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$1 Winner

  1. Adrienne – Smashing pillow at my boyfriend’s face.. lol

$.50 Winners

  1. Lindsay Poliseno – When I hear my daughter playing and I hear a big boom or crash or smash into something, because she fell, and after waiting a couple seconds and hear no crying, that’s a biiig favorite!!
  2. risingphoenix2018 – I’m a fan of Disney’s Wreck It Ralph and he smashes everything! Every time he says “I’m gonna wreck it!” You know that he’s getting ready to smash things! Go Wreck-It-Ralph! It’s such a cute movie series.
  3. Natania – Without a doubt, Smashburger! Omg their burgers are so good, if you have never ate there, you need to. Trust me, you are missing out. This is my number 1 favorite burger restaurant of all time.
  4. Lee S – “Smashed” potatoes that my brother makes at Thanksgiving!! Butter, three cheeses and potatoes. Yes, please!! 😁
  5. Gin-Mary Megeway – My favorite smash is when Super Mario smashes bricks by his head..
  6. Lori – i have this weird habit of ‘smashing’ my cheeseburgers flat.. i have NO idea why.. but that is definitely my FAVORITE SMASH 😛
  7. Regina Ann Parker – Smashing soft drink boxes with heavy shoes on my feet. lol
  8. kandeels – We have this new potato recipe – use small, yellow potatoes and roast them until soft. Take them out of the oven, smash them, salt them and liberally sprinkle them with Malt Vinegar. Want to talk about addicting??? I could make them my entire meal!!!
  9. Sarah Turner – I don’t know if anyone else will remember them or if they even still make them any more, but there were these big jawbreakers to break them up we would smash them with a hammer.
  10. Melissa Allen Smith – At work when I get to tear down walls, I literally smash the walls with a hammer! It’s fun!
  11. Jason Provo – As far as comic book heroes go, I was always partial to the Incredible Hulk and his “tag-line” was SMASH!! When he got angry, he would pronounce most eloquently and with much insight, “Hulk smash!” and then everyone got out of the way!
  12. Lucille Frank – I love to smash avacadoes to make guacamole. My mother made it for my lunch when I was a child in the 40’s but she had her own recipe, more nutritious than most, which included smashed hard boiled eggs along with chopped and smashed onions with lemon juice and salt on white bread. It is still the unusual way I prefer my guacamole, but I now defer to convention and prefer it with corn tortilla chips!!!!!
  13. justinkeene – My favorite smash is and was always when Gallagher smashes the watermelon. Always remember him doing that on Showtime when I was a kid growing up. Then got to see him in person as I got older.
  14. MyKinKStar – Oh, I beat up a bag of ramen noodles so the noodles aren’t like curly hair and hard to eat! Thankfully I don’t eat them often, because my hand gets bruised, but it’s worth it!
  15. Connie Henry – Smashmouth. “She was looking kinda dumb with her fingers and her thumb, in the shape of an L on her forehead.” Lol. I’m 52 and I love that song!
  16. Erin Estilette – Smashbox Cosmetics, even though I can’t afford that brand.
  17. Genie Luxemburg – That noise smashing glass makes when you put your empty bottles in the bottle bank for recycling is so satisfying…Who says doing our bit for the environment can’t be fun!
  18. Timothy Mccollum – Smashing bodies together during a hockey game when a player checks another big time noise. .
  19. Michelle Wilson – My “smashed” sweet potato topped with cinnamon butter, brown sugar, and crushed pecans topped with a dollop of whipped cream!
  20. Cathy Deslippe – The most amazing smash I can ever remember was when I was about ten and I smashed the ball off the end of my baseball bat and out of the Junction Park. What a great feeling to have a home run and a win for the team. Those were the good old days and now the best that I can do is smash an egg on the side of a bowl and bake. Maybe I need to go back to baseball – almost 60 years old chuckle le, chuckle.

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