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  1. Carol Miller – I think many people think I am borderline antisocial. However, when they get to know me they realize that I am just very reserved and have to really get to know someone well and trust them before I consider them a true friend. Also, because most people don’t think I look my age they tend to think I had an easy life. Anything could be farther from the truth. I have been down some very rough roads but I have great faith in God and I believe that is what helped me weather-many storms and still look peaceful. Also probably genetics.guy around every morning i come into the office turn on the computer he chews on the cage loudly like hes saying hey i need attention now then he will start to bang his water bottle and run around his cage kicking cedar out of the cage all over the floor then finally sends the water bottle off cage on to the floor i ll take him out he snuggles up under my chin against my chest i put him back in his cage he lets out that high pitch squeal and goes lay down in his hut for such a little guy he brings out a lot of happiness

$.50 winners

  1. Anne – I feel that some people ass/u/me, that because my dress code is in noway ‘Vogue’, that my orientation is geared in one specific way. I am who I am~ Don’t judge me… please and thank you😊
  2. Lee S – People assume I know nothing about cars until I start talking about torque converters, line locks, and stall converters. People wouldn’t guess that I used to drag race. Oh, how I miss my drag car!
  3. Jacquie Todd – I take an awfully long time to take my walls down and let people in so their first impression of me is that I’m aloof, which is so far from the truth. I’m just very wary of who I let get close and who I don’t. I also sound very young over the phone and have surprised a lot of people when I tell them I’m 57. I also don’t look my age so again, they are surprised when I tell them my age.
  4. Christina St-Jean – That I’m what’s referred to in common parlance as a “lipstick lesbian” because I’m tall with very short hair, that I’ve somehow served time because I have tattoos, and that I’m generally a badass because I have a black belt in karate and was in the reserves for a year. I’m a high school English teacher!
  5. docluci – Because I walk with a walker, am very old and look chronically ill, people assume that I am at Death’s door; they are right!!!!!
  6. Jessica Fernandez – Because i am pretty black and white on how i feel about people when i am very positive & vocal others tend to think i am “blowing smoke up their ass”, However i wouldn’t bother saying anything that i did not mean. Except of course when i get so upset or excited and i use the wrong word, as i am about 4 sentences ahead in my brain!
  7. Boston_Mama84 – People assume I can be a push over and a lazy mom at times because the way my oldest sometimes behaves. Most people dont know/realize she has a mental, emotional, behavioral disorder, including a sensory disorder too. She has to be treated and disciplined differently and with more patience than most children her age.
  8. Dan Rocha – I think many people, (my parents and adult family members included) assume that I won’t result to much in life, (both professionally and personally) because, of my short stature, my electric wheelchair and my brittle bone condition, which sucks. But, I fully intend on proving them wrong.
  9. Kelli – I’d say basically that I’m very clean and keep to myself a lot and that I’m very very quiet because I get that a lot. I don’t think I speak quietly but others say they can’t even hear me when I feel like I’m yelling. I’d say it’s just the tone of my voice
  10. Belinda Ortega – Well when I was younger people assumed that just because I was a Mexican I spoke Spanish. It use to irritate me. People still do that but now that I am much older it doesn’t bother me any more. My Spanish is not all that great but I get by.
  11. Jacinta Ward – People assume that I’m nice, I’m really not 😂
  12. Jillian Snavely – I feel like people assume that I am stuck up when really I am just shy I don’t typically start a conversation in a group people also assume that I have money because I don’t have children and I like to dress nice but I am a thrifty shopper I shop at consignment shops thrift stores and clearance racks as much as I love fashion I really don’t like to shop especially in a crowded store !! 😊
  13. dottie p – that all i do is sit and eat, and that i’m lazy because i am overweight. they don’t know about my disability because they can’t see it. same thing about parking in handicapped parking.
  14. Paul Clément – People often assume I am a strict, by the book conservative type, a disciplinarian with little tolerance for misbehaviour. I am quite to the contrary, a moderately liberal, fun loving, let’s have party guy. Funny how first impressions are not always accurate.
  15. Maxine Vannasdall Crawford – That I am stuck up or anti social. I’m always quiet when I meet someone or haven’t known them long . But once I get know someone lookout cause I can be a hand full.
  16. Connie Henry – That I’m always crabby! I have deeper set eyes and when I’m not wearing my glasses, I squint a lot. I’m not crabby people, 99% of the time I’m in a good mood!
  17. April – All people make assumptions based on their perception on all things, including other people. And as you may or may not already know, one’s perception becomes one’s reality. I’m not entirely sure what assumptions people make when referencing to myself, but I am sure that whatever they perceive to be true is what they’ll base their own opinions on. Perceive the best from people and their assumptions will be positive. Assume the worst from people and they’re perception of you will be negative- And thus a cycle begins. Live to your fullest and surround yourself with positivity. Only then will the cycle break.
  18. Rochelle Vine – People always assume that I am a loud mouth! I am actually deaf in my left ear and have been for more than 40 years and have no volume control. Because I sing in a band and yes I am good at it, people don’t believe me when I tell them I can’t hear out of one side of my head. Other people assume that I am rude and ignoring them if they are talking to me on my left side. Unless it is very quiet in the room I don’t hear them talking to me and sometimes I walk away and didn’t even know there was someone there talking to me.
  19. Claire Johnston – People assume from the way I dress I must be stupid, but I’m not. I actually have a Masters Degree in Chemistry from the University of Oxford.
  20. Colleen Goodbrand – I have had so many co-workers say that they had assumed, based solely on my appearance, that I was meek and mild, quiet and reserved.They would then go on to say how wrong they were with that assumption! I love to shock people a little by saying outrageous things and love to make people laugh. I have been a little bit of a daredevil as well, trying activities that prompt my friends to say: “Are you crazy? I would never do THAT!”
  21. Sue W. – That I am somebody else! I am constantly being told I look like somebody someone knows!

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