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  1. Vera La’Rei – A duster. I can do that with a cloth!C

$.50 winners

  1. Lindsay Poliseno – Those darn windex wipes! They don’t work! You use one, thinking these are the greatest things ever, and then come back to your glass table a couple minutes later and there are a numerous amount of streaks left over, lint/fuzzies cakes on the table from the wipe, and no dust removed! What were they solving with that one, Making more work for people?!
  2. Celia D. Scribner – Spin mop is absolutely useless all it does is swirl and dampen the floor, when and if it would spin, my boss bought one thinking it would make mopping after closing would be easier and quicker….haha not a chance.
  3. Karen P – I hate those papery, flimsy dishcloths. Supposed to able to use and throw away. However, if I try to use one more than once, it falls apart. I like my old cloth dishrags. Wash, dry, fold up, put in drawer, and use over and over and over and over….
  4. John K – It’s gotta be those multi-pronged dusters made for horizontal blinds. Finally get it lined up, then you have to take it out to get to the other side of the strings, go another few inches, repeat, push the dusters back on the prongs, and then realize that it only cleaned the top vane and half of the second one. So, you chuck the thing in the garbage and wash the blinds in the tub like you should have done in the first place. Modern cleaning technology my…
  5. Sylvia – It has to be those pet fur lint brushes, I roll them over my furniture until my arm is ready to fall off but it collects like 2 pieces of fur and a popcorn kernel from last night’s snack.
  6. Carol Miller – A feather duster. Totally useless because all it does is throw the dust from one spot into the air or onto another piece of furniture. Whoever invented a feather duster certainly wasn’t into cleaning or caring about having a dust free home. I don’t know if they even sell them anymore but they are actually laughable as a cleaning tool. If you have one just throw it away for all the good it will do you.
  7. Muhab fdl – AUTOMATIC TOILET CLEANERS,, often sold in the form of drop-in tablets, actually have chemicals that can wear out the working parts inside your toilet tank, plumbers warn.
  8. Ray Ayala – The most useless cleaning tool is a power washer when used to clean siding. It removes everything, including the paint. If you clean your windows, it punches holes in the screens. A garden hose with a power nozzle is a better choice.
  9. Colleen Goodbrand – My vote for the worst cleaning tool would be for any of the Roomba knock-off vacuums. I bought a cheap version and watched this silly little vacuum take the same track over and over again around my kitchen floor.
  10. kathy mcnamara – The most useless cleaning tool I have ever used was the Mr. Clean cleaning eraser which crumbled after only a few uses. What a waste of money for a product that is so not durable!
  11. ramadevi – My son brought a multi tool kit but he is using only a big hammer all these years. Rest of the tools are just in the kit and left it on the shelf. I dont know when they are going to be used.
  12. Debra A Barber –The most useless cleaning tool to me would be those sponges with the green scouring pad on the other side because they won’t absorb any thing. You can’t wipe off a counter because there is still water on the counter when your done. In my opinion there is only one kind of sponge that gets the job done . If it isn’t Ocello it isn’t a sponge . Thanks Ocello you know how to make sponges !!
  13. CrystaliumJMC – Trying to vacuum your narrow carpeted stairway with a Kenmore two-piece vacuum cleaner model from the 1990s. It’s like lugging around a roaring-noisy air tank, connected to a nearly un-twistable suction tube that extends to a long metal shaft and bulky brush head. Mom and I keep waiting for it to eventually break down so as to justify getting a new, better vacuum cleaner, like a Dyson maybe. Just not another “ball and chain” style one!
  14. Renee Manuel-Arias – I bought off brand wipes that were supposed to bleach things kind of like the magic eraser but they just don’t work. They fall apart really easily too. Normally I’m all for budget brands, but this is one case where using the name brand is a better deal.
  15. Natania – Definitely mops, especially the one’s they made long ago, or even the newer ones. The old ones had a sponge attached to the bottom and a handle you pull up on so all the excess water can be sqeezed out. The newer ones you have to attach a pad to the bottom and theres a button at the top of the handle you push and the liquid squirts out. (Remember you have to purchase the box of pads and the cleaning liquid.) What most mops have in common including these two is when you are mopping up dirt or dust, once it gets wet and the mop grabs it, you feel satisfied until a few minutes later, when you realize the mop just moved it from one spot to another or you notice its on the baseboard. So you have to also carry a paper towel while you are mopping and everytime you notice some dirt/dust and it gets wet, you have to pay attention where it drops at, then you have to bend down and swipe your paper towel over it and get it up. or wipe the baseboard clean. Someone needs to come up with some kind of material that traps the dirt/dust inside so it cant be dropped somewhere else.
  16. Connie Henry – I sold Norwex for awhile and soon realized that their mop pads are a total waste of time. They are microfiber but work like a (supposedly) Swiffer. The dry mop one only pushes the dirt around and refuses to collect hair and dust. The wet one, now that’s another story in itself. You have to take it off the Velcro and rinse it in scalding hot water every two strokes ( one forward, one backward). It’s a pain. I thought it would come in handy when I had my knee surgery but, needless to say, it didn’t. I think I am going to continue kneeling and scrubbing my wood floors by hand…so much easier and I get the corners cleaner that way.
  17. Jason Provo – The last hand vac I bought was a dud! It couldn’t suck up anything except for the hydro I had to use to keep it charged. Also, it made a horrible darth vader breathing noise that sent my cat running for cover for hours afterward, thus ruining or human/pet rapport. It was difficult to clean; I took it apart and had a hard time putting it back together when I needed to empty it of the few bits of dust particles it managed to suck up….
  18. Marce McHone – That scrubbing bubbles automatic shower cleaner…. It should be called automatic shower scum builder upper… Nasty.
  19. Judy Burba McGarvey – I’d say a stick vacuum. It might be lighter to push around but it just doesn’t have enough suction to really clean up the dirt and dust. You have to go over the same spots five times. I’d rather use a full size and get it done right the first swipe.
  20. Boston_Mama84 – My all time most useless household cleaning tool would definitely have to be a good old mop and bucket. All it does is continuously spread germs around. The first time you dip your mop into the bucket of water & cleaner/soap is fine, but each consecutive time after, all that is being accomplished is swishing dirty bacteria water around that you end up putting right back on your floors. I never understood that… same goes for a rag and bucket on other surfaces

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