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  1. Lindsay Poliseno –When I am laying with my baby and we fall asleep, and when he wakes up before me, I can somewhat feel him look up at me and he takes his little hands and starts pinching my nose and my face to wake me up! Love those little finger grabs!

$.50 winners

  1. Anna Morellon – My favorite pinch would be pinching pennies at the store with coupons or deals. The extra effort you put in to checking prices and using discounts really does help.
  2. Cathy Deslippe – My all time favorite pinch is that which is in my Scottish Grannies recipes. It was a pinch of this and a dash of that. If it turned out great, you were a wonderful cook , so relax and chat. Tonight I just made her Shephard Pie, quite a lot of pinches in it and the great big pot is emptied, There are three of us here, fed six but the males couldn’t stop eating it.
  3. Claire Johnston – My favourite pinch is when it’s the first of a new month and someone catches you out with the little rhyme, “pinch, punch first of the month and no returning!!”. Then they (usually my darling daughter) runs off, giggling with glee, that she’s caught me unawares. Lol!
  4. Carol Miller – My favorite pinch is a website named “A Pinch of Healthy.” It is designed with recipes that are brimming with healthy ingredients with a Southern flair. I have obtained more recipes from this site than any cookbook I own. I have even had dinner guests comment on how good some of the dishes are. So, my vote will definitely be for “A Pinch of Healthy.”
  5. Anne – When I was a child I recall getting my cheeks pinched fairly often, I was always hiding behind my Mom when I’d see ‘ pinchers’ coming my way. Always a fate ‘worse than death’😕but as I grew and as I aged I let those ‘pincher’s’ do what they so desired…i actually grew to like it, but my favorite pinch of ‘all time’ is that yummy pinch of ‘cinnamon’ atop an amazingly made cup of ‘Hot Chocolate’ Mmmmm good😛
  6. Pammie Burman – When my kids were little, I’d pinch their toes and then their nose….not really pinching, just grabbing them between my fingers. All 4 of them would laugh their little heads off then I’d do that.
  7. Lee S – On the weekends, my husband will wake me up by pinching my arm and saying “It’s time to wake up and drink coffee with me…” Then he pesters me until I finally get out of bed. It makes me laugh every time and I miss it if he forgets to do it 🙂
  8. meanlady – the pinch of the cheek my grandma use to give now that she is no longer here i miss them
  9. Anonymous1 – My favorite pinch when you’re in a pinch is pinching pennies because every little bit helps when money is nearly scarce and your income is limited. Sometimes you must do what you wouldn’t otherwise do to be able to enjoy the rewards later. When you’re taking a once-in-a-lifetime solo vacation, you can look back and see how much penny pinching has really paid off, especially when you’ve never taken a solo vacation before Another reward is being able to afford stuff in the mid to end of month when everyone else in your same financial group is broke. While everyone else lives out of food banks and soup kitchens, you have more than enough. While everyone else lives out of food banks and soup kitchens, you have more than enough. There’s nothing like being able to overcome poverty to some level just by penny pinching. If you spend yourself broke now, you’ll be stuck on the sidelines watching life pass you bye because you’ll be on standby: standing on the sidelines waving bye to every opportunity you could’ve had. Penny pinch now and be rewarded later, you never know what kind of opportunities will come your way, the payoffs are great!
  10. Michelle Wilson – I was at the Casino playing one of my favorite slot machine. I spun a couple times and I saw 1 then 2 then the 3rd QUICK HIT land on the line. I had just won $10,000 on a $2.00 bet. I turned to the little elderly lady and said. Pinch me this can’t be real.. little did I know she took it to heart and grabbed both my cheeks in a grandmotherly way and Pinched quite hard! That was the best pinch I have ever received even if I had bruised later!
  11. Kaitlyn – My favorite pinches are the slightly hard ones that get you awake. Let’s say I was falling asleep in class. That little pinch is all I need to jolt me back into reality and start actually paying attention!
  12. Yvonne Pulaski – My favorite pinch is the soft ones I give my infant twin granddaughters on those glorious little rolls on those sweet chunky little thighs …. and the little giggles ! Double the love and double the pinches !❤️❤️
  13. Sunshine gal – My favorite ” Pinch ” is the Pinch Hitter sent out there to do the job. I always wondered if he was going to pinch the pitcher first to throw him off his game!!
  14. Paul Clément – My favourite pinch is the one on my clipboard. I am secretary to a local service club and that clipboard pinch holds all the pertinent papers I need from one meeting to the next. Call it my organisational pinch!
  15. Annette Schmidt – When my grandson is watching television we cuddle under a blanket and tickle each other. Because he could see my hands approaching, I would pinch his legs using my toes. It didn’t take long until he started to do the same to me… my favorite pinches.
  16. Judy Burba McGarvey – I love when my cat pinches my face between her paws to let me know she needs food.
  17. Kelli – Pinch a Penny. It’s my favorite local swimming pool supply store. I go there with my mom to pickup items like chlorine tablets for my pool because we have to make sure the pool is blue and not green
  18. Christy Bickerdike – A pinch of pink salt from Austria on a perfectly cooked steak…..mmmmm
  19. Elodie – Pinching my dad to keep him from falling asleep at the wheel is definitely my “favorite” pinch- Following the initial surprise, and, ultimately, the moment of realization that we are still alive and on the road, we always laugh at eachother.
  20. Marce McHone – My favorite pinch is the skin I pinch up before inserting a cannula or sensor so I don’t bruise from the needles.
  21. Connie Henry – PinchMe is my most favorite pinch! Free samples every month….what can you not love about that??

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