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$1 Winner

Adrienne –Well, I had to use an umbrella when it was raining

$.50 Winners

  1. Celia D. Scribner – I am happy for the shade from my ever so large maple trees. It keeps my house so nice and cool in the summertime.
  2. Brooke H – I bought my first house in NJ this past October, and when I first came to see the house, I discovered it had a retractable awning shade in the backyard that covers the deck, complete with a mini remote control that opens and closes it, haha. And, it works perfectly! SO COOL! I can’t wait until the Spring and Summer so I can invite my friends over to show it off and have some drinks in the shade, in my very own backyard. <3
  3. Carolyn – I stop to cool down in the shade under an apple tree. I have a skirt on. As we all know, bees love apple trees and they had decided to make a nest in the ground… in the very spot that I was getting some shade! They get angry, go under my skirt!! OUCH!!!
  4. Jason Provo – I keep thinking of a Beatles song I loved even as a kid (and still do) called “Rain” where some lyrics say “sitting in the SHADE drinking lemonade” and I always thought to myself how quaint and leisurely a past-time this must be.
  5. Lee S – My husband and I drove four hours to attend my grandparents’ outdoor anniversary party. My aunts were making a huge presentation and going on and on; hubby was so tired from driving that he found a chair at the back of the venue, put his shades on and took a nap while sitting in his chair. Everyone thought he was enjoying the event until he started snoring! My grandma thought it was adorable 😊
  6. Sylvia – My friend gave me a book several years ago that she said was an art design how to explaining shades of color as they relate to interior decorating. Cool, I thought. The title, Fifty Shades of Grey, oh dear! My friend is still laughing.
  7. Sarah Turner – When I was little where I lived didn’t get ever hot but my grandfather had a willow tree we would set in for hours on end, when I was 14 we moved to somewhere that it got hot enough that the only way to stay cool was by being in water every day, from then on I wish I had my grandfathers willow tree back.
  8. Heather Alex Nunn – When growing up in Minnesota we camped as a family for decades, well one of the hottest summers during my highschool years I remember my father having all our gear (chairs, food, etc) set up in the shade with fans etc etc etc. He made it a point to keep the thermostat in direct sunlight, now so many years have passed I don’t remember an exact temp but I do know IT NEVER BROKE 110°F!! Everyone was crying and moaning about it being too hot, can’t even do anything, just crying about everything, it wasn’t 10 years later I moved to Phoenix, Arizona. During the summer here they give heat stroke warnings by the amount of time outdoors and what time of day {some times there is a 30 minute warning! So if not properly hydrated or protected you will suffer a heat stroke within 30 minutes IN SHADE OR NOT!!} Shade seems to be a gift a times but as most things in life it is all just a facade!!! A mirage…
  9. Annette Schmidt – My shade story involves wearing shades, AKA sunglasses. When I was in my 20s in Jamaica I had my hair braided. I was so careful about wearing sunscreen but never thought about wearing a hat. As a result, My scalp became badly burned and the swelling settled from the scalp into my forehead and on the return trip home into my eyes. I wore shades to mask the extremely puffy eyes that stayed with me for 4 days. Some people commented that I looked cool with the braids and sunglasses, if only they could see what was behind the sunglasses.
  10. Carol Miller – My Shade story is that I love the children’s book called, Shade, The Story of a Very Smart Raven. This book tells the story of a little girl name Emily who trains a Raven ( whom she names Shade) to rescue victims trapped in the Arizona Desert. It cleverly depicts Shade flying to a Rescue Mission outpost to direct rescuers to the sight. It is beautifully illustrated and shows just how intelligent Ravens are. I would highly recommend this fascinating book for not only young readers but adults too
  11. Sin – Years ago, during magpie season. In school, I used to throw scraps of food for the birds, so I got the magpies to trust me so they wouldn’t swoop me. There was this huge shady tree out the front of the school-grounds that the students would take shelter under while they called for their parents to pick them up. The funniest part was when I could just walk straight out into the open, and some students would see me and then think it was safe for them too but as soon as they so much as stepped out from under the tree a magpie would be at them.
  12. Cathy Deslippe – My shade of colour is truly blue. Even my mom dressed me in blue while my two sisters would wear pink. The shade matched my big blue eyes and blonde hair and in fact I love the colour so much I always have at least one room that is painted blue. Back when I was dating my husband 38 years ago Valentines Day, I once decided to go out and buy a shiny and shimmering silver dress. The expression on my husband (boyfriend at the time) made me feel fantastic, until he said “Wow, you look amazing in that shade of blue”. Little did I know he was coloured blind, but it was still a nice compliment. Makes me wonder if I should write about 60 Shades Of Blue.
  13. KaoJa Vang – One summer I decided to help my grandma out in the field with her garden and I get really bad allergies so I put a bandana over my nose and mouth to prevent from breathing in too much pollen…well… That was a mistake because my forehead tanned extremely well and the part of my face that was covered was a much lighter color… It was so embarrassing for the the next couple of months with a face with two different shades of color! I even tried sitting out in the sun with just that part of my face exposed but it wasn’t tanning to match my forehead! Thankfully it wasn’t permanent!
  14. Tammy Robertson – I was at a friends house and her mother asked me to pull down the shades in the kitchen for her. Well the first one came down easy the next was stuck so I gave it a big tug and it came down alright along with it’s brackets. I was horrified I broke it. She laughed so hard she couldn’t breathe. Then stated she hated them and now maybe her husband would let her get curtains.
  15. Luxemburg – I bought a shade of lipstick called “genie” just because my name is Genie, so I can match my lipstick.
  16. bla bla bla – I buy old shades from thrift stores and up cycle them by adding bling or changing the look completely
  17. Belinda Ortega –When I think of shades it reminds me of the old school kind that you pull down. I think they were made of vinyl or plastic. I remember them being tan in color. Those things were around for forever it seemed like.
  18. Terri Potter Shannon – What kind of Shade are we talking about here? Throwing shade…like the Real Housewives of Atlanta? You go NeNe Leaks!!I live in the desert so I don’t go outside unless there is adequate shade. I don’t tan I just get sun burned.
  19. Anne – I have so many different colours of glasses (shades) 😎😎. One for every single ocasion. When me and my other half (at the time) were driving to Florida for the holidays I was wearing a red pair of vaurniers. We got stopped by the cops for speeding somewhere in Kentucky, I think it was and were driving a red Porsche with tinted windows. Well let me tell you straight up. With a gun pointed at our window and a cop that looked like someone out of a Clint Eastwood movie I whipped those shades off and yelled at the driver to roll down the damn window. Pretty scarey it was, but I got over it. 😎😎
  20. meanlady – it was a hot day i was working for elections canada i came from the hot sun into the shade the next thing i remember is my partner picking me up off the ground i passed right out come to find out i was pregnant with my beautiful daughter
  21. Ray Ayala- I only use lamp shades when I have company over that I want to impress. I think it is silly to get a bright wattage bulb and then cover it up. Instead, I use low wattage bulbs that don’t glare in my eyes and only put the lamp shades on when I want the home to have ambiance.
  22. Sue W. – I have shades in my bedroom that refuse to stay down! I pull them down and think they are fine, but the minute I turn my back, they shoot back up to the top and scare me half to death!

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