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$1 winners

  1. Anne – I was born an unwanted premature…by my father anyway!! Born on June 29th, in a time that was dominated by the Vietnam war, the civil rights movement. The assassinations of JFK, and Martin Luther King the moon landing, and the Cuban missile crisis. A Pandora’s box of what was to become history in the works. WOW, what a time of upheaval😔
  2. Adrienne – I was born on 5th October, Crying so loud in the hospital
  3. Carol Miller – Here is what I know about my birth: I was born on Christmas morning in 1945 at 5:30 in the morning. My mother said church bells were ringing for the upcoming 6 AM mass at nearby St. Joseph’s Church in Philadelphia. The hospital was named The Joseph Price Hospital and it is no longer in existence. Doctor was Dr. Garten. I was suppose to be named Donna after my grandmother but the doctor told my mother I should be named Carol for A Christmas Carol and that is how I got my name. I had so much black hair that the nurses tied it up with a red ribbon. I was the only baby born on Christmas Day in that hospital. Lastly, my father had just come home from the World War II. If my mother was still living she would probably be shocked to know all I remembered.
  4. Denise N. – I was born blue and not breathing. It took forever to get me to breathe and if my Grandmother had not insisted otherwise the doctors and nurses were going to call it. As a ten pound baby I took up most of the room in the incubator that I was placed in for the next three months. My family loved to share the story of my birth because I was the child that was almost not.

$.50 winners

  1. Boston_Mama84 – Aside from the doctor telling my mom I was overcooked.. I came out extremely dry, wrinkle, red, and with a full head of hair. My dad also had 2 tickets to the ’84 Stanely Cup finale between the Oilers & New York. His seats were supposed to be in the 4th row behind the Oilers bench, but due to my mom going into labor much earlier than anticipated & having some minor complications, he couldnt go or more like my mom would of killed him if he went while she was in labor haha The game was that day & was about a 4 hour ride away. My uncle who was supposed to of gone with him just had my cousin who was born 2 days prior so he couldnt go anymore either. All the doctors & nurses were saying they’d be more than glad to take those tickets off his hands. I’m not sure why he didnt sell them or end up giving them away but my parents stuck them in my baby book where they remain to this day.
  2. Sara DuVall – I’m mom told me I was coming out backwards and the doctors had to turn me around. There is a picture of them tugging me by my head. Lol! She also told me she chose the date. I could have been born on Halloween, but noooooo, she didn’t want that. I wish I forced my way out on Halloween. Haha!
  3. Pammie Burman – The only two things I really know about it are 1) I was 3 weeks late and 2) my parents had decided to name me Anita Marie but when the time came to put my name on the birth certificate my mom went behind my dad’s back and named me Pamela Lea instead. Apparently she had found out that, before they ever even met, my dad had a girlfriend named Anita Marie.
  4. Genie Luxemburg – My mum had three friends from antenatal classes who all had the same due date, but we four babies had other plans and were all slightly late or early. I was an early one, which is hilariously ironic if you know my notorious lack of punctuality ever since. The four mums and four little girls still grew up together bonded over our shared almost-birthday, though 🙂
  5. kandeels – It was at 7:33 AM on a Tuesday, full of grace, which I am not!! Nothing else has been shared other than it was the hospital in Niskayuna, NY. My cousin in New Jersey was born the same day, 3 hours before me and she was a premie, so everyone was concerned about her, as 1970 was not known for the technologies of today for premies. I guess that overshadowed my birth a bit. Funny, I know almost more about her birth than mine!!
  6. Noel Stewart – I was a Christmas present after WWII. My father was really surprised when he came home from fighting to find out that his previous leave had been so successful.
  7. Demong – I was born blue and not breathing. It took forever to get me to breathe and if my Grandmother had not insisted otherwise the doctors and nurses were going to call it. As a ten pound baby I took up most of the room in the incubator that I was placed in for the next three months. My family loved to share the story of my birth because I was the child that was almost not.
  8. Anna Morellon – My mother got pregnant while she was in the Navy. She married a man when she was 7 mos along who was not my biological father but he believed he was. He was also in the Navy. They believed that I was going to be a boy and my name was going to be Allen. I was 1lb short of 10 lbs. and weighed the most of all her six children.Yet growing up I was the shortest and smaller framed than my siblings, and still am. My mother never really gave me much information on the man whom she got pregnant from and I only found out by accident from my aunt. My aunt believes she doesn’t know. She divorced when I was 2 and remarried my stepfather who was my dad until he died. Because of his love I never felt the need to find out or search for information. But now with the DNA tests available to everyone I’m thinking of getting one just to see if there is someone out there that I may be related to.
  9. Angele Jacques – I was told that having me was the hardest for my mother over my other siblings and my mom had 7 so she must be serious! it was a long labour and at just under 9 lbs, I was a big baby. Soon after my mother gave birth, my father was leaving the hospital to get a car seat to bring me home in, and just out of the parking lot, he gets into an accident…with some guy who just became a father as well! So my bad luck started that day
  10. Tori – I was born on Good Friday at 5:58. Mom felt bad for eating a beef sandwich after I was born
  11. jacquieevans – I know absolutely nothing, my mother gave me away when I was 3…😳
  12. Colleen Goodbrand – My mother used to make a point to call me on my birthday to recite the details of my birth. I t was always a hilarious phone call as she included facts such as “They dripped ether on my vocal cords as you were being born and my singing voice has never been the same since.’ And “There were so many babies born that day, the hospital ran out of pink beads so they put a necklace of blue beads on you. They had to use forceps to deliver you when you got stuck and when they brought you to me, with the forceps marks on your face and the blue beads, I told them that you were someone else’s baby!” One year, I called my grandmother and convinced her to make the same type of phone call to my mother. My grandmother did and laughed all the way through the call! A few years ago, my mother suffered a severe concussion and has lost many memories, including memories of the births of all her children. So now, every year on my birthday, I call her and recite all the stories of my birth that she has told me over the years.
  13. Rochelle Vine – I was born on a Friday afternoon at like 1:30 and I was almost born in Canada!! My moms water broke in a store in Canada and she ran all the way back across tbe bridge screaming “I am not having this baby in Canada” while mu dad drove beside her screaming “get in the damn car woman”!!! One of my favorite stories they told!! Mom made it across then got in the car and I came into the world in Minnesota less then an hour later.
  14. Kimberly Nicholls – I was born at 32 weeks weighing 3 lbs 11 ounces. My mom had been walking back home during a snow storm because she had a craving for ice cream. She slipped in the driveway and went into premature labor and I was born. I spent a month in an incubator in the NICU, but other than that I was fine.
  15. Adrienne White – I remember that my mother allowed my father to go to the wrestling match because: (1) he was a “die hard” fan of the sport, and (2) my mother was carrying me at the time. On that Friday evening, a couple of hours went on for my mother until the inevitable happened. She started going into labor. She said to herself , “I hope that my husband would hurry back home so he can take me to the hospital before the baby is born”. She walked to the head of the stairs, crying in pain. The door opened, and my father walked into the house. He saw my mother at the head of the stairs, continuing to be in labor. My father eased her down the steps and into the car to go to Saint Mary’s Infirmary in St. Louis, MO late that Friday evening, November 16, 1962. On November 17, 1962, at 4:42am, I came into the world. Both of my parents were elated to see the birth of a baby girl. After the nurse place me into the incubator, there were two young women. One of the women looked at me in the incubator, and then, looked at my father saying, “That baby looked like that man, that baby looked like that man!!!!!!”. All I can say would be, “WHEW”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Phil Kule – Before i was born my mother had great difficulties. Cause I’m a capricorn and was dull even before my birth. Long story short I didn’t wanted to get out. So they needed to use a vacum. When I was born, I had a elongated head shape, but no worries I’m fine today.
  17. Will – I cannot recall from memory, but Mom told me I disrupted my doctors plans of getting married that day. She went into labour, he had to postpone the wedding for several hours and out came10lbs 3 once me.
  18. Tammy Robertson – All my mother ever said was that it was quick and I was born with a heart murmur and was tiny with big eyes. My grandmother said I looked like an owl.
  19. Henryk Seta – I was born the last day of January, nazis were around – the Second War doesn’t end yet.
  20. ramadevi – My mom used to tell me about my birth as a story at bed time. It was not happy and unpleasant occasion in my family. It was midnight and there was a big cyclone on that midnight. My mom got difficulty to reach Government hospital where my dad is working. Those days men are not allowed at bed side because of cultural issues. Mom was very sick and very scared on that dark night. Her BP shoot up and she had jaundice also. Uhhhh…it was very difficult situation in the family and at that time mom had 5 kids with her and I was the last one. Some how my delivered me at mid night and she had high temperature also. Every one was concentrated on my mom’s health. She could not breast feed me and I was hungry for milk. If she might have died, she will leave 6 small kids behind to survive. Also my parents lost all cattle and paddy fields due to that cyclone. This was biggest loss for the family. I always think that instead of my mom I might have died because my family needs my mother. That is how I feel now. My mother’s sister fed me milk with a cotton ball to make me quiet. It took mom to recover 4 months. Mom tried me to give away to some one thinking that she wont be alive. But after my birth mom was alive until my 15th year and she died. I think God was very kind to me to keep my mom for 15 sweet years. In these 15 years I was still little one in the family sticking to her all the time like a baby. No one else had this attachment with her. My birth story was sad one and I feel very bad about it. But I feel like life is precious what ever happens.
  21. Judy Burba McGarvey – I was born at my grandmother’s house instead of in a hospital. I always told my mother that I remembered my birth because I was up near the ceiling by the lightbulb watching. Of course she told me that was impossible but one day she asked me what I remembered and I gave her lots of details including that the doctor was bald on top and had put his hat on the kitchen table. She told me she didn’t remember telling me about that. She really didn’t bring it up again because I think she didn’t have an explanation why I knew so many details. Oh, and they paid the doctor $50. I found the receipt in a family Bible last year.
  22. Connie Henry – I was born jaundice and with the cord around my neck. My lungs and brain were not fully developed due to barely oxygen. I was in (1966 , mind you), nicu for nine weeks. I was born full term that I know of. Apparently my family likes to have babies on Wednesdays because I was born on one so we’re my sisters and my children!
  23. Orion3_02 – My dad was a police officer at the time and had a weird schedule. He was starting his days off (3 I think) and told my mother he hoped she didn’t go into labor on his days off. Not happening…she went into labor the first night of his off days. Also, when I was born she said I looked so much like my father that it looked like someone shrunk his head and put it on my body. I’m a girl and other than not getting his height of 6’5″ and his blue eyes I look just like him right down to having his long fingers.

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