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Lindsay Poliseno – I really wanted to get my belly button pierced and when I finally did, me and my mom were in another state (I regret that as we didn’t know which places were legit or not) .. I have sensitive ears and need decent earrings, and didn’t think my belly button would be the same buuuut it was! After the belly piercing healed the skin just kept getting thinner and thinner holding the ring in! It was so thin it was hanging by a thread… thinking back now I don’t know why the heck I didn’t take it out, and one day it got caught on my pants and ripped right out! One of the Dumbest piercings and purchases I’ve ever made!

$.50 winners

  1. Annette Schmidt – A former boyfriend gave me beautiful hoop earrings with diamond around the hoop. After we broke up, I could not wear them without thinking of him. One day I left them out on my dresser in a wood box. Later that day I found the box chewed up, only one earring and a very guilty looking lab puppy. I called the vet, gave the dog a hefty dose of olive oil in his food and waited. The next day, I found it, and scrubbed it thoroughly. After that I could happily wear them because they were no longer associated with the boyfriend, but now as the earrings the dog ate.
  2. Natania – This question is so crazy because I was in Walmart last night and as I was checking out, the cashier had those things in his ears that made his holes big. So I had to ask him questions about them and he said they stink really bad, he can smell them all day just standing there and if someone gets to close they have compained to him about it. He also said it took him about a year and a half to get them that big and if he decides to take them out ever, his holes are so big they will just dangle down. They will never close back up. Anyway he had a coke can near him and he actually put the can through his ear holes. It was wicked looking and kind of creepy. I had never seen holes this big before.
  3. Cathy Deslippe – My grandma couldn’t go out without her earrings on, they always had to match whatever she wore. When she was diagnosed with memory loss the one thing she loved most of all were her earrings. She would lay them all over the table and sit for hours matching them up with a big smile. I would offer to help her, she would say “I am sorry I get paid for doing this job’. Such a wonderful woman who I will admire forever. Classy too/
  4. Marce McHone – I bought my mother a pair of diamond earrings jackets for her birthday, she cried. They were beautiful and something she had her eye on for a while.. it felt so good to give them to her. She deserved them, she was the best mom and best friend a girl could have. She died 3 months later 🙁 but seeing the joy on her face and knowing it made her smile through all of her pain was the biggest gift I could give myself.
  5. Camille Dzierba Kazmierczak – When I was 12 I wanted to get my ears pierced and my Sister who is 4 years older than me had her friend Nancy over the house and Nancy said We can pierce the right now. I was like WHAT??? HOW??? and what she did was Ice my ear lobes and took a regular sewing needle and but it through my ear lobes with sewing needle string and tied the string together. I could hear crackling sounds while she was doing it I had to wear the string in my ears for a week and I had to keep it clean with alcohol and move the string back and forth. I went to school the next day and I remember the others laughing at me for having string in my ears. Made me feel bad but I was also happy I had my ears Pierced. Nancy bought me my 1st pair of earrings. I am now 57 years old and through years I realized that when she pierced my ears one ear hole was lower than the other and after all these years when I wear earrings to can see how big the hole has gotten. I will always remember that day getting them pierced and I still can’t believe I let her even do it.
  6. Claire Johnston – I had my ears pierced just before I was 6 years old. I vividly remember getting them done because there was a teenage boy of about 17 who was due to have them done before me but he insisted I went first because he was scared! Lol. As I didn’t make a fuss and said it didn’t hurt (although it hurt loads), he happily had his done next!
  7. Tammy Robertson – While playing basket ball in 8 th grade PE class a girl who didn’t like me pulled one of my earrings out. Her mother worked at the school so she didn’t get in trouble, but I was yelled at and got an F for the day for bleeding on the floor.
  8. Carolyn – “Back in the day” when I was 13, we lived in a small town and there were no professional places nearby to get ears pierced. So, of course, I asked my best friend to pierce my ears with “ice cubes as the numbing agent and a needle” lol. I can laugh about it now. I was never able to wear earrings without my ears becoming red and infected. That was about 40 years ago, and to this day, I still have small little knots in my ears where they were pierced. Not painful, but just a reminder of what 13 year old girls will do!
  9. Julie Dascoli-Yanop – i own about 300 single earrings. I cannot keep a pair of earrings to save my life. so Finally my husband bought me a pair of huggie diamond earrings on our wedding day. I have never taken them off and they are still a pair and in tact! (hope i’m not jinxing it), but it’s been almost 8 years!!! We got married on March 4, 2011
  10. Sara DuVall – I had this pair of Matt silver hoops. They were small thick and flat. I wore them to bed one night. The next day I woke up and one was missing off my ear. I was so sad. I checked the bed , the floor and all over. No luck. A couple of days later I woke up a my earring was on my pinky finger. I was happy, but confused as to how it got there. Who knows.
  11. Kathy DeFor – When my daughter was younger probably about 7. Her earring back grew into her earlobe. I had to take her to urgent care to have them get it out. She handled the procedure just fine, they numbed the area a little and made an incision. I on the other hand almost passed out. They gave me some Sprite & a bite to eat before we could leave. I was just very worried about her and about her being in pain.
  12. Colleen Goodbrand – The following happened when I was about 19 and my youngest brother was about 15. Our parents had gone out for the evening and my brother announced he was going to a friend’s place. About an hour after my brother had left, I got a phone call from him. He was very drunk. “Can you come get me?” he mumbled. When I pulled up in front of the house he was seated on the front lawn of his friend’s home. I helped him up and into the car. It wasn’t until I struggled to get him out of the car at home that I noticed that at some point in the hour he had been away, he had gotten one of his ears pierced, very badly! There was hell to pay when my parents came home and discovered him in all his drunken and pierced glory!
  13. Karen P – In 1986, Da Bears made it to the Super Bowl. I was rooting for Da Bears because they were in the Central Division and were playing the Patriots and who wanted the Patriots to win!?!?! But since I was and still am a die-hard Packer fan, I had no Bears garb and I was going to a SuperBowl party. So I wore my hooded sweatshirt from SeaWorld that had polar bears on it. Hey, they are bears! And for a little color, I looped together my blue hoop earrings and my orange hoop earrings to wear. Everybody at the party commented on my efforts, even the Bear fan.
  14. Emmanuel – I appreciate how earrings add or brings out the beauty in women, and so to surprise my fiancee I decided to get her some earrings I feel would wow her. Getting to the jewry store I got confused because just when you feel you have the best one with you, you may be shown another and your best become inferior. At some point I had to call my little sister for help!
  15. CrystaliumJMC – I can sew my own earrings with some beads, old-style dental floss and fish hook loops. I got one set of them (unworn) stored away in a small card-stock box that I call ‘Crystal Leaves.” A large Frosted Round Glass Bead with three coloured Glass Leaves Beads, to describe their general appearance. Been joyfully wearing them on and off for years. Anyone interested in seeing a pair of them?
  16. Keri Judkins – I have a pair of emerald earrings that was past down to me from my grandmother. Beautiful green. My favorite color . I rarely wear them. Afraid to lose them
  17. MyKinKStar – Even though Mother pierced earrings for workers in our beer joint when I was growing up, using ice cubes and a needle, I used “self-piercing earrings” along with my cousin when we were about 14 or 15 years old. These were a pair of small hoops, with a pointy tip to place in front of the lopes, that had a spring on the back to keep the tension tight. Each day we’d pinch our earrings several times, and we used alcohol to keep them clean. The earrings went through in about a week and Ta Da, pierced ears! Then when I was about 20 and wanted double piercings Mother did it with me at a mall jewelry store. She went first and jumped when the girl shot the gun because it didn’t go through. YEOW! Scared me Big Time because Mother and I share so many things alike and my luck we also have the same tough ear lopes! Turned out fine for me thankfully. After Mother died my sister and I went to get piercings – my 3rd and her 2nd hole. Her ears were pierced as a baby and the hole was more centered, so her second hole was placed to the inside on her lope closer to her face to make the holes look right on her lope. Now I don’t wear extra earrings often, but always remember how each hole is something special.
  18. Genie Luxemburg – I’ve got some lovely reindeer earrings for Christmas time in a nice orange colour. But actually when I first got them it was early autumn a few years ago and I said, “I know it’s too early to wear them really, it’s only October” and my friend said, “They’re pumpkin spiced deer!”
  19. dottie p – i was 10 years old when i started begging my parents for pierced ears, so on my 11th birthday i was given 24 carrot gold earrings from Uncle Larry and Aunt Sharon. well they didn’t have ear piercing places back than so my sister Jean did it with a needle and potato. what she did is was freeze my ears with ice, THEN she held my ears to line up the earring spots, which in turn defrosted my ear. so when she shoved the needle 1/2 way in. i took off running and screaming my head off. i said never mind, i didn’t want it done.but my mom the guilt trip queen. talked me into it, saying i had to do it cause Aunt Sharon and Uncle Larry spent so much money on the earrings. so i did it. but i had to hold the ice on my ear for an hour. the 2nd one went in better than the 1st one. now 44 years later i still have the holes but i don’t wear earrings anymore, i get infections from them. so i’m hoping someday my holes will close completely and i’ll be able to get new holes. and try again.
  20. Christy Bickerdike – I was in college when guys started to get earrings as a “regular” thang. I was the only one in both dorms who had the guts to slap an ice cube on their earlobes and stick a pin thru…..LOL….We did a lot of smokin’, drinkin’ and piercin’ in those days. I made a good amount of money doing that…covered my party costs….just sayin’…..rock on!

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