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  1. Js – My favorite North is “Up North”. When I say this, it refers to the area of Michigan at the top of the, “mitten”. If you have spent anytime in Michigan, are from there or know someone who is, you have probably come across someone who points at their hand (which looks like a mitten) to show the part of the state to which they are referring. This part of the, “mitten” is beautiful and relaxing. There are quaint little towns to enjoy like Harbor Springs that sit right on the waters edge and sandy beaches to watch the sun go down over Little Traverse Bay in the warmer months. Each season has something special, too. Fall and Winter bring beautifully colored leaves and skiing/snowboarding respectively. If you have yet to experience this, “North”, you need to. It is a relaxing area that I have completely enjoyed over the years and plan to for many many more!
  2. Lee S – I have two favorite Norths – the twin picture windows on the North side of our home that frame the most beautiful rolling field just beyond our yard! We can sit at the dinner table or in the living room and watch the weather or the waving crops (depending on the season) or the animals passing through. It’s much more entertaining than television and we have the most beautiful skyscapes in the world. It’s a different color palette every morning and evening. I can’t wait to see what comes to us every day!
  3. deedee walker Lee S – My favorite North, is the North Starr
  4. Carol Miller – My favorite North is a children’s book entitled True North, a Tale of the Underground Railroad. This book does a great job of explaining how the North help passage so many slaves to freedom during the Civil War and afterwards. It brings this history to a level of understanding for grade school children. My granddaughter had to do a report on the Underground Railroad and this book was the best one she could find. I would even go a step further to say that it was very interesting for me to read also.

$.50 Winners

  1. Crizzy – It has to be the wonderful English County of Northumberland. There’s more than 30 miles of beaches, islands, hidden coves and a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty…and that’s just the coastline. It also has vast moorlands, extensive forests, sparkling streams, Hadrian’s Wall and about 70 castles – more than any other English County.
  2. kandeels – Northern Lights. I loved seeing them when I grew up in the country!! No way to see that beautiful sight in the city!!
  3. Colleen Goodbrand – It used to be going up north to my grandparents cottage which was just outside of the little Northern Ontario town of Temagami. The drive took 8 hours but was worth every minute. When we arrived the air was fresh with the scent of pines and we could canoe around Lake Wilson to our heart’s content or, if it was raining, look out the expansive sun room window to watch the rain bounce off the lake. The sun room was lined with comfy old sofas and well stocked with books. There were many games of rummy and canasta played there, too.
  4. Richard White – My favorite North is Oliver North. He is a great role model and leader. Military man through and through, He is a hero.Author,He was Head of the NRA of which I am a life member.He is also a supporter of the military.He is a religious man,
  5. Christopher Quinn – My favourite North is a track by the KLF back in 1991, called “It’s Grim Up North”, it mentions a plethora of Northern UK cities which were renowned for their decline after the end of the industrial revolution.
  6. Anna Morellon – It is home. The Northside. Our family roots all grew up on the Northside of San JOse CA. Grandma and Grandpa lived on N. 21rst all our growing up years until a few years ago when they passed on. We too lived on N. 14th St. My aunts, uncles, cousins, we are all from and went to school on the Northside of town. And we have friends from the Northside that we still know because their roots are there too. Some have just never left. LOL Some of us have moved to other parts of town, some out of town but whenever we’re asked where we grew up, the answer is always on the Northside. And when you go there to visit or just stopping at one of the corner markets you alwa8ys run into someone you know from the Northside. Sometimes they are just passing through too. San Jose, CA. Even my boyfriend of 22 yrs (he grew up on the Southside} came to rooomate in my neighborhood. {that is where we met} We live in Modesto now, People ask where you guys from. Like he lived there all his life, will say San Jose, the Northside. That’s my man. It was cool to live on the Northside.
  7. Michelle Wilson – My favorite North is Pittsburgh’s North Shore where PNC Park and Heinz Field are located. I love my Pirates and Steelers! It’s a beautiful area of the city..and last but not least The Rivers Casino is in The North Shore along the Ohio River!
  8. Rochelle Vine – My favorite North is a show called Northern Exposure. The show itself was kinda dumb but it was filmed in Roslyn Washington and the house behind the cafe in the opening credits is my sisters house and it is also the biggest house in town so it can be seen in some epusodes and they actually filmed in her yard twice!
  9. Genie Luxemburg – North Yorkshire! We’re the biggest county in the UK and also the best, the scenery is stunning, we don’t call it God’s Own Country for nowt 🙂 <3
  10. ramadevi – I have visited North side one of the beautiful state in my country. The state name is Rajasthan, which contains sand dunes and old forts in the states. I have visited most of the forts which are beautiful for the nice work. I have visited sand dunes and had a ride on a camel. Watched the sun set and sun rise. We spent a day in the cottage to see the scenery. This is my most memorable and favorite North place in my life. I wish to visit this place once again in my life.
  11. Connie Henry – I live in NORTHern Minnesota. I figure we all live where we do by choice. I love it here. The weather is extremely harsh ( like right now, the current temp is -56, wind chill). My family is here. My daughter is in the twin cities so just a tad warmer there. My hardwood floor is currently freezing cold to the touch….it will warm up soon! January is ALMOST OVER!
  12. Tantaneshia Long – My favorite north would have to be north Florida ‼️ Because I’m from central Florida North Florida is like a whole other state . FLORIDA ROCKS
  13. MT – NFC North! Packers, Vikings, Bears, and Lions. Entertaining football!
  14. Natania – Without a doubt, my favorite store, The North face. I absolutely love their clothes, they are so comfortable. When I go to the store, I am in their forever. I just wish their clothes were not so expensive. Normally they do have a clearance rack, thats the first place I go to when I enter, but I always find other items. Which is always one item for 80 or 90 bucks, so I walk around looking, debating if I am going to spend that much or not. The result is always the same, I choose to buy it! Now Kayla (my daughter) is liking The North Face also, so I am in big trouble.
  15. Noel Stewart – My favorite NORTH involves great northern beans! Now, when it comes to making a great pot of chili on a cold, winter, northern day, I like to use many colors of beans and pimentos so that the bowl of chili pops against the white blankets of snow outside. However, both my maternal and paternal grandmothers were competitive and wanted their grandchildren to think she was the better cook of the two. They each confided in me their secret that great northern beans add a smoky flavor that does not require any other spices. So you see, it didn’t matter which grandmother’s house we visited; the chili prepared was equally exquisite, but only I knew why.
  16. Sylvia – When my son was in Boy Scouts, hid dad, an Eagle Scout, gave him his compass in a well worn leather case that had been his as a child. There was a prominent “N” on the compass indicating north and I can’t tell you how many times that compass was used as a Boy Scout, Eagle Scout and later as an adult as he explored trails and parks. My son always said the north on his compass was the one constant that kept him safe in his adventures and reminded him that being on the right path is a direction that seldom fails.
  17. Shari Lynne Tribble – my favorite North is now looking at it from the SOUTH not having to shovel or wear 6 layers
  18. Amanda Marie Criner – My favorite North, is an older show called Due North. It’s about a Canadian Mountie who ends up going to Chicago with his pet wolf. It’s a little tough to find anymore, but I remember how I used to curl up and be glued to the TV when it came on.
  19. Judy Burba McGarvey – North Carolina because it’s a beautiful state that has mountains but isn’t far from the ocean either.
  20. Adrienne White – When I was growing up, my parents and I would go to the “North Twin Drive-In Theater in North Saint Louis County (MO) back in the 1970’s.
  21. Pammie Burman – Jay North who, as a child played the role of Dennis the Menace on TV. He also did a TV show called Maya about an elephant and the 2 boys who travel with her in search of Jay’s character’s father. Long ago sure, but both were wonderful shows!

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