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  1. Natania – Omg, boy do I have a faucet story. My sister had gave birth to twins in February. So when she took them home, she asked my Mom to stay the nigth with her to help her. I was in my late teens and had been out with friends. When I got home, Mom had left me a note telling me she was staying the night my sister. So I lock the doors and go to the kitchen to grab me a snack when I see the faucet is dripping. (I shouldve known something because this is something my Mom had constantly said to me and my sisters, turn the faucet off all they way and the other thing was turn the lights off when you leave a room.) Anyway, thinking I was being mature and grown up, I turn the faucet off all the way. A little while later, I go to get a shower and realize the bathroom faucet is dripping. I thought, geeze now I know what Mom is talking about (thinking my other sister was jut being lazy and didnt turn them off.) I remember feeling good about myself, thinking Mom is going to be so proud of me. I go to bed and get up really late the next day. Mom gets home right when I was getting up. I started telling her how proud of me she was going to be, and was walking to brush my teeth at the same time and turned the knob and no water came out. I stopped talking and said, “Mom we don’t have water.” She comes to the bathroom and says, “what do you mean?” She starts messing with the faucet and goes to check the kitchen, a little bit came out and stopped. Mom ( I think was talking to herself out loud) says, “Hm this just doesn’t make sense, I left the faucets dripping.” I barely heard her and said, “what? Mom I seen them dripping and turned them off, thats what I was talking about when I was telling you, you were going to be proud of me.”Let me tell you, she was the complete opposite of proud and I felt terrible. Bottom line, the pipes busted from it being so cold and it was so expensive to replace them. Mom yelled at me saying I shouldve known, and I told her she shouldve told me in her note she left me. Now when it gets real cold, I go around and make sure all the faucets are dripping, I learned a huge lesson that night.

$.50 winners

  1. Sylvia – My kindergarten classroom is in an old school building that once was a junior high so nothing is sized for small kindergarteners. I placed a stepping stool in front of our bathroom sink to help but the faucets are old and hard to turn on and off. So I asked our dear custodian to please lubricate the handles to make things easier for my students. He did a great job because the first little guy who went to use the facilities pulled hard enough to yank the handle off and water came gushing up. But the positivity of kindergarteners prevailed as a soaked Justin came out of the bathroom stating, Mr. J fixed the handles, the water came on real easy!
  2. Carol Miller – My Faucet story is making me laugh just thinking about it. We had a teacher in my school whose last name was Faucett. Her first name was Diane and she taught Special Education to eighth grade. Well, you can just imagine what the students did with her name. It was Mrs. Leaky Faucett, Mrs. Dripping Faucett, Mrs. Spraying Faucett. The list went on and on with some names I cannot repeat. I always felt bD for her and wished she could change her last name.
  3. Karen P – My brothers and I were at my uncle”s farm and had primed the pump for a drink of water. Mark and I put our faces under the faucet and got a nice, refreshing mouthful of cold water. Then my youngest brother’s turn. He got a mouthful of rust and mud.
  4. Heather Alex Nunn – About 13 or so years ago I was being courted by a new fella I had met at work (while I was a barista). Well, a few months in we were together all the time and had our fair share of drinking nights together. Often we would end up at his band’s practice space {the basement of a older business building in Minneapolis}, and as you can imagine it wasn’t very big but did have its own restroom downstairs. The sink was one of the styles that doesn’t have a leg but attached to the wall. One of these evenings that will forever stand out in my memory I was too many drinks in too quickly, and it turned out to not make me sick instead made me too open, talkative!!! That’s when I dragged this man (boy really) into the tiny restroom to empty my thoughts of him to him. With in the first minute of being in there I didn’t exactly sit but did rest on the sink and instantly the entire apparatus (sink and faucet) snapped off the wall!! Breaking the water pipes at the wall and floor shooting pressurized water straight up at the ceiling and across the floor!! We tried to find the water valve to turn it off but NO ONE could find it!! Turns out it was in the busines’s basement next suite over, so the water ran all night long!!!
  5. Anne – Farrah was beautiful when she was in her youth and as she got older too…she was the IT GIRL of the 70’s……. Sorry that’s my only faucet story, I’m such a drip💦
  6. Jennifer – Our kids prank us from time to time by putting the kitchen faucet upside down and on spray so it gets you in the face when you turn it on.
  7. Sue W. – I don’t have one yet, but I love those faucets that light up with LED lighting when you turn the water on.
  8. Cathy Deslippe – An old big sink with a big shiny faucet. My mom would line us up and have us lay on the counter when we were young and she use to have our heads hang down under the faucet to five us a nice shampoo. Those were the days, you couldn’t get a better sink or faucet like that now a days, or a shampoo. I am telling my age now.
  9. Pammie Burman – Just that the handles to the bathroom sink faucet is backwards…as in the hot water is where the cold should be and vice versa. If I’m up in the middle of the night and not fully awake I forget that and get a real surprise.
  10. edeliz – Watching my kitten drink water from it. I must have taken over 50 pictures of her doing this, while trying to get that perfect shot. It appears I have very little talent with cameras. Still, she looks adorable.
  11. Lindsay Poliseno – Ha at my parent’s house they have a hose that comes out to spray dishes that was attached separately from the faucet and as soon as you hit the button it turns on, so on April Fools Day I put a rubber band around it and as soon as my dad turned the faucet on the hose started spraying him… Let’s just say he wasn’t a very happy camper!
  12. Jean PrakapasWiseman Alvarez – when my brother camt to fix faucet and spayer he turned spray part on nothing came out he jiggled the conection part it came out all over him as he still had sprayer facing him all i did was laugh so hard .he went home soaking wet
  13. MT – We lived with my grandparents for 6 months in 1990 when our new house was being built. They did not have indoor plumbing, just a hand pump to a shallow well. They didn’t have a shower or bathroom sink, just a wash tub. They got indoor plumbing and faucets for in 1995, and they barely used them because they were so used to the old way.
  14. Lee S – I had just come inside from doing chores and set about washing dishes. As soon as I turned on the kitchen faucet to fill the sink, the handheld sprayer doused me! It took me a second to process the situation – why in the world was the sprayer on? While I was outside, my husband fastened a rubber band around the sprayer handle so when I turned on the faucet, it went right to the sprayer and I was soaked. When I came around the corner, dripping wet, he said “What’s the matter honey?” in the sweetest tone. I can laugh about it… now… months later… 🙂
  15. Kimberly Nicholls – My faucet story happened at 2:00 am in the morning. My daughter was just 3 years old and attending a feeding clinic at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital. That meant we had to be 41 miles away from my house every weekday by 8:00am in the morning for therapy. So, that night I kept feeling like I was hearing running water. I checked all the bathrooms upstairs, the washer, the dryer, but couldn’t find the source of the noise. I went downstairs and saw the light on in the kitchen. As I got closer, I saw my three year old daughter in a chair from the living room washing strawberries off with the colander at the kitchen sink. She was happily eating the berries after she shoved them into the water. She looked up at me and said, “Hi Mommy! Wan sa berriesh?” So I cut off the faucet and put everything away while she ate another strawberry, then I put her back to bed. We had to be back at Mt. Washington in less than six hours.
  16. Jason Provo – When I was a kid in the seventies, I had a huge crush on Farah Faucet. I watched the TV show Charlies Angels and though I was too young to fully appreciate the innovative and complex storylines, I would be captivated by Farah’s scenes. I collected Charlies Angels bubble gum cards and put the stickers on my lunch pail. It’s a wonder I didnt get beat up more….
  17. Genie Luxemburg – When I first moved into my own flat at the age of 18, I managed to accidentally leave the water running and flooded the kitchen on my very first night…not good adulting!
  18. Stephanie – My best faucet story is when I lived in my very first apartment out on my own. The faucet on the sink was old, just like the rest of the apartment. Rent was cheap, so I didn’t mind. Anyhow, the faucet would loosen itself somehow with every movement made. Usually, I’d catch it in time, and tighten it up, but on this occasion I did not tighten it soon enough, however. I turned on the water to do dishes, like always, and the faucet shot up off of the base from the water pressure, like a rocket! It scared the crap out of me, almost hit me, and of course I got drenched and water sprayed everywhere!! Needless to say, I never forgot to tighten it again on a very frequent basis.
  19. Judy Burba McGarvey – When I was a child, I spent three weeks every summer with my grandparents. They didn’t have indoor plumbing so by the time I came back home, turning on a faucet for a drink of water was like a dream come true.
  20. Teresa Rojas – As soon as I turn on the bathtub faucet my dog runs. He thinks it’s his bath time, and doesn’t want anything to do with it. 😱😜

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