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$1 Winner

  1. Pammie Burman –Definitely peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Not only tasty, but somewhat nutritious with protein from the peanut butter and bananas are a good source of tryptophan (the body converts this to serotonin), vitamin B6 and magnesium.

$.50 Winners

  1. Carol Miller – My favorite finger food is a special Bruschetta I make. You mix in a blender dried fruit, thyme, red wine,and cinnamon. Spread it on toasted baguettes and top with crisp bacon and goat cheese. They are to die for. Just make sure you make enough because they go fast.
  2. Teresa Rojas – Hands down, or in this case all fingers up STONE CRABS!!! Just take that mallet smash that claw and pick it up and indulge yourself, dipping it in that special stone crab sauce is allowed. But no matter which is your preference. EVERYONE should AGREE with me that it’s the most delicious finger food in the world!!!!! 😜😀👍
  3. meanlady – my all time favorite finger food has got to be ribs or chicken wings cooked to perfection with the sauce just running down your fingers and face doesnt matter what flavor he sauce is as long as it is there
  4. Adrienne White – One of the department heads made a dip called “crack dip” for a Super Bowl party just the other week. She blended in cream cheese, sour cream as the base. She then added garlic powder, grated onion, white pepper, chives, and, to top it off, she added lots of fried bacon that was drained and crushed. She had regular chips and tortilla chips in order to dip. So many people thought the dip was out of this world after they had dipped the chips in. That “crack dip” was an excellent hit during the party! And the chips were homemade, which made that combination my all-time finger specialty!
  5. bla bla bla – I have not met a chip I did not like.
  6. Jennine Clark Donier aka Celan – Fried Chicken best finger food ever full of protein and never get tired of it.
  7. Danielle Overlock – I have to say ruffles and french onion dip!!! I love getting a big chip or even better a folder chip!!! and dipping it halfway into the dip, so delicious. Now I really wish I wasn’t losing 100lbs right now lol.
  8. Gin-Mary Megeway – I must say my finger itself. Every finger food makes my fingers tasty afterwards…
  9. ramadevi – Vegetable samosas. I like them as snacks or meal. If I have time I eat them with different sauces. If I dont have time just take it and have a bite. It is good, It makes me feel full when I am working. It has crusty dough layer filled with spicy vegetables inside. Most of my friends and colleagues like them. We order them for small treats, so every one pick up one and eat at any time. There are different types, like onion, cabbage and potato samosas. Also meat samosas available. They are good for parties and for leisure time pass. Now a days we are getting cocktail small pieces of samosas, just pick one and able to eat in one bite, easy to eat, tastes good and yummy.
  10. Alison Kneebone – Has to be cocktail Frarnkfurt’s .. whether they be wrapped in bacon or puff pastry or both .. or just plain with sauce I love ’em
  11. Jason Provo – The Egg Roll! A bulbous edible bobble bursting with surprises as you bite into it. Versatile in its ingredients and fun to eat. I nip each flattened end with my thumb and forefinger as if I am eating corn on the cob and then I bite into the middle. WAIT….corn on the cob!
  12. Debashree Mondal – My favorite is BACON WRAPPED JALAPENO. Yummmm, my mouth is watering and I have to make them soon!!! Natania – Salami Rollups, they are my favorite. When we go to parties, I always take Salai Rollups. They are easy to make, a little time consuming but definitely worth it.
  13. Kelli – Fish n chips. Not so healthy because it’s all fried but very tasty and easy to eat
  14. Doris – Zucchini fries. I think i just eat them to be weird though. I have a boring life. 🙂
  15. Erin Estilette – The food that was just made to be finger food…. jumbo black olives!!
  16. Crizzy – My favourite finger food very definitely goes back to childhood when I helped Mum with the weekly baking day and my perk was to clean the remains of the cake mixture out of the bowl…..and of course that was done with the best tool invented – my forefinger. Delicious!
  17. Jasmin Rodriguez –my favorite finger food has got to be ritz crackers with peanut butter n jelly, or broccoli with honey mustard dressing
  18. Sylvia – Me at home is pita and hummus, me the teacher is kindergarten stew which is a snack mix we make with all our leftover snacks like Cheerios, goldfish crackers, pretzel sticks, raisins and popcorn.
  19. MT – Does pizza count? If not, it should!
  20. Brooke H – Edamame! With a little bit of salt. 🙂
  21. Sarah Turner –Homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookies with a big glass of milk!!!!!!!!!!!

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