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Daily question 1979

$1 winners

  1. Lindsay Poliseno –Favorite “rug” is the one my dad used to wear on his head, that he thought was discreet and looked good! 😆 until he finally got a procedure done with hair plugs and is all real now!
  2. Anne – I don’t know about you but I think ‘This rug is purrrrfect’, and the ceiling….welll, it really needs caaaleaning🙀🙀
  3. Claire Johnston – My favourite “rug” is the one that the high profile person, who runs the “Greatest Country in the World”, wears. 😉

$.50 winners

  1. Denise N. – My favorite rug is an Amish rag knot throw rug. It’s completely no-sew and uses old fabric from hand towels, tee-shirts and even bath towels. Since the fabric has been worn down it feels so comfy to barefeet. A true plus? The throw rug doubles as a floor duster-unless you have it secured by a backing mat. Toss in the washer then the dryer and it’s good to use again. There are many DIY videos online so creating your own is easy enough. Plus the pre-dyed favrics create the most beautiful patterns that are truely one-of-a-kind pieces of art!
  2. Paul Clément – My favourite rug sits on the rec room floor in front of my tv It proudly displays the logo of my favourite NHL team, the Montreal Canadiens. Go Habs Go!
  3. Adrienne – Flokati Rugs, I love stepping out of my bed every morning onto the softest, furry pile of wool.
  4. Lee S – We love our faux-sheepskin rug that sits under our coffee table! It’s so soft and fluffy! When our young nieces and nephews visit, it’s a requirement to pull it out from under the coffee table and they wrap up in the rug, in front of the TV, so they can watch movies. It’s the warmest (floor) seat in the house!
  5. Carol Miller – My favorite rug is a Persian I bought in Morocco. I was on a trip to Spain and we traveled to Morocco for an overnight. It was such an eye opener. We saw women who still had to go to the well for their water. We saw a demonstration on how they weave Persian rugs and we were allowed to purchase and they assured us they would be shipped back to our homes. I was a little Leary but fell in love with one that was predominantly in reds and creams. Well, I wasn’t even home a week when my 5 x 7 rug arrived. Every time I look at it I think of my trip to Morocco, the fascinating things I learned, and how they proved to be so honest against my expectations.
  6. Kimberly Nicholls – My favorite rug is one that I made. It’s a pink, yellow and baby green Pom Pom rug that I made to put in my daughter’s room when she was a baby. I did it while she was in therapy at Mt. Washington pediatric hospital for an eating disorder to pass the time that she wasn’t with me. To this day she still watches TV on that rug!
  7. Noel Stewart – My favorite rug is my new WIG to make me look like I have hair. I look much younger with hair.
  8. Richard White – I have a native american rug that was given to me by my Grandma and i had it cleaned and made into a wall hanging.It is my favorite rug.It reminds me of her and of my native home of New Mexico
  9. Boston_Mama84 – Back in the mid to late 80s when I was very young I remember my parents having this burnt orange shag type of circular rug in our basement family room. It was already old by then so the fibers used to come off easily at any time but I loved rolling around on it and taking naps on it with my really chubby cat. If i layed on my back and wiggled around like a dog would, so did my cat. She was like a little human. One day I came downstairs and as I walked towards the rug I noticed what looked like a few worms on the floor. As I got closer I could see my cat rolling around with some worms stuck to her white fur & even one hanging out her mouth. I screamed because I was grossed out. My mom came running to see what happened. Little me thought it was worms everywhere but it was my cat obviously having a good time while no one was around. She was biting at the fibers of rug, ripping them up, chewing them, then flinging them when she had too much in her mouth. My mom got rid of that rug soon after. 😂
  10. Rochelle Vine – I learned how to do latch hook when I was in my teens and I made a rug for my mom that had bears on it in the 80’s. She had that rug in her bathroom intil the day she died and now my daughter has it in her room!!
  11. Catie – We have a zebra print rug in our daughter’s jungle themed room and I love it for the comfort of standing on it and the style! It catches everyone’s attention with the matching canvas prints and giraffe and elephant animals with it.
  12. Cathy Deslippe – My favorite rug would be the old fashion car rug that my grandpa made himself. He had a great passion for rug hooking and was really good at it. Still in great condition and in front of the fireplace. As grandma tatted grandpa rug hooked.
  13. roxysmom87 – My favorite rug is one of two room sized tiger print rugs my mother gave me a few years before she died. I say one of two because, my ex husband burned holes in one of them, by throwing lite cigarettes on it, when he was drunk. I had to take it to the dump. It was ruined. It was exactly like the one I have left. I had one in my old living room and one in my old bedroom.
  14. Dee – Braided rugs made from scraps of old clothes as they are not only handmade but also reuses material that would have gone to the dump but also each one is unique.
  15. Pam – My favorite rug was made by me. I took cuts of different carpets and glued them on a pad. It was perfect in my kitchen.
  16. Teresa Rojas – In my preteen years I picked up latch hook rug making, and I made this big round rug, for our home, my parents loved it (or pretended they did) it was used in our home for many many years. To this day it’s my favorite.😀
  17. Brooke H – When I was a kid, I had a white bearskin rug in my room. The thing that made it special, was that it had a zipper on the underside, and you could actually get in it and wear it, when it wasn’t acting as a rug, that is! 🙂 You could also lay on the rug and lay back on the “head” as a pillow. I haven’t thought about this rug in many years. Thanks, Vindale, for triggering this childhood memory!
  18. CrystaliumJMC – Probably the fatigue rug at my work so that my feet don’t get as sore as my arms after 8 hours of standing at a grocery cash counter.
  19. Judy Burba McGarvey –My favorite rug is the one my grandparents had in front of their potbelly stove in their farmhouse. My brothers and I would sit there and play Monopoly, nice and cozy and munching on popcorn.
  20. edeliz – When I was young, an older cousin had a cool looking, Flower Power (it’s a 60’s thing) rug. I was so taken by it! I really wanted one, but of course, it was an older girl thing. I still think it’s a very attractive rug.

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