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  1. Lee S – I carry hard candy in my pocket at events. I picked up my 5 year old niece at a ball game once and she somehow swiped two pieces out of my coat pocket without me knowing and said “what are these? Can I have some?” She’d make a great pick-pocket!!
  2. Pammie Burman – It wasn’t so much that I did a bad job of it, but I was never able to successfully able to hide Christmas presents from my son, Nick. Never failed that, as sly as I thought I had been in hiding them, he’d find them and proudly announce to me that he had,
  3. Julie Dascoli-Yanop – i do a very bad job at hiding when I am upset. I am just one of those people. If I am upset about something — you definitely know it lol
  4. CC – Trying to hide my favourite chips from the family.. they found them, and ate them!!
  5. Celia D. Scribner – I tried to hide a broody hen, she had a bunch of eggs and I was told no more chicks…well all worked out until about the 25 day, it was so cold I went to see how momma was and the chicks had already started hatching, they were lifeless I brought them inside trying to keep them hid and as soon as the chicks started to warm up they started peeping well the other half woke up and said to shut that damn noise up and freaked out on me because he knew nothing until now…and there more to come .

$.50 winners

  1. Teresa Rojas – I hid my husband’s Christmas presents, I must have done a lousy job since he is blind and found them!😱
  2. Shari Lynne Tribble – depending on how you look at it–stashed a present so well we still haven’t found it 3 years later
  3. Michelle Wilson – I did a bad job at hiding the fact that I dropped the deviled eggs my mom asked me to carry to the car. I was young and pretending to be a waitress carrying them balanced in the air on one hand. ( It looked more like a circus act) So I thought the 5 second rule applied in this case. I picked them up arranged them back on the platter and quickly covered them up. I should have noticed that there was fresh cut grass all over them! My mom uncovered them at the party and looked at me and said “ What did you do?” I said “ Nothing Mom, I didn’t drop them” To this day we still talk about the dropped deviled eggs!
  4. Alison kneebone – My 1st tattoo was my worst kept secret. I had also only recently got my navel pierced as well. It was infected and my mum asked me for a look. I lifted my dress and she found my butterfly tattoo on my hip…. Whoops😬
  5. Anne – I’ve always been a private person, so hiding things is part of my nature especially when you have a family that doesn’t respect privacy. I like to write my thoughts down when I get free time to do so… anyway my writings were interfered with by my Mom and because of the content of my writing s I was severely chastised. They were my personal thoughts that don’t require an explanation, but she thought differently….. it wasn’t like I wanted to hurt anyone. Just to make that clear😒
  6. Jason Provo – I called in “sick ” to work so I could go to a rock concert. My friend offered me last minute tickets and I did not have time to book off and it was probably my last chance to ever see this band in concert. I guess the people I went with took a lot of group pics on their cellphones and I manages to get in a few. Then they plastered them all over Facebook…so, I guess my extra-curricular events of that night were something I could not hide from my employer who regularly looks at it’s employees Facebook pages.
  7. MyKinKStar – I put on weight after going through menopause and then cancer treatment (steroids added to chemo) – one right after the other, and I do a bad job of hiding this extra weight or my aggravation at this body of mine. I am what I am and accept the 50 pounds that aren’t going anywhere no matter what I do, but geez, finding complimentary clothes that aren’t matronly is not easy and too often the cut is so off something simple can be uncomfortable even if it’s casual wear. I don’t really want to look like I’m hiding anything!
  8. Rochelle Vine – My uncle gave me a hundred dollar bill for my 18th birthday and I had a beautiful lace covered candy heart box hanging on my wall that for some dumb reason I hid that money in. When my husband and I were going through boxes of stuff to downsize and eliminate junk I came across that candy box and as I was getting ready to toss it in the trash pile I heard something in it so I opened it up and there was that hundred dollar bill and a dog tag from one of my dogs that I have no clue how it got in there. Did I mention I was 27 when I found that money I hid from myself so well??😁
  9. Jerry Thomas – I tried to hide a broken pair of scissors once when I was a kid by gluing them back together, not realizing that as soon as someone used them it would be obvious because I glued them shut.
  10. Erin Estilette – The last time I tried to hide a zit with makeup. Lol.
  11. Natania – This is a story, I do not tell. Me and a friend went out one night when I was 18 and we were drinking. On our way home, I asked him if he had any visine, I could tell my eyes were red and a little glassy. He said he did in the console, so he reached in and handed it to me. The next thing I knew, my eye was glued shut. So I was freaking out and told him my eye was glued shut. He started laughing and said, “you are just drunk, you are fine.” I said,” I am not fine, pull into Frisch’s.” I told him that because it’s right down the street from my house and the lot is all lit up. He pulls in and looks over at me and his attitude completely changed. he says, “NaTania,your eye is glued shut.” He grabs the bottle out of my hand and sure enough, it was super glue. He felt terrible. The bottle was the exact same size and shape. I was so scared. I go in the house and walk fast into the bathroom, I got a very hot wash cloth and told my Mom goodnight and hurried up to my room. All night I kept heating the cloth up and praying my eye would open. I kept trying to pull my eye lids apart and finally at 5:49, I they came apart, I was so relieved. I looked in the mirror and all my bottom eye lashes were stuck to the top eye lashes. Once again, I started freaking out. A few hours later I decided I had to come clean considering I didnt have any bottom lashes. I told Mom and she laughed and said I had been punished enough so I wasnt grounded, but she told me my lashes would never grow back. She said, “if your lashes grew, they would cover your face.” I was so upset but thought it made sense. Months later my lashes did grow back, and she laughed again and said,” I never told you I was kidding.” I did get lectured about drinking and she said, ” drinking only leads to people doing stupid stuff,like glueing your eye shut.” Luckily I didnt know how to put visine in because it probably wouldve really messed my eye up, but since I blinked before the glue hit my eye ball, it saved me. I can say I did a terrible job at trying to hide I was drunk.
  12. Ray Ayala – I hid Valentine chocolates in the freezer so they wouldn’t melt. They have already been found and a few pieces of chocolate are missing.
  13. Heather Lynne – A memorable fail was bending over, looking in my parents’ refrigerator with low-cut jeans, revealing an until-then secret tattoo at the top of my butt cheek. At least I got a snack before the lecture!
  14. Kelli – I ended up doing a bad job at hiding Easter eggs from kids one time during an Easter event at a church. They ended up finding every egg under 5 minutes and it took me 20 to hide all of them. Either I’m a bad hider or they’re just very good at seeking and searching
  15. Gina Dibeneditto – When I was 17, my friend and I were bored and experimented with mixing drinks. We got so sick and try to hide the towels in the washing machine but forgot to turn it on. My mom got the worst surprise when opened the washing machine door.
  16. Sylvia – As a child I brought home every stray animal that crossed my path until my parents said no more. But one day as I was getting off the school bus a stray dog followed me home and she was as sweet as could be. So I gave her food and water and led her into the garage which wasn’t used for anything but storage. Unfortunately, she smelled the pork chops my mom was cooking for dinner and she howled liked a wild wolf. Both my parents looked at me simultaneously and said that better not be what it sounds like. So I was good at rescue but horrible at hide and camouflage. Happy ending, though, Chops became a much loved pet for many years and not the last of my furry rescues.
  17. Belinda Ortega – When I was younger and got a hickey, I tried to cover it up with makeup. I thought I did a great job of but I guess I didn’t do a good enough job because I got busted.
  18. Paul Clément – That would have to be pre Christmas 1959 or thereabouts. I thought I had successfully ‘borrowed’ a dozen or more tiny chocolate bars from mom’s closet. I had just carefully snuck into my own closet to enjoy my treat when the door opened slightly to reveal my dad standing there with the inevitable ‘gotcha’ look. Well, guess I didn’t hide my steal very effectively. My brother, who had witnessed the whole thing never let me forget the incident in later years. Darn!
  19. dottie p – every time i have tried to lie. i’m a terrible liar. so everytime i did something bad, i’d try to lie about it and i got caught. i remember once i was locked out of my house so a friend and i took my dad’s ladder, tried to break in. she climbed the ladder, and fell backwards, breaking the ladder, i tried to set it up that the ladder fell on my bike pedal, and my Dad just knew .. he didn’t get mad, he was just glad Kelly didn’t get hurt. he fixed the ladder himself. and nothing else was ever said about it.
  20. Annette Schmidt – when I was 7 years old my older sister and I bought a jar of pickled peppers on our own because my mother would not buy them for us. We spilled some of the juice on my sisters bed. When my mother asked us why the sheets were stained and it smelled funny, we told her it was because I took a nap in my sisters bed and wet it. Im not sure if it was the presposterous story or if she found the empty jar hiddne in the trash that gave us up. Bottom line, you cant hide the truth from your mother.
  21. Marce McHone –When I was younger my older sister was watching me, she was cooking bacon. She laid down on couch and fell asleep …. The bacon pan caught fire and I tried to put it out with water… (I was 8) … Huge mistake. Then I tried to carry that firey pan to the sink, it’s wasso hot I dropped it, burning my mother’s new linoleum floor… My sister and I cleaned the entire house and placed rugs over the burns thinking my mother wouldn’t notice….. She noticed immediately! My sister got in a lot of trouble for it.

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