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  1. Pammie Burman – For a science experiment when I was homeschooling my son, we had to use red cabbage juice to test ph levels of different substances. It was a pretty smelly project (as cabbage is one of those smelly things) but it actually worked.
  2. Anne –I was born a cabbagepatch doll…oops 😑sorry wrong time to tell that story. Actually when my grandmother came to Canada from Scotland she moved in to an area of Toronto (where I’m from) that undeniably it’s called ‘Cabbagetown’. Now that name derives from ‘Irish settlers’ that moved into the neighborhood In the late 1840’s, and were said to have been so poor that they grew cabbages in their front yards. Word up~👍 Oh yeah and cabbage rolls are the best😛
  3. Lindsay Poliseno – I have 0% of Irish in me, but once a year on St. Patty’s day, I loooove my dads home cooked Corned Beef and Cabbage! I never thought I would actually try cabbage or like it for that matter because of the smell, but boy does it make the whole meal!

$.50 winners

  1. rose morgan – Not fun when hit in the head with a cabbage at the Irish-Americas parade.
  2. Judy Burba McGarvey – My first job was at Kentucky Fried Chicken and I learned to make the Colonel’s coleslaw. Now 50 years later, it is still my favorite cabbage dish.
  3. Maxine Vannasdall Crawford – My parents used to tell me they found me in a cabbage field lol. I love to boil cabbage with some v8 juice and little bit of onion. It’s yummy!!
  4. Lynn Bower Renee Manuel-Arias – Watch out for cabbage worms (actually caterpillars). They can destroy your cabbages seemingly overnight. Look out for white butterflies flying around your plants. Those are cabbage moths and every time they land they are laying an egg that will hatch into a cabbage worm. Dusting your plants with regular flour is an organic way to kill the worms.
  5. Boston_Mama84 – This is extremely embarrassing but I make this amazing cabbage casserole and one time a few years back I went to the movies with some friends pretty soon after I had dinner. We went to see Jurrasic World & sat in the middle of the theater, in the middle of a row. It was packed that night too. Halfway through the movie I began getting stomach cramps and light unnoticeable gas. I got up and tried to make my way out of the theater and as doing so when I was saying excuse me to another patron the little light gas ended up unexpectedly being a very loud fart. It echoed and the man who was letting me by had this jaw dropping look on his face. I could hear tons of laughs. I didnt even want to turn around. I ended sitting in my car waiting for my friends to finish up the movie Haha
  6. Lee S – My young nephew recently watched a movie that referred to money as “cabbage”. So now when he comes for dinner and I tell him we’re having cabbage he says “Aunt Lee, you can’t cook your money for dinner!” and starts laughing. He thinks he’s SO clever! 🙂
  7. Lucille Frank – I have never enjoyed Savoy (common cabbage for cole slaw), but my feelings toward cabbage evolved with my discovery of Napa cabbage and radicchio, both of which I especially enjoy in various stir fries. It is so easy to build a vegan stir fry adding whatever veggies you have on hand. Start with a small amount of hot oil, add onions, frying till clear. and then adding grated garlic and grated fresh ginger, if you like. Then add whatever root veggies you have on hand to soften, maybe cauliflower and or broccoli. After they are tender crisp, add any leafy plants, from slice Napa and radicchio to spinach leaves, and even lettuce or baby greens. Next, build a sauce to your liking with salty, sour, and sweet elements, (you know, like soy, rice vinegar and brown sugar). Thicken with corn starch in cold water if you wish. If you are not vegan, start by cooking the meat of your choice with a little salt and pepper in the hot oil first, breaking up the meat.. I love using diced chicken thighs which are more flavorful than diced chicken breasts or tenders. I often choose to use ground meat (from chicken to turkey to pork and even lamb———I love adding loads of cumin and fresh mint to the latter. Break up the meat and cook till nearly done. Then begin adding the veggies as above and finally constructing the sauce to your liking. Lots of times I choose to add a garnish of chopped cilantro, or small amounts of whatever other herbs appeal to my taste that day. Chopped peanuts are yummy on top, too. You can add crispy noodles on top for crunch, too. Though I usually prefer a,helping of freshly cooked rice, or fried rice, if you are ambitious. I sometimes choose to make rice noodles instead———just follow the package instructions. As a novelty, I have rarely fried the rice noodles, broken into pieces in a separate pan of hot oil, draining them on paper towels. They puff up into an interesting texture!!!!! But warning you, it is a messy procedure as the grease spatters a lot!!!!! Stir fries are a great time to be creative AND HAVE FUN!!!!!
  8. Adrienne White – I saw a episode of the Rachael Ray show one day and she was showing the viewers on how to make a “cabbage cake”. I thought that the lady was losing her mind until she communicating what went into the entree. She used cabbage leaves that are partially cooked. Next, she cooled the cabbage leaves and lined them in a casserole dish, making sure that part of the leaf hangs over the dish. Shen then made the ground beef filling, adding different spices the give the filling a lot of flavor. Milk was added and mixed together. the meat filling was then placed on the cabbage leaves in the dish, wrapping the top leaves on top. She then baked the dish for awhile and took it out of the oven to set for a duration of time. When time elapsed, Rachael took a plate and placed it over the casserole dish and flipped it over. The cake, with the cabbage leaves in tact, turned out beautifully. She topped it off with a homemade seasoned sauce to top this cake. I just loved that recipe out of all the recipes she had demonstrated on her show.
  9. Ray Ayala – I was always good at chopping vegetables until I tried cabbage. The knife always slips every which way. The cuts aren’t even and it looks like I tore the cabbage into pieces by hand. So, I always buy the packaged lettuce with the beautifully julienned cabbage already in the bag.
  10. Ann Patricia Deeming – Best way to cook cabbage is to use the water in which you have cooked a nice joint of gammon. It gives the cabbage an added flavour. An old wives tale is to drink some of the water as it is really beneficial
  11. KaoJa Vang – We all know that the main ingredient to a nice coleslaw is cabbage… Well, almost everyone. One day my little sister decided to make coleslaw for a side dish so she followed a written recipe to the T… After she was done, she set it in the fridge until we were ready to set the table… She was so well pleased with herself… When she grabbed it out of the fridge she asked me… “Is it suppose to look this soupy” …. Lol, as you can guess she had grabbed the iceberg lettuce instead of cabbage… She normally doesn’t like to cook so she didn’t know the difference but at least she tried to help… The flavor was nice but I couldn’t bring myself to eat the soggy lettuce.
  12. Heather Alex Nunn – I have never liked cabbage, even though I can’t recall actually ever trying it. It must be mind over matter, the only memory I have of cabbage is from when I was about 4 – 6 years old. We had just moved to Minnesota, and the house my parents had built in Farmington was finished; we moved in. Still corn fields growing along all sides of the backyard, well down the one paved road leading through Farmington (about a mile North of us) there was a cabbage crop. I’ll never forget the STENCH OF DEATH!! That would come after harvest and the ‘bad’ ones were left to rot!!
  13. Rochelle Vine – My entire family is German…very German!! My grandpa even spoke with a thick accent. I was raised on my grammas cooking and baking so you can imagine some of the things I ate. My gramma grew a huge garden every year because she canned and pickled everything and I have so many fond memories of her gardens but cabbage season was a nightmare!!!! When the cabbage was ripe for picking I got nervous. My gramma would can well over a hundred jars of sauerkraut every year!! I could smell it when I got off the school bus down the street!!! That stuff tastes as bad as it smells!! I used to go over to the preachers house and beg him and his wife to let me stay at their house until my mom got ready to pick me up!! Of coarse they always sent me back to my grammas and then I would stink like sauerkraut for a week. It’s like being sprayed by a skunk!! You can’t get the smell out!!
  14. Natania – I had been asking for a Cabbage Patch Doll for months when I was a little girl. I remember wanting one so bad, so I sent Santa a letter begging for one. As soon as I seen the package I knew it was my Doll. That was one of my favorite Christmas’s, I took her everywhere with me, the dinner table, the car, to bed, she sat on the sink as I got a shower. I put her in my backpack and she went to school with me for I don’t know how long, but a very long time. I gave her to Kayla (my daughter) when she was about 6, and explained to take very good care of her. She now sits on a shelf in Kayla’s room, she dont play much with her anymore, (she just turned 13) but I have seen her dust the shelf many times and handle her with lots of love and care. I hope it stays in our family and continues down the line. They are way different now than they use to be, they are smaller and just dont look like a Cabbage Patch Doll.
  15. Jennifer – Cabbage is a veggie which can be eaten raw or cooked. And, I use it to hold “hotdogs on a stick.” I cut it in half, wrap in foil, and it makes a sturdy stand. A pretty centrepiece for a picnic table, too!
  16. Jim LeNoir – My family farm grew it for decades. Nothing better than being able to walk out to the field and pick a ripe head of cabbage! Very fortunate back in the day!
  17. Sylvia – When I was a child my dad grew a cabbage that was so big it took 2 men to carry out of the garden, even made the local paper as s pic. I remember my brother sitting on it and my sister calling him a cabbage patch doll. Wow, haven’t thought about this for decades!
  18. MyKinKStar – Mother made the best coleslaw and also some tasty good potato salad. The recipes were not written down, but I’m lucky enough to have remembered the taste well enough to be able to duplicate them and silly me, one bite brings me to tears. I miss her so much!
  19. ramadevi – Cabbage is easy to cook and can be used in many ways. When I got married I used choose to cook it more often because it cooks very quickly. Very simple and easy to cook. Frankly speaking my husband cuts the cabbage and I cook it. The credit goes to him. I will be busy doing other work to finish at home because I have to run for work every day. I chop cabbage finely and toss with onion and sprinkle with grated coconut, steam cook it. No need to add water. It tastes great with rice and flat bread. It is easy to cook and very handy when there is a party. Chopped cabbage mixed with plain yogurt with a pinch of spices make easy side dish. Cabbage gives very good color to the salads. It can be used for veg.rolls and samosas. It is used as stuffing in many items. It can be used in many ways. The big outer leaves can be used as decorative leaves for the party on the dining table. Some people eat it raw or just steam boiled cabbage.
  20. Belinda Ortega – I love to make cabbage “repollo” in spanish with bacon corn and tomato and serve it as a side dish.

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