26 hungry kindergarteners can eat?! I had a small electric griddle which could make 6 at at a time and I was setting new land speed records for churning out pancakes. After every last one was consumed I discovered that “P” was really for pooped out teacher but then a nonchalant little voice asked; hey, next time could you put in chocolate chips to make Dalmatian pancakes? Sure, Gabe, would you like a side of bacon with that?
  8. Sarah Turner – The first time I made homemade for my 4 year old son, his eyes looked like they were going to jump right out of his head.
  9. Mark Cancilla – 3 words: The Corner Room. Every year as a child, my family and I would make the trek out to the Penn State University Arts Fest. Every year we would stay and the Penn Stater Hotel and do the buffet for break lunch and dinner. (The food was exquisite. Whole roasted swordfish, prime rib, fresh made omelettes) BUT, the best morning was the morning would head to the south side of campus to The Corner Room for grilled Penn State Stickies and pancakes.
  10. Terri Lynn Strom – After undergoing my fifth joint replacement in October, my husband brought me the most delicious, most comforting, most thoughtful stack of beautiful pancakes. They had just the right amount of butter and lots of delicious maple syrup. And the best part, he had cut them up in small pieces since I was only working with one arm. For him to make me pancakes and cut them up for me was the best thing in my world.
  11. peter bridgman – my mom made pancakes for me and my bro when we were young and usually put bananas and walnuts in them. well one april fools day she switched the bananas for onions.. She thought it was sooo funny. ill never look at a pancake again 🙁
  12. Milena – Pancakes is the first thing I learned to cook since 5 years old and actually is my favorite breakfast.
  13. MT – My dad made breakfast almost every Sunday morning growing up. He would make pancakes while listening to a local radio station playing the country countdown for the week. Once in a great while, my mom would make them, but it just wasn’t the same.
  14. Jennifer – Pancakes Wednesday for my children. I choose to give them only once a week so they won’t get tired of it. I put fresh blueberries and sprinkle chocolate chip on it. Yum!
  15. John Mach – I have swapped to waffles more recipes available plus the only difference between pancakes and waffles is one extra egg.
  16. Marce McHone – My grandma used to make me Mickey mouse pancakes with vanilla, I soo loved them. I made the for my children when they were young and they loved them so much that now that they are adults they still request then when they are here for breakfast!
  17. Elodie – My pancake story? Waking up almost every Saturday morning- and mind you, usually it was a beautiful sunny day (or those are the days I remember the most 🙂 to the waft of Pancakes cooking from the kitchen. I loved to watch my mum drop the batter onto our long flat skillet and wait for the bubbles to pop before giving her the “flip it” call. Me and my siblings would be employed to get the jam, syrup, butter out and set the table so we could sit down and dig the pancakes “hot from the griddle” out of our big “moose-pot”. (Our favorite bowl- handcrafted pottery with moose pictures all around the edge). Good good memories. Especially the chocolate chip or blueberry pancakes. No more words needed 😉
  18. Rochelle Vine – I have told you before about growing up with German ancestors. Germans love beer!! They will put beer in everything!!! My fathers favorite thing to do up until a week before he died was to have the family sit together for breakfast every morning and he would make us beer pancakes!! If that sounds gross to you, rest assured you are correct but I grew up on them and ate them every weekend morning forever!! Beer and syrup do not mix and I can attest to that!! I have not had a beer pancake since May of 2001. What I wouldn’t give for my daddys beer pancakes!!!!!
  19. ramadevi – I make many kinds of pan cakes. Pan cakes are made with rice flour, all purpose flour, or wheat flour. Also I am making pan cakes using oats as well. I try to make different ones because it gives me creativity and also same thing in different type to eat. Always bread toast or oat meal, it is boring. So try to make it in different way to keep up the appetite for good health. I make wheat flour pan cakes sweet or spicy pancakes. I mix finely grated coconut, milk and pinch of salt and sugar. It will make good pan cakes and serve with maple syrup or honey on top with cut fruits. It is yummy for tummy. Spicy one as I like to mix yogurt, chopped onion and peppers, spinach etc. It is also tasty. I just do my experiment every day to make myself happy.
  20. Annette Schmidt – I remember the pride when my 5 year old grandson announced that his grandmother made the best pancakes to the waitress at The Pancake House.
  21. Timothy Mccollum – I once ate 61 pancakes at one sitting loved those Perkins baby cakes.

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