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  1. Carol Miller – My fork story is that years ago I took the wrong fork in the road. That is when I married my ex-husband. It took me four long, tortuous years to get out of the that fork through litigation. It taught me a valuable lesson. Watch where you go in life and be wary of every fork in the road. Unless you are positive it will lead you to the destination you want don’t travel down it.
  2. Natania –My sister got pregnant at a young age, so my nephew was more like a brother. We all pitched in to help my sister so she could graduate. Anyway When he was about 6 years old, he kept this plastic fork in his back pocket at all times. He always had it with him, if he didn’t have back pockets, he would make sure his shirt had pockets. He tried to always have a hand full of jellybeans to and he would hide somewhere and put a jellybean on the fork and flick it at us. Honestly it was so funny, because between me and my two sisters we always had friends over and we would all be sitting on the couch and all the sudden one of our friends would grab the back of their head and look behind them and say, “something just hit me in the back of the head.” or we would all be standing around hanging out and someone would say, “something just hit me in the butt!” Of course us 3 girls knew what it was everytime so we would bust out laughing and not say anything. After a few minutes when it was forgotten, he would do it again to someone else. It was funny until he was flicking it at us when we were sleeping or watching tv. At the time we would yell and tell him to stop and chase him around the house but really he was so much fun. We look back and laugh so hard talking about things he did. Mom finally quit buying jellybeans but he would find something else to flick like peanuts or skittles. One time he was flicking grapes at us, but those didnt sting as bad. He got so good at it too, he could aim and flick it and it would go where he wanted it too, and it all started with this white plastic fork that he had forever.

$.50 winners

  1. Lindsay Poliseno – I thought I would try making my own puréed baby food, so I pealed, cut, and boiled 5 pears, threw them in my blender and started it. I then opened the lid back up and started to stir it with a fork and add more water, put the lid back on and started it back up to then hear the loudest and starriest noise, I opened up the lid to see that I forgot to take the darn fork back out! It smelled like burned metal and my fork turned into a “thork” so all that work went to waste because it smelled and had a missing fork piece in it. That was the last time I put all that work and effort into trying something like that!
  2. Paul Clément – I once mistakenly handed a dessert fork to my late mother-in-law who gave me that look, upon which I commented:”Oops,sorry! please forkgive me!
  3. MyKinKStar – Oh fork, I can’t think of anything!
  4. Claire Johnston – Do you know what? As long as you have a fork in your cutlery draw you will be ok. A fork can be used as a: scoop/spoon, to pierce food and as a blunt knife. So, basically as long as you have a fork you can eat most foods…well except soup…soup you would struggle with lol.
  5. Anne – I was once told to go fork myself…, but I didn’t do it 😎 Thank goodness….that would hurt😕
  6. Cathy Deslippe – A tale of my grannies when I was growing up, if you dropped a fork on the floor a good looking gentlemen was going to visit. She was right I dropped the fork the other day when my husband came home from work.
  7. meanlady – my daughter was always a fast eater and was always talking while eating . one day she stabbed herself in the upper gum with the fork it left what we thought was a heck of a bruise anyways 6 weeks later it was still there she had a dentist appointment so i thought i would ask about this bruise she took the usual xrays turns out it wasnt a bruise but a piece of the fork under the gum. I will never buy cheap cutlery again
  8. rose morgan – I saved my baby’s first fork and now 30 years later I am giving it to her daughter as her first fork.
  9. risingphoenix2018 – My fork story is that my favorite scene from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.” Ariel thinks that a fork is like a comb and starts brushing her hair with fork. And, everyone’s just looking at her like she’s crazy. One of the best, funniest scenes ever!
  10. Julie Dascoli-Yanop – i cannot seem to make chicken cutlets without using 50 forks. I’m so nervous about touching the raw chicken while breading and frying them, that I take a new fork for every flip. Insane, I know…
  11. Lydia McGowan – Forks are only good at unbalancing and falling off your plate when walking to your sitting eating destination. Always very dramatically an quite violently projects itself and several peas and potatoes with it to the floor. Never mind, three second rule for the fork- a quick buff clean on your sleeave and she’s all good. Forks number one redeeming quality use is getting weeeds out from the bricks outside. Have several rusty forgottoon unreturned ruined forks in my garden. Poor dinner set missing a few. As useful as they are in the garden and as vigilant at putting them away as I am I’m afraid input away Garden fork karma has stabbed me in the foot plenty,
  12. Elodie – My family and I were road-tripping out of state and we had stopped at gas station to reorganize luggage and eat lunch. I looked over at my brother in the car when he made a distressed sound and my heart jumped for a second or two- there was a plastic utensil stuck in his hand! It took me and my siblings a bit to realize that it was a joke and that he had broken it and was holding it to his palm as if it was stuck there. It didn’t help that he had also grabbed a red marker to make it look as if blood was dripping from the wound. Needless to say, once the initial shock was over we all started doing the same thing- and we sometimes still do to try and get someone just like we were tricked years ago 😉 That’s my fork story; I can also say that whenever I eat with a plastic fork no matter how gentle I am, they tend to break at some point throughout my meal..
  13. Lucille Frank – My fork story is probably shared by every who has gone to a fancy pants, formal dinner, confronted by an infinity of silver with at least fifteen forks scattered about the service plate—————WHICH FORK with the first of 20 courses!!!!!!
  14. Michelle Wilson – So we used to play a game called “Spoons” it is a card game and as you might guess spoons are involved. The short version is when a player gets 3 if a kind he grabs a spoon then all the others fight to get the other spoons. One player will be left out.. as you might guess there is a chance of minor injuries if you play with a very aggressive person. One night ( and yes alcohol may have been a factor ) we dumbly decicided to play “FORKS” You might figure out where this story is leading. After many stab wounds from the forks on our hands and one person falling off her chair and ending up with a fork in her leg which resulted in an ER visit, we decided that FORKS should be forbidden!
  15. Ruth Jarrett – All the time my Mum and Dad tells me about when I was younger and how I absolutely hated using forks and spoons and would constantly throw them at my brothers and use my hands to eat.
  16. Brooke H – Went over to a friend’s house once after I had just moved into a new apartment. He told me he had an extra silverware set he wanted to give me. When I got there, we were having a drink sitting on his couch and he brought out the set. He handed me a fork, and while I was looking at it, he told me, I want you to kiss me. Startled, I looked at him and said, what? He said, kiss me. I said, you brought me over here to give me this set because you’re INTERESTED in me? It was very awkward; as I wasn’t interested in him like that. So, I eventually left. With the set. But, I got a nice silverware set out of it, hahahaha. 😉 Still have it, to this day. And I just moved into a new house, and bought a new set yesterday, actually, (but kept the old one, too!) 😉
  17. Big mu – When Mrs. Smith was diagnosed with terminal cancer, the doctors gave her three months to live. Being the amazing person that she was, Mrs. Smith started putting her affairs “in order”, and contacted her pastor, Rev. Phillip, to convey her final wishes.She told the pastor what songs should be sung at the service, what scriptures she wanted to be read, and which outfit she would like to be buried in. She also asked to be buried with her favorite Bible. When it was all written down, and Rev. Phillip was getting ready to leave, Mrs. Smith suddenly remembered one last thing.“Reverend, there’s one last thing I would like,” she said.“What is it?” replied the pastor.“This is very important to me,” she continued. “I would like to be buried with a fork in my right hand.”Reverend Phillip stood stunned; her words had taken him aback. Mrs. Smith smiled and said, “this surprises you, doesn’t it?” Bemused, the pastor replied “In all honesty, yes. I’m a bit puzzled by this request.” Still smiling, Mrs. Smith explained: “In all my years attending church and social events, I remember that when the main course was being cleared, someone would always lean over and say ‘Keep your fork.’ It was my favorite part of the evening, as it meant that something better was to come… be it an apple pie, a velvety chocolate cake, or a serving of delicious ice cream. It was always something wonderful and full of substance! So I just want people to see me with a fork in my hand and wonder ‘What’s with the fork?’ Then I want you to tell them: “Keep your fork… the best is yet to come.”
  18. MT – I was at a potluck dinner once, and while trying to cut some meat, one of the tines broke off of my plastic fork and nearly got me in the eye. Thank goodness for glasses!
  19. Belinda Ortega – When my kids where little I use to put a hot dog on a fork and cook it over the flames from the gas stove. They absolutely loved them like that. My oldest is now 26 and she recently was reminiscing about the way I use to cook the hot dog’s for her and her brother.
  20. Timothy Mccollum – Wasn’t paying attention stabbed my hand with a fork while eating a steak really imbarrassin.

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