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$1 Winner

  1. Crizzy –A friend e-mailed me this ‘Joke’ to cheer me up and it really made me smile Monday – Greg Tuesday – Ian Wednesday – Greg Thursday – Ian Friday – Greg Saturday – Ian Sunday – Greg The Gregorian Calendar 🙂

$.50 Winners

  1. meanlady – it is so cold here today i take my 3 year old grandson to the store as we are walking to the store from the car he yells my balls are freezing i smiled because it was cute he was meaning his eyes were freezing
  2. Heather Ann – Pictures… memories are all I have left of my 21 yo son. And as hard as that is… these beautiful pictures of him growing into a man. Made me feel great full and sad at the same tome. I may not get to see him get grey hair and us laugh about it… or wrinkles… I did have him as a beautiful newborn, cuddly toddler, a mommas boy for as long as he was on earth, an animal whisperer… and an amazing father to my grandson Vincent. Anthony forever 21
  3. Muhammad mithun – I smiled while my boss’s son, and co-worker now, and I were talking. He was inquiring as to my well being and health in the manner I have become so used to from his father. I knew that he truly cares about me as a close relative and not just some employee. Having seen him grow through his teens, along with his siblings, to still be treated as an elder Uncle truly is with so about.
  4. Micaela Swentik – My little guy wrote me this letter…
  5. deedee walker – Thinking about how well my partner and I really get along. Yes we sure do our share of bickering all day, everyday. But every night, in the middle of the night, usually around 3-5am, one of us will get up to go to washroom, and like clockwork every night one of us will say the silliest thing about silly human stuff and just start laughing, I mean laughing in high stearicks, to the point where my belly feels like i done a workout, we’ll go good for about 15 minutes until the laughter subsides to a stop. Just thinking about that puts a big smile on my face!
  6. Imran Ali –When i wake up in the morning, My Son is Hasnain Ali (2 year old) is sitting near to me and he was saying ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU YOU” It makes me smile
  7. Natania – Taylor (my niece) received a full scholarship to Northern Kentucky University. She had a game at home today so we went to it. It was a good game, they would be ahead and then we would, it was like that the whole time, They were above by 3 points in the 4th quarter with 12 seconds to go. Taylor shot a 3 pointer and got fouled so she got to shoot 2 free throws. She made one, putting us 4 points ahead and we won the game. It was great and a very exciting game!
  8. Cassandra – Today I received a video that my father filmed for us, his kids. He passed away this summer and it was the first time I have heard his voice.
  9. zinker – ive been in bed with a cold the whole day and my dog kept bringing me its toys to cheer me up
  10. Jason Provo – Grooming my cat made me smile. I often find myself happily smiling and grinning as I take the FURminator to her and follow up with a Blueberry Muffin spray bath. Today was no exception! I think it is the amount of enjoyment she gets out of the grooming process; purrrring away and looking up at me as if I am her sole universe. One of those rare instances when a cat “admits” that they need us humans in some way as opposed to us needing them (the stalwart little buggers….) This, in turn makes me happy as well.
  11. Lucille Frank – My granddaughter from Italy whom I have not seen for about 10 years is now a woman and has move to Italy. I have been smiling and laughing all day because she is here in Florida, (despite the awful cold weather) sunning herself in a bikini in my yard and just being with me all day doing whatever I do. She is truly a beautiful young woman in every sense of the word now pursuing a career as an art curator or director, planning on returning to Europe for graduate work in her field after a stint in a NYC museum and work in several NYC galleries.
  12. ramadevi – Today one of my coworker got hair cut very short. She looked different and younger than her age. The moment I saw her today at work place, at first I got confused that some one new is there but she is my friend. I smiled at first and laughed very loudly when I recognized her. I said, ” Oh look at you…it is you” and smiled and laughed. Every one said the same when I said about her loudly.
  13. Cathy Deslippe – The reason I smiled today because I seen my wonderful Doctor – a movement disorder doctor who treats me for my Dystonia. Although a bit painful for awhile I am happy I have had my injections and in a couple of days I will be back as good as new. Thank goodness for modern medication and fantastic doctors.
  14. Amanda Greene – I smiled today when I tried to get my son to sleep. He appeared to be asleep when a commercial in another room came on. He could hear the commercial and though he appeared to be asleep he sprung up. He promptly started dancing on his bed, looked at me and smiled, and once the commercial was done he laid back down and fell asleep. He loves to dance and loves music so much it brightens my day. I used to help teach dance and won awards for it, but now I can’t do much of what I could before due to having a disc that pinched my sciatic nerve for too long before getting fixed. I am so happy that my son has the same love of movement as I always have, it brightens my day and makes the fact I can’t do it all anymore fine with me because maybe he can.
  15. Adrienne White – My Activity Director at the nursing home, where I am a resident, encouraged me to do my very best in all of my projects that were assigned. Each time when I put full forth effort in any and every project, and, successfully complete the project, I was rewarded immensely. Not only was I rewarded with small monetary tokens, but, with numerous compliments from staff and department heads. Those things make me smile every day!
  16. Michelle Wilson – My husband had surgery today on his shoulder. I was so nervous and being in the medical field all of the worst case scenarios ran through my head. I smiled from ear to ear when his Doctor finally came and told me he did well and everything was going to be fine.
  17. HaMBuRGeRS!!!!# – what made me smile today (1/31/2019) was all the birthday wishes i received today 🙂
  18. Belinda Ortega – My niece Alina made me smile today. In fact I smile everyday I babysit her. She is so precocious to me. She even calls me Mommy although I try and tell her every single time that I’m not Mommy I’m her Tia (Aunt). She love’s to dance and give Eskimo kisses. I’m even smiling just writing about her right now 🙂
  19. Sylvia – Every morning I toss a handful of peanuts off my back porch for a family of blue jays that live in the pine trees on my property line. Of course my big male tabby cat likes to hop outside with me in the hopes of getting up close and personal with one of the birds. This morning in Pennsylvania the temp was -19 and when I opened my door to feed the birds Bubba made a mad dash to the door. However, as soon as he hit that brutal cold blast he backed up like a Mack truck and hightailed it to the heat register in my bedroom. Seeing him glued to the register really made me smile and I’m sure Bubba was smiling too at his good fortune on this frigid day.
  20. MT – Fart joke! Immature I know, but still made everyone laugh.
  21. Ray Ayala – I finished my tax return for another year!
  22. Carolyn – After 38 years of marriage, my husband still calls me every day at lunch and I smile every time I see his name on the caller ID!!

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