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$1 winners

  1. Noel Stewart – When in first grade, I had an admirer. However, in third grade I found out that my secret admirer could RUN faster than I could. In third grade, this person chased me all around the playground during recess. Of course, this person became a track star in high school. Glad to know I contributed a little bit!
  2. Timothy Mccollum – I was in love with the lead singer from The Pretenders Crisie Hines I got to meet her back stage at MSG. This was a wonderful achievement for me she was so nice. She kissed me on the cheek Zi didn’t wash it for a week.
  3. Mellissa Naylor – If I could only have one more chance with my 1st love at age 14 to 16, I am now 46,30 yrs latter .we saw each other in our mid 20s and we connected again but within a couple weeks he was hurt in an accident and we went our separate ways so I still think about him to this day and the connection we had.
  4. Lee S – I have a huge crush on a Nascar driver and had a chance to meet him at a conference in Vegas. When I approached him for his autograph, I handed him one of my business cards, he smiled and said “Does this mean we’re going to dinner later?”. I almost fainted… but regained my composure and said “Sure, if my husband can come, I suppose…” We both chuckled, he said “lucky fella”, and I have a great story to tell. I’ll always secretly admire that guy (the driver – LOL)!!r than I could. In third grade, this person chased me all around the playground during recess. Of course, this person became a track star in high school. Glad to know I contributed a little bit!

$.50 winners

  1. Carol Miller – My brother’s best friend, named Ed, and I were very good friends all through high school and college. He was at my wedding and, shortly thereafter, we went out to lunch. He confessed that he had always been in love with me and was hoping we would marry. I was so shocked I sat there in a daze. I wasn’t sure what to say. I loved him as a second brother and friend. I asked him why he had never said anything. He said he was ready to but then I had gotten engaged and he didn’t want to disrupt the engagement. When I look back on it I would have been so much better off marrying him because I would still be married today and not divorced.
  2. Natania – When I was in 9th grade, my sisters were in 11th and one had just graduated. One weekend they had a party and I met this guy. He was so cute and we just started talking. My sister comes over and says, “oh you met my boyfriend already.” I dont know what it was about that guy, but I could not get him out of my head. I never told anyone I had a crush on him. I mean come on it was my sisters boyfriend. They broke up after a few weeks, but we all agreed early on we would never date a guy that one of us went out with, out of respect. So I have still to this day never told anyone about my secret adrmirer. When I was younger I even had a dream about this guy. It was crazy, but I am glad I stuck to our agreement and never pursued him.
  3. Lindsay Poliseno – The love of my life passed away in a tragic car accident and I never thought I would love again until I was out with my real good friend and her cousin came out with us as he just got out of a really bad relationship, and after having a lot of fun with him that night, it seemed that our feelings were mutual and he was the first person that I could ever think of being with or having a relationship with since my loss. We would text and flirt all the time and continuously hang out and every time I would see him I would get crazy butterflies in my stomach, and ever since then, we have been together and now have two beautiful kids together.
  4. Pammie Burman – It was at a job I used to have around 20 years ago, I used to go into work in the mornings to find my desk totally rearranged and, at times, my chair lowered as much as it could be. I had various forms in different cubby holes that kept getting shifted around and some little knick knacks kept getting turned around backward. It was a little annoying, but not something I wanted to make a big deal about. Found out that it had been my supervisor doing it and that it was his way of flirting with me! Yes, I was flattered given that he was something like a little more than 10 years younger than me and pretty hot, but I consider office romance to be a big no no, 1
  5. Asad Ihsan – When in first grade, I had an admirer. However, in third grade I found out that my secret admirer could RUN faster than I could. In third grade, this person chased me all around the playground during recess. Of course, this person became a track star in high school. Glad to know I contributed a little bit!
  6. Brooke H – When I was about 15 years old, I found a note folded up in my front door after I walked home from the deli, basically someone saying he had a crush on me. I was mystified. I got a couple more letters, each one folded the exact same way, with a not so straight crease, all saying how much he liked me. I had a boyfriend at the time, and he was just as mystified as I was. I spent years trying to figure out who my secret admirer was. Sadly, I never did. The good news is, I kept the letters in an old tissue box, and I still have them somewhere. We can forever call this, my Brooklyn mystery. 🙂
  7. Heather Ann – Real life… in the beginning of these 21 years with my now husband and father of my 5 kids. He walked into the bar I worked at. Never had I ever given my phone number out there. A lot of creeps come into those establishments regularly. Lol. Well from the second he walked in our eyes met. I was hooked. He came in a few more times before I got the courage to write my number on a napkin and slip it to him. He was thrilled and said he’d been too shy to ask. He lived in a small efficiency at the time, the first tome I brought him to my house, he never left. Still to this day. Lol. He’s an amazing father and provider. I found my soul mate in a club!! Once I’m a lifetime crush!… oh I forgot to mention. My bestie had been telling him he had a secret admiration for someone and he kept leaving g a flower on the bar. I didn’t know it was him!
  8. Ariana Sierra – Well, i had to send me flowers myself, so I don’t know if i’m the secret stalker or the girl who got the flowers..
  9. Jason Provo – Through the ever-turning rumour mill at work, I have been told by a few of my co-workers that there is indeed a secret admirer keeping an eye on me. Of course, they will not tell me who it is because they know I have a girlfriend already and do not want to contribute to any “stirring up of things” and rightly so. Though the curiosity kills me some days, a man is not a man if he is not loyal to his one and only! The saying goes, “what you don’t know won’t hurt you”!
  10. Robyn – I had a crush on a guy who use to run round with my sister and some of my friends. I told my best friend about it and she told me to tell him. We often spent time just talking and talking so one evening when I was the last person to be dropped off and we’d been talking I told him how I felt. He was quiet for a minute then said, “I have to go to the restroom.” Certainly not what i expected but this summer we will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.
  11. Ray Ayala – I have a neighbour named Betty. She has a very bubbly personality. I also have a neighbour named Michael. He is rather shy. Opposites attract! I am their mutual friend in whom they both confide. I also know that they admire each other, because they told me. So, last summer, I invited them over for a small luncheon. As the great host that I am, I made sure to spend a lot of time in the kitchen so that they could be alone. That was the beginning of their budding relationship. They are both in their senior years and are now inseparable. They play cards and bingo for hours. So, my secret admirer story is really about how I played the role of the match maker.
  12. Heather Alex Nunn – I can’t say I’ve ever had a secret admirer. . .then I guess it wouldn’t have been a secret! Nor have I been guilty of having a secret crush, but what this does remind me of is the years of Varsity soccer I played in highschool. I was the goalie, not to inflate my own ego too much, but was at times amazing. Thanks to the HORRIBLE team I grew up playing keeper on, and did so through highschool as well; I had more play time (with the ball) then the entire team combined in a game!! So in a 45 min half I would average 20-30 shots against me (goals included), was also able to punt over 50 yards with spot on accuracy. Leading to the formation of a fan club. . .my own personal fan club that consisted of boys 5 or so from the boys JV soccer team. Every game day when I would get to my locker in the morning before class to find it COVERED with hand made posters, that usually consisted of some spoof poem that declared the fan clubs undying love for me while simultaneously poking fun at my boyfriend, BY NAME!!!! They NEVER failed to miss a single game day, or inch of my locker!! They were always in the stands cheering too!
  13. Cathy Deslippe – I admired my man from a distance, so he tells me now he did the same from me. He was the meat manager and I was the cashier who occasionally working for him, I have never had butterflies as bad as I did whenever I was around him. Although I was still dating my high school sweetheart, me bad. I had the biggest crush on my butcher. I even took every break he did to be with him. I finally broke off with my high school romance, I dumped him. The biggest and best surprise of my life was I became best friends with the lucky butcher, or me the lucky cashier. Even better 38 years ago on Valentines day he asked me to be his girl, we have been together ever since. Married 35 years and I have the best husband in the world.
  14. Belinda Ortega – I use to work at a retail store many years ago. I had one customer that would come in regularly and he would just make normal small chit chat with me. I never thought nothing of it because that’s normal when your a cashier but , one day after working there for about 3 years he told me that he liked me for years and asked if I would go out with him. I was shocked and flattered. I told him I couldn’t go out with him because I was married. I thought once I told him I was married he would leave it at that but I was wrong…..One day when I got off of work he was outside the store waiting for me to come out. He told me he didn’t care that I was married and still wanted to go out with me. I told him I was flattered but I would not go out with him. I was pretty creeped out as well that he was waiting for me outside the store. Luckily my husband drove up and when I told that was my husband he left. I never saw him again after that. He stopped coming to the store.
  15. sandra s – While in kindergarden a sweet blonde haired boy caught my eye. He remained in my class going forward. I was always being teased by him, but didn”t mind it in the least. I had a crush on him and I think he liked me very much as well. One nite I took my class photo out. I carefully cut him out of the picture and put it inside the heart locket necklace I wore everyday. I hid the picture so nobody in my family would know PW was missing. I wore the chain with his picture every day to school. My locket was there around my neck, but nobody could see who was inside. I was his secret admirer and wore it without him even knowing! I lost the locket, but still in my closet hidden was the class photo with his head cut out!!! I was his secret admirer and I think the feeling was mutual!
  16. Sara DuVall – I secretly admired someone I worked with at a dance studio. Ha had several girlfriends in the past that never worked out. He was single again and we hung out a lot and ate out and stuff. I tried hinting that I liked him. I’m not very good at flirting. He never really acted very interested. I figured I wasn’t his type or maybe I was just ugly. One of the dance students we taught mentioned that he should date me and he said he didn’t date co workers. I was heart broken. About a week later he asked another teacher to go out on a date with him. I was really heart broken. Finally I decided it wasn’t worth it to be sad over someone who doesn’t feel that way about me. He ended up marrying the love of his life, Issac. Yes, he is gay. That made me feel a little better. I guess. Anyway. I’m enjoying my single life and when/if the right one comes along I won’t have to fight for his love. It will just feel right.
  17. Deana F – I’m gonna steal my son’s story for this one since it immediately came to mind. My middle son is 12 and just starting to like girls. Yesterday, he and his little brother came home from school and the little one said that a girl called the middle one a butthole for staring at her. So my middle son is peeking at me around a corner and refuses to talk about it. I finally get the truth though. He and the girl are friends but he’s got a secret crush on her and she doesn’t seem to get any hints. We talked about it and I gave him some advice but I really just hope she gets it soon and doesn’t hurt his very sensitive feelings!
  18. Sylvia – When I was a student teacher in a first grade classroom many years ago I fell totally in love with my students. But after several weeks in the class I would find little gifts in my tote bag; a pencil, a candy bar, an apple, notepads and even small packages of Kleenex. I was totally confused as to who might be doing this so one day I announced to the group that I appreciated the gifts but the best present would be their hard work and good grades in school. The gifts were soon replaced with occasional notes or drawings of hearts and rainbows and I was so touched. But my secret admirer truly stole my heart after report cards were distributed when on my desk was a report card with all A’s and a handwritten note which stated, I work hard, pleze marry me. That was 30 plus years ago and my little admirer is now a pediatrician in a city near me and I often joke I was almost engaged to a doctor.
  19. dottie p – there was one named wesley when i was in like 5th grade. one day i got a note on my desk, (let’s see if i can remember it)roses are red, violets are blue, i think you are cute, and i’m watching you. (not bad for a 5th grader, ) but then it goes on. ” i think you are sweat and love a bull. and i want you to be my girl friend. will you? mark X in box then it had the boxes yes, no, and maybe. he signed it Wesley your secret admirerer. up until about 10 years ago when my storage unit went up in flames. i had kept that in my baby box.
  20. Quiarrah Rieder – A jr.high school in Oregon back in the 70’s. I was a new student. I would recieve these notes and candygrams in my locker every day! My secret admirer was this tall guy named Andre! He was shy and very sweet. We became best friends.

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