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$1 Winner

  1. Celia D. Scribner – I would have to say peeled boiled eggs in the refrigerator without a cover…that is my pet peeve. If your going to put them in fridge cover them please…. oh and patchouli oh my God that truly is the worst instead migraine.. do people bathe in it…
  2. Carol Miller – I have a close friend who has a cat. Every time I walk into her home I want to gag from the smell of the cat’s litter box. I don’t know if she doesn’t change it enough or what. One time I even said to her, “ What is that smell in your kitchen?” She looked at me as if I was crazy and said, “I don’t know. I don’t smell anything.” I now avoid going over to her house at all costs. How she cannot smell that nasty odor is beyond me. So cat litter that hasn’t been changed would be my #1 pet peeve.
  3. Lindsay Poliseno –My 4 year old daughter loves tuna sandwiches, and although I’m grateful that she eats them because usually toddlers are picky eaters and rarely eat tuna, I just cannot stand when she asks me for a kiss or comes very close to my face to talk, right after she eats it! It’s like she’s blowing the tuna smell right up my nose! I have to ask her everytime she’s done eating those to brush her teeth after haha.. I like tuna but the smell after someone eats it drives me CRAZY!
  4. Erin Estilette – Well, now that you’ve asked, I have a lot of those. Haha! One that drives me crazy is actually an orange air freshener that someone in my household likes to use after they use the bathroom. Now I just associate the air freshener with bathroom odor and I can’t stand it!
  5. Micaela Swentik – So lets just start by saying I have the strongest sniffer around. I can literally walk into a room and smell something rotting or cat pee or if some just used the bathroom. Cat pee is legit my nemesis though. We have a old cat who cant always make it to the box. Liter is a wonderful thing it truly help cover that smell, however when she doesnt make it in the box I know within minutes. No one believes me until I say go look and sure enough shes had an accident. I can be on the opposite side of the house and can tell. My sniffer is powerful.
  6. dottie p – garlic breath and cat litter box. during my pregnancy it was barbeque sauce. those are all the worst. i’m doing better on BBQ sauce but i still don’t use it a whole lot and my baby is now 21, i remember the stomach turning
  7. Sara DuVall – Cat poop!! I will literally wake up from a deep sleep to go scoop out the litter box after one of my cats poops in it. It smells so bad!!
  8. Pammie Burman – Of all the things I can’t handle smell wise, vomit is the worst for me. Whether it was my kids when they were young, or my cats now, the very smell brings on that gag reflex for me

$.50 Winners

  1. Cathy Deslippe – I have a real problem walking into some of the most beautiful stores and they have certain incense burning. I have to get out because they make me feel like I am going to be sick. Its a sent that doesn’t leave you for awhile.
  2. Kimberly Nicholls – My mother’s egg salad is definitely my smell pet peeve. It is so disgusting that it put me off eggs entirely. I can’t even look at an egg in a shell without dry heaving. It’s even affected my baking habits because even though I know I won’t be tasting or feeling egg in my mouth, I still have to look at the egg and the yolk and then that awful smell memory comes back. I make terrific muffins, cupcakes, breadsticks, cornbread, meatballs, fried chicken… but I just can’t face looking at an egg after that horrid smell. It’s depressing because I do so love my food.
  3. Sin – Strangely, the smell of peanut butter… I love the taste but can’t stand the smell.
  4. Rochelle Vine – Stinky Feet!!! Oh my goodness I can not stand stinky feet!!! Leave your nasty socks and shoes outside and cover them stinky feet in baby powder!!!!
  5. Natania – Omg without a doubt my pet peeve smell is when Sauerkraut is cooking! I walked in my Mom’s just a few days ago and she was cooking sauerkraut and I just cannot stand that smell. So I told her I would be back in an hour or two. I dont know who could actually like that smell. If you have friends or family that stops by a lot and just will not leave, start cooking sauerkraut, that will do the job!
  6. Alissa Andreas – Trying to hide a stinky smell with a layer of perfume or cologne.
  7. Jacinta Ward – Dried up sweat. Like literally disgusting 😨
  8. Ray Ayala – I don’t like the odour of fish oil pills. My doctor is making me take them until my triglycerides come down. So that they don’t smell so bad, I keep them frozen in the freezer.
  9. Deana F – Cabbage, or other cooked greens. Smells rotten.
  10. Linda – My pet peeve smell is cat poop.
  11. Genie Luxemburg – Tuna…there’s gotta be a special place in hell for people who eat tuna in enclosed public spaces!
  12. Judy Burba McGarvey – I can’t stand the smell of bleach. It helps whiten clothes, but at least I can close the washer.
  13. Brooke H – I HATE the smell of vinegar, or any kind of fish. I could literally vomit if I smell them! Blech!
  14. Richard White – My smell pet peeve is nail polish if my wife and daughters go to put it on I ask them to step outside.The stuff gives me a headache
  15. Mylène – The smell of ketchup makes me want to throw up
  16. Tammy Robertson – Apple cinnamon candles or air freshener. Yuck! Turns my stomach.
  17. justinkeene – My would have to be cooked broccoli. I make funny face when I smell. that then run away from area someone is cooking or eating it.
  18. Sylvia – I own cats and know the challenges involved but when I walk into a home that reeks of cat urine I feel physically sick.
  19. Michelle Wilson – So funny that this should come up as I was just getting up to shut my office door due to the fact that someone decides to have the smelliest cabbage dish for her 2 o’clock snack and she heats it in the microwave which allows the smell to permeate and disperse throughout the entire department!
  20. Kelly Near – I work with the public and cigs and old booze mixed with body odor is a sure fire way to get ignored. Showers people!!!! Showers 😁

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