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Daily question 1980

$1 winners

  1. meanlady – my husbands grandmother gave me a brown belt i dont wear them but this one in particular belonged to her late husband she hadnt touched it in years , me not wanting to hurt this sweet old lady 90 at the time i thanked her and took the belt home , i threw it on the couch not thinking much of it a few hours later my two older kids were crying they were playing with the belt and one hit the other i took it away as i was walking down the hall i noticed a zipper in the back i have never seen that before i unzip it and holy cow 35 neatly folded length wise 100 dollar bills chi ching fleeting thought , piled the kids in the car back out to grandmas 90 mins away and show her what i found and she was shocked she says i knew he had a money belt but never thought he used it she went to bed that night 3500 dollars richer and i went home happy she was happy

$.50 winners

  1. Jason Provo – I work at a nursing home and I have a sweet little old lady there who enjoys a drink of rum before bedtime. Nurses are allowed to pour this for a client when indicated by a doctor. I always get a good chuckle when she asks for her bedtime “belt” of rum.
  2. risingphoenix2018 – My belt story is that I try to go to the Atlanta Beltline as much as possible. The Beltline has great restaurants and retail shops and different art like sculptures are along the Beltline. The Belt Line is a must-see and I highly recommend that you go here, if y’all visit Atlanta!
  3. Kimberly Nicholls – Can I say my mom used to spank me with a belt when I was bad? 🤣🤣🤣 Okay, a real belt story. When I was 10 years old I was a Pathfinder Scout. I remember being so excited about getting my uniform because I loved the insignia on the belt! 🥰🥰🥰 I wore that belt everywhere, proudly, usually having to explain what a “Seventh-Day Adventist” is, but I didn’t care. It was my favorite belt! This year my daughter turns ten and will be inducted into the same club (same troop, too. We’re at the same church). I hope she likes the experience as much as I did.
  4. Rochelle Vine – I went to a friends wedding and got thrown in the lake and it was an outdoor wedding in February so I was soaked and cold. A friend had some dry clothes in his truck that he let me put on. The pants were about 3 sizes to big so he gave me a lace out of one of his boots to use as a belt. Not only did he give me a belt to hold up my pants but he also gave me his heart. We have been married 27 years!!
  5. MyKinKStar – Mother used to tell a story about how she was walking through the house with laundry in her arms to put away, when she saw a ‘belt’ on the floor near Daddy’s piano . . . She made a mental note to fuss at my sister when she got home from school later, because she knew better. On her way back to the kitchen she noticed the belt had moved and she realized it was not a belt but a snake. She ran down to the bar and got a couple guys to come up to the house to get it. It was a harmless black snake, BUT had it been me then it might have killed me!
  6. dottie p – i have 2. the first one is my Dad did disciple us, sometimes with a hotwheel track, but mostly with his belt. when i went to Hawaii to babysit my oldest niece while my sister was in having the younger one. i walked in the house and there was a belt hanging on the railing going upstairs. when my niece did something slightly wrong, her step dad told her to get the belt. she started to cry, i grabbed the belt and said if you hit her with this i will have you charged with child abuse, NO ONE will hit my little favorite niece. i hid that belt until i moved out and i took it with me. the other one is i was born in Madison Wisconsin. twice a month we went to visit my favorite Uncle Larry and Aunt Sharon. and every time we went we got to drive the belt line, which was so cool around Christmas because everybody had lights up. some even just put lights in the fields, well the fields are all gone now, the place has grown so much. but i will always have my memories
  7. Sylvia – My dad wore the woven cloth belt he was given in the Navy for over 50 years. As the years went by it became a bit worn and dingy but we always saw that belt on every pair of khakis, jeans and shorts he owned. My mom often gifted him with new belts that were thick leathers with shiny buckles but those just sat in his dresser and his old belt was looped and locked in his pants almost every day. I think that belt was a reminder of his service in the Navy during WWII of which he was very proud. When he passed away we gave his belt to his grandson who was too little to wear it but just last year I caught a glimpse of that belt on my nephew’s jeans and I couldn’t help but smile through my tears.
  8. Lindsay Poliseno – I always like wearing longer shirts and when I would wear a belt, the belt would bulge through my shirt, so my favorite belt or choice was always using a shoelace! It always worked very well, you couldn’t see I was wearing anything holding my pants up, and never buldged through my shirt!
  9. maryn – You don’t want to know my belt story. Without details..my stepfather used to hang it on the curtain rod..except when he was flailing it. He would do that a lot. Last time I was the recipient, I was laid up for three days. I was lucky. Some kids got it (get) worse.
  10. Carol Miller – My belt story is that I use all sorts of beautiful scarves for belts. My family know this so they buy all different types of scarves for birthday, Christmas etc. I have a friend who liked the idea so much that she is now doing it. I have solid and print scarves, some very expensive like Hermès, and some very inexpensive ones. However, once I got started using 🧣 I never use anything else.
  11. Boston_Mama84 – When I was in high school the elastic on my skirt which was part of a school uniform came undone during the day. It began slipping down every time i walked around. I didnt know what to do because it was falling constantly and becoming noticeable. I had no way to get pins to hold it up so I thought I was being creative by using both my shoe laces from my Doc Martin’s to make a belt & then roll the top of my skirt over it. Well my ingenious idea only worked for about 2 seconds until I realized now I have no way to keep my shoes on my feet. I had to finish the rest of the day walking out my shoes continuously and even had to board a public MBTA bus like that. Oh boy did I get stares. My feet had blisters at the end of the day but at least my butt wasnt showing.
  12. Lucille Frank – I was a high school girl all dressed up and walking down a busy downtown Chicago street minding my own business trying to look sophisticated and grown up when suddenly the elastic belt in my underpants gave way and they fell to the street below. What could I do? I gracefully stepped away from the offending garment and continued walking down the street, maybe a little more red in the face, but still sophisticated and glamorous!!!!! I hope!!!!!
  13. MahLou Whelan – I grew up in a family with no car, we used to ride in a public vehicle where seatbelt is not required. So here in US it’s part of my big adjustment to remember all the time putting on the seatbelt always, or else the car monitor will beep if seatbelt were not attached. one of my learnings. belt belt seatbelt.
  14. Noel Stewart – My fan belt just broke! Now I have to call a repair service and pay them to fix my car!!
  15. Genie Luxemburg – My brother and I did karate as kids, but he started a few months before me, so it kind of bugged me that he was always a whole belt better than me… Petty sibling rivalry in retrospect, I guess!
  16. ramadevi – I was looking for a belt years ago, I came across clearance sale. The belts were black and orange only. Wide, cotton knitted thick ones. They look good, stronger and long lasting. I still use them. I cant wear a pant without a belt. My belt is good to hold my pant. So I got 2 belts, one is black and other one is orange. The price is dead cheap, no one can imagine. a $1 each. They are still running well and I dont mind the price, it is very strong and looks fancy also.
  17. Natania – When me and my sisters were young, we would get spankings with this belt. Of course only when we would do something we were not suppose to. It was always on our bottoms and I honestly feel there is nothing wrong with it. As long as its not taking to the extreme, where it turns to abuse. We had the best parents and I wouldnt change a thing. Anyway we would get warned three times before we heard them coming up the steps and we would whisper, “whos going to get spanked first, I am last, I am second, here they come, act like we are sleeping!” We would be grinning with our eyes closed acting like we were sleeping. It was a lot of fun, It did hurt a little but not enough to make any of us cry and when they would go back downstairs we would laugh at them. Anyway as we got older, we would hear them coming up, so we would all start shoving socks in our pants, so it wouldnt hurt at all. It actually worked for a while too, until they started catching on and they would try so hard not to laugh but couldnt hide it. We also started putting blush on our legs and the next day we would tell them, “you put marks on us” and show them really quick so they wouldnt be able to see it was makeup. I would say, “Mom, you put a welt on me last night” and my sister would say, “she put one on you. she did me also!” My third sister said, ” I think I feel one on me too.” Mom replied, ” girls, did I really, I am so sorry, let me see.” We would laugh and tell her we were just kidding. We could make them feel so bad, they decided the belt wasnt going to be our punishment anymore. All of our names were on that belt, cousins, close friends, we all told our kids if your name was on the belt, than you could be spanked with it. Then we wrote our kids names on it. They were all yelling, “no,no we dont want our names on it!” We were just kidding but we had a lot of fun. Now everyone’s names is on it and we laugh so much about telling stories of growing up with that belt.
  18. Erin Estilette – When I lost weight, the only thing holding my loose pants on at work was a belt, until that belt decided to break! At first I panicked, but then remembered I had an old apron in my locker. I cut the waist tie off of the apron with a box knife and used that as my belt for the rest of the day. 😂
  19. Teresa Rojas – I needed a belt to keep my pants up but did have one, so I took a purse strap and used it as a belt. Worked great! 👍😱
  20. Maria flordeliza Wycoco – I buy my betl for only $1.. and i can say its perfect,. Because one size fits all.. thats why my sister my son my mother all of them use it.. that why i cant use my own belt… :'(:'(:'(:'(:'( but its perfect, perfect for them…
  21. Celine Cantin – My belt was very old so i fix her with staples
  22. Tammy Robertson – When I was very young my dad made me a belt from leather and with my name on it. I preferred my Smurf belt. Years later I found the one my dad made he kept it “just in case”.
  23. Richard White – I was in need of a belt and I wasn’t looking at the time but I was at the local county fair and I cam across a belt vendor and i bought one and I have had the same belt for years. It was a good investment

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