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$1 winners

  1. Adrienne – The oldest dish I own is a Vintage Noritake dish given to me by my grandma… I think she gave me for the purpose of remembrance. RIP grandma!!!
  2. Mer Mar – I have a platter that is probably 80 years old or more however my mom told me how she received it. My parents were walking home from the east end to the west end of Toronto in 1964 after a day of horse betting at Greenwood Raceway. It was 10 cent to get on the street car however with bad luck that day they were down to 50 cents and decided to walk away their woes and save what they had left. My mom came across the platter that had a very well drawn turkey on it and dad feeling bad told her that it was ok he would just work harder that week demanded she buy it. So he bargained with the seller from 2 bucks and she got the platter at 50 cents. 🙂 My dad the smooth talker. Ever since that after 50+ years it has been on the table being used for special occasions. Thanks for the story dad RIP and I love you so very much ma. Stay young old lady !!!

$.50 winners

  1. Cathy Deslippe – I have my Granny Sarah’s plate from the late 1800’s that she brought with her from Glasgow. After marrying my Papa Aiken they came to Canada by boat and a box of her dishes she got for a wedding gift from her parents came with her. My nana had them and than later in life gave us each a set. I use it only for special occasions. A beautiful blue and white print on it
  2. Lucille Frank –When my mom moved Away from Florida, I inherited many of her many of her dishes and crystal. One of the floral serving dishes, I believe, was my grandmother’s (from before I was born in 1941). I also have a most beautiful delicate hand painted floral antique teacup and saucer that came from a very old family friend, a dentist who helped my dad establish his practice when he returned from WW II. He was at least as old my grandma, and the cup was an antique of his that he personally gave me when I was a teen, specifically to remember him. (Thank you all for sharing my memorial to a great man, Dr. R.)j
  3. Js – A pink, plastic Gerber baby dish. Growing up, mom and dad used this bowl to feed me many of the foods I ate before I could feed myself. As I grew, this bowl was a symbol of confort and still super useful; it us just the right size for a snack of cereal or ice cream! Now that I am grown, mom and dad gave me that bowl. It is the oldest dish that I have, not only in age but also in use and memory. I just wish I had a little one to use it the way I did and to pass it on to.
  4. Natania – Definitely my Blue Danube Pancake Dish and Lid. It’s white and has different shades of blue designs all around it. I would have no idea what kind of dish this was, if my Granny didn’t give it to me and tell me. My Granny got it from her Mother (my Great Grandmother) and she said it was always special to her and as long as I would take care of it, she wanted me to have it. Ever since then, this is my favorite dish, it means so much more than just a dish. My Granny’s birthday is October 30th and mine is the 31st and there is exactly 50 years between us. We have always celebrated our birthdays together. We are really close and have an awesome relationship. Anyway I keep this dish in my China cabinet. You can tell by how its made it’s a really old dish, I have never seen another one like it anywhere. Everyday when I walk by the cabinet, I glance at it just to make sure it is were it’s suppose to be. Kayla (my daughter) knows how I feel about it and one day she took it out and moved it. As soon as I got home, I was taking my coat off and noticed it was gone. I was completely flipping out and Kayla said, “Mom, I was playing a joke on you, chill, it’s right here!” I said I want it back in the cabinet now! I did feel a little bad for yelling at her when she was playing a joke, but I asked her if next time she could use something other than my favorite dish, and she said, “Mom you wouldnt have cared or even noticed about another dish.”
  5. deedee walker deedee walker – The oldest dish I own is a tall tea cup. It was my finace’s from when i was 14 years old, Its the cup he always used for his tea, I still have it. He passed away at age 21, I was 19. It still has his greasy prints(from working on cars)on it. It still sits in my cupboard to this very day
  6. Carol Miller – The oldest dish I own is a beautiful scalloped dinner platter that my grandmother brought over from Italy. It is called Attica Italia Medici. It is over 135 years old. It has a beautiful vine design of fruit and flowers in blues, yellows and orange. I like to think it was inspired by the artistry of the Medici’s. I value this plate completely because it inspires me to think about my grandparents coming to a foreign land, not being able to speak the language, and having no relatives here on whom to depend. I have this plate displayed in my china cabinet.
  7. Celia D. Scribner – The oldest dish I have is an old gravy boat which once belonged to my grandmother and possible here before, this poor thing has a few little nicks from all the years, but if I serve gravy she comes to the table with us.
  8. Lee S – Not really a dish, but old serviceware nonetheless… we own my husband’s set of old MirroLite aluminum tumblers. We use them every day and visitors always comment how cool they are. I love the colors, they’re easy to wash, and if you freeze water in them, you can drop the whole thing in a water cooler in the summer like a giant ice cube and you’ll have cold water all day!
  9. ramadevi – I have all my cooking vessels since from my marriage which are gifted by my mother side. This out custom. So these are still in use, I cook in the steel dishes. More over in my mother-in-law home, she had lot of old brass and copper dishes which are heavy and beautiful. So we still have them in store room. I like old things which are good and strong. Even though they are old, they are very close to my heart. I preserve them very preciously.
  10. barbaraknighton – I have my grandmother’s Blue Willow dishes. I only use for holidays. They are so beautiful. They are over 100 years old and will be passed down to my niece.
  11. Shari Lynne Tribble – Chamber Pot and Pitcher from the family homestead
  12. elinda Ortega – The oldest dish I own would be some drinking glasses that my Dad had got from Mcdonald’s with the characters on them many years ago.
  13. Tricia Hansard – Its not really a dish but a glass pitcher that my great grandmother on my mother’s side has had since she was 18. Its one of those glass pitchers that they don’t make anymore. And I use the pitcher everyday whether I’m making ice tea, lemonade, or kool-aide depending what I’m thirsty for.
  14. CrystaliumJMC – Probably a raku-fired pitcher pottery that I made in my childhood. It was an art camp up in Southern Ontario’s countryside and one of the craft activities we did was pottery. For the firing, the teachers cooked the earthenware inside a steel drum barrel and using a bedding of dried straw or grasses to burn the earthenware inside it. I think I’ve glazed it beforehand but it came out as a very charred pitcher with some bubbly coarse texture. Though I don’t use it for eating like I had hoped, it’s instead used as a water pot for painting. The charred glaze allows you to scrub your paintbrushes’ bristles quite well. Over the years it did get more colourful as the paint stains had built up onto the pot, so NOT complaining about its’ lack of colour anymore 😀 (I had a picture to upload here but despite being LOGGED IN, I can’t share it here).
  15. Judy Burba McGarvey – The oldest dish I own is my great-grandmother’s butter dish. I believe she received it as a gift in 1875. After it was given to me, I began collecting antique butter dishes. Hers is the plainest, but still my favorite.
  16. Colleen Goodbrand – I inherited a ruby red glass cream and sugar set that had once belonged to my great grandmother. It was a set she was given by the women in her rural community after she and her family lost nearly everything they owned in a house fire. I think the set goes back to about the year 1900.
  17. Ashley Graves – The oldest dish I own is a round, glass casserole dish. It belonged first to my great grandmother, then my grandmother, mother, and now me. It has beautiful stained roses engraved on it, and a beautiful stained sunset. I still use it to this day. Thanks Vindale Research
  18. meanlady – the oldest dish i have is actually a setting of 12, but also have all the serving platters cream sugar gravy tea pot , i am assuming its from the 1950s my husbands grandmother got it piece by piece from the bank i think. its the ugliest orange and black set of dishes i have ever seen , i looked them up on Ebay and them ugly buggers are quite expensive so i guess i am hanging on to them for a while
  19. Tantaneshia Long – I have a crystal gift set that I got from Mexico. It’s a really cute hand painted glass tequila flask with two matching shot glasses. The guy said it was crafted in 1902. So I have it and haven’t opened it since I just kinda keep it as decorations
  20. Connie Henry – I have some Pyrex dinnerware. It’s a pretty blue. I can’t seem to find anymore anywhere. I am missing the glasses and cups. I did find it online a few years back in different colors, but they wanted $30.00 per piece…

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