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  1. Colleen Goodbrand – At one time in the hospital unit in which I worked, there were frequent collections going on to buy flowers for co-workers whenever they had experienced a death in their families. I always contributed as I thought this was such a thoughtful gesture to show our work family that we cared. Then I got the call that my father had died rather suddenly. We had the funeral and I took a few extra days off before going back to work. Days and then weeks went by and there was no acknowledgement at all, in any way, shape or form from my co-workers about the death of my father. I was very hurt but never said anything at the time. About a year later, I did mention it to a friend at work and that is when I learned that another co-worker – one who barely knew me at the time of my father’s death – had told the others in my unit that my father and I had not been on speaking terms and that there should be no acknowledgement of his death/ my loss. Aside from this being an absolutely baseless accusation, it was so very hurtful that I never trusted that person again. Years passed before I could think abut this incident without crying.

$.50 Winners

  1. Paul Clément – The last important occasion was when my ex told me she did not and never had loved me. Raw pain, that was!
  2. Carol Miller – My feelings were deeply hurt when I accidentally found out that a fellow I was dating for over ten years had been cheating on me. Here is the real kicker. I use to help him out in his business by typing, filing reports etc. Hep use to send me to our local stationery store for supplies all the time. Come to find out that the woman who was the manager and usually waited on me had been meeting him every Thursday night after his Rotary Club meetings for their “Rendezvous.” In addition, many times he would be with me when we were buying office supplies and this same woman would be waiting on us together. I was told of this situation by one of the other members of the club. When I started to put two and two together I realized he never wanted me to ever come to one of these meetings even when they had “Ladies Night.” I was devastated. Furthermore, I was infuriated with myself that I hadn’t seen through him. It took me almost a year of emotional suffering. I realize now that, as always, God was looking out for me by wrenching me away from someone who was doing me harm. To this day, I thank God for his brutal push into truth and reality
  3. Claire Johnston – I’m hurt whenever anyone doesn’t believe I’m in pain 24/7 just because I look “ok”. Chronic pain and invisible disabilities suck.
  4. Lee S – I worked very hard making a new dinner entree the other night. Hubby told me it wasn’t very good. I was feeling a bit down as we finished our plates, but then he went back for seconds… and a small bit of thirds. Apparently his taste buds perked up after the first plateful! So my feelings were only hurt for a short while and I’ve learned not to take his first word when we try new recipes 🙂
  5. Emily – One time that my feelings were hurt very badly was when my mother left me and my brother to move to panama with her new fiancé. I was 16 years old and my brother was 13. My mother has done many hurtful things but when she left us to start her new life and left us here in New York to take care of ourselves. That really hurt my feelings.
  6. Debashree Mondal – My soul mate my best friend with whom I had shared my most personal secret. I kept everything within me until one day when I was depressed and had to share with somebody and who could it be other than ones best friend. I recently came to know that other friends also knew about it and it was no longer a secret anymoremore. I was heartbroken and embaressed at the same time. I never questioned her and I rarely speak to her…
  7. Lori – Someone that i thought was my friend, suddenly decided we could no longer be friends. At first I was TERRIBLY hurt.. but we talked about it, and I gave her a chance to explain… She says it’s bc she is trying to “find herself” and has to cut ties with anyone and anything from her past … it still hurts that I wasn’t more important to her… but i am her EX mother in law So i do understand (we were friends BEFORE she married my son) .. I wish her the very best
  8. Shreyans Parekh – The first time I was given bad feedback at my workplace was a moment in which my feelings were hurt. However, I learned from the constructive criticism and was able to bounce back the next week stronger.
  9. Zuly Zumaya – Last time my feeling were hurt, was when someone that my family knows told my husband I was not a supportive wife that he was not going to get nowhere with me….with out them knowing that I am the one that goes to husband events, meetings, and give my all for husband, 2018 passed and he has a new position and he is still growing.
  10. Roderica Smith – The last time my feelings was hurt, was when I had taken my sister out to lunch. I treated her to a great and expensive sushi lunch and paid for her and later that week, she called me to tell me that she went to a Mexican restaurant and was bragging on how good the tacos were but didn’t invite me. 🙁 Maybe she didn’t do it on purpose but she hurt my feelings that day!
  12. Julie H – I have no brothers & sisters but have always thought of my sister in law as a true sister. When her daughter was born I couldn’t have loved her more. Always taken her on days out, weekends away etc & continued to do this even when my marriage to her uncle (who I’m still friends with) broke down. I’ve continued to buy gifts for her & her two children & regularly kept in touch. However when it came to her wedding day only her uncle was invited, both me & my daughter we’re left out. Truely hurt but just goes to show blood really is thicker than water – sadly!!
  13. Erin Estilette – When someone asked if I was pregnant after I gained a little weight. It was only 5 pounds, but that hurt my feelings.
  14. Deana F – My fiance and I were invited to a Christmas office party. Of course, I had ‘nothing to wear’ especially since gaining weight. I was searching for a nice shirt and getting agitated when my considerate fiance pulled a shirt out of the closet and handed it to me saying, “Here, this one’s really big.” The look I gave him…. Let’s just say both of us wanted to shove those words back in his mouth! I found my own shirt and made him beg forgiveness right up til we arrived at the party.
  15. Anna Morellon – When my son came to stay with us several years ago, moving from another town, his kids were small and didn’t know me all that well. I was so happy that now they would be close. For some time as much as I tried to get close with the little one, she was not having it. I felt like she did not like me. Hurting my feelings? Yeah, but it wasn’t till the day her other Grandma came to visit and when she heard her Grandmother’s voice, she came running down the hall way and jumped into her Grandma’s arms, calling her Grandma Karen all the way. I felt sort of silly, envious of the joy they both shared seeing each other, and tried to feel happy that my granddaughter was excited to see her. But I did get my ‘grandma’ feelings hurt, and it didn’t feel good at all..
  16. Noel Stewart – i got my feelings hurt today by my neighbor who told me to get some diet pills at Walmart. I then asked her if she wanted some; she did not!
  17. Tammy Robertson – When one of my friends asked another in front of me to go see a movie I had been talking about wanting to see and not asking me to go!
  18. Genie Luxemburg – I’ve got two birthmarks on the back of my hand that just look like large freckles, but once at school, when someone was jokingly saying me and this boy should go out, he says, “Ew no way, she’s got moles on her hand” and it really hurt my feelings. Not that I wanted to go out with him anyway, of course, but it made me self-conscious about something I can’t help and don’t usually even think about. Words can hurt!
  19. Susan Saueressig – I was at the basketball game and one of the people that work there was helping us find our seats. I use a wheelchair and the person assisting us had a question about where I could access. Instead of asking me, she asked the friend I was attending the game with. My friend is the best though and responded by saying “I don’t know. Why don’t you ask her?”.
  20. Ken Grant – Asked a girl out and she crushed me. Told me everything about me that she didn’t like. Not a good day.
  21. Sylvia – I spent a great deal of time making a set of chalk paint mason jars for my friends kitchen. She seemed thrilled when I gave them to her but months later when I was at the Goodwill store looking for toys for my classroom I saw the jars on the shelf. I knew they were the ones I made because I always put my initials and date on the bottom of the jars. I was so hurt I could have filled those jars with tears.
  22. Whitney – I am handicap and as I was walking into grocery store I guess this (rude) person thought I wasn’t moving fast enough from the parking lot to the entrance so they yell out their window “get the fk out of the way bch”. I’ve never been so humiliated in my life!

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