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  1. Celia D. Scribner – I have broken many rules but the worst and the one I am ashamed to admit I did .. Drive Under the Influence of alcohol, yup but it also changed my life for the better because I haven’t had a drink in 2 year and 3 months and counting.

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  1. Carol Miller – No one on either my father or mother’s side of the family ever attended college. In fact, neither of my parents graduated high school. My father’s rule was, “ if you couldn’t prove that the college education was going to help you earn a great deal of money than it really wasn’t worth it.” I wanted to go to college to become an English teacher. My father was dead against it because teachers back in the 1960’s made no money at all. I broke his rule big time. I worked my way through college, became a teacher, attained a Master’s degree, became a school counselor and then helped to fight to get teachers’ pay increases. I worked 37 years and by the time I retired my retirement pay was quite substantial. I am always thrilled to think how I broke my father’s bigoted rule and turned it around. He never congratulated me on my achievement because he just could never admit to being wrong about anything. I thank God that I had the courage to break his arrow minded rule.
  2. Lee S – I got divorced… not once, but twice… and that’s a big no-no when you grow up as a Catholic. I’m now happily married – third time’s the charm 🙂
  3. Marce McHone – I’m a type 1 diabetic. I need insulin to survive, I receive this through a pump. My pump sites are supposed to be changed every 3 days, I change when my pump is out of insulin though, usually 5 days to save money. I also ration insulin, again to save money. I extend the life of my cgm sites as well. Type 1 diabetes is so expensive, without breaking the rules I would not survive. It’s sad and scary to have to do these things just to live …. I did nothing to cause my type 1 diabetes, my immune system attacked my pancreas, yet I must play russian roulette just to survive.
  4. Michelle Wilson – I was at a concert and had to go to the bathroom really bad. The men’s line was way shorter so I took my husband’s hat, his my hair, kept my head down and snuck into the men’s restroom behind him! It was either that or spend the whole night with wet pants!
  5. Pat Cornelissen – Not to egg houses when we were kids but we did and my sister got caught as the rest of us ran and she never told on us…ever! She was the best.
  6. Lucille Frank – My rule is silly, but as as freshman, I was terrified by our housemother. On the weekends we had a reasonable 1AM curfew… and I broke the rule. I was really scared witless and had no idea what evil punishment would be doled out tonight. Oh course, she just shooed me in and quietly informed me I had to do an extra “bells,”. (The calendar was divided in blocks of time for us each to sit and answer phones and transfer calls to girls’ rooms or announce visitors including the parade of Harvard beaus.). That was the beginning of learning that the housemother was not an ogre, but an interesting woman was many stories to share at her occasional sherry hours in her appartment. We soon all learned dining ar head table with her was great, not just because our table was served first. We all paraded our beaus past her for nspection, though I never heard her say “never” to anything. Dealing with rules and consequences is part of growing up!
  7. Roderica Smith – I love to break the rules as long as no one gets hurt! Who says that we have to live by someone else’s rules anyways!?
  8. kandeels – Do not read without sufficient lighting. Therefore, I have worn glasses since I was in sixth grade!!
  9. Heather Savea – my mother is dying and the one rule we have is no dogs allowed on the bed.the dogs are her babies and they know she is very sick . they would sit at the bed on the floor and just watch her all night ,so i finally just let them ge up there and now i feel better because they lay with her,comfort her and i know she is being watched over night ,just makes me so happy inside and i know it makes her happy
  10. Natasha – I accidentally sent peanut butter in my sons lunch to school.
  11. Jasmine Emily – Rules that I have broken in high school 1. The dress code I always play by my own rules 2. Once in a while skipping class wasn’t even trying to be cool or anything I was just bored 3. Always spoke out of turn to some of the teachers cause I felt like they weren’t being fair to the other kids Always got reprimanded For that 4. Snuck into a movie theater after seeing step up trying to see another movie with my friends 5. I almost didn’t graduate for truancy because I didn’t show up to school enough but I did all my work and was a straight a student it was because of my attendance work and it really like school but I did all the work even was on honorable graduated with flying colors but because I almost didn’t show up to school enough days I got in trouble with the truancy officer So all know I was a good kid Just beat it to my own drummer
  12. Dustins Mom – Being active in the house after surgery too soon. I paid the price too.
  13. Lisa Ramsey – I have broken many rules through out my life but the main rule i have broke for 30 years now is…NO SMOKING! It was a rule in high school and summer school,college, at several jobs, from the doctor and at home via my children. I haven’t really even wanted to quit until now…Which is probably to late,but i am gonna try my best.I am asking my family doctor to put me on Chantix wednesday at my appointment. This medicine has helped several people i know quit smoking. I hope it works for me! Wish me luck!
  14. Ambrecia Manuel – I broken many that i totally regret to this day . One rule i broke that i regret breaking is drinking at a young age and not being aware of my environment and the individuals i was around. I should have been more conscious.
  15. Natania – When I turned 21, my Mom gave me my Social Security Card and told me to keep it in a safe place and in good condition. I thought it would be a good idea to laminate it, so thats the first thing I did. After I got it laminated, I turned the card over and the very first sentence it says is, “Do not laminate this card.”
  16. Tammy Robertson – When my mom would leave for work she would always tell my sister,brother , and me not to fight or cook anything. We always cooked stuff!
  17. Tricia Hansard – The only rule that I ever broke was doing 50 in a 30 mph. When I saw the police officer on the side of the road, it was to late. When he pulled me over, I thought he would give me a “warning ” not to do it again. NOPE! I received my VERY FIRST TICKET and I was freaking out like what am I going to do. But it turned out okay since all I had to do was take the driver’s online course and the ticket would be taken off my record. Ever since that day I definitely do the speed limit (if I can).
  18. Jennifer “Jenny” White – every rule I could!
  19. Judy Burba McGarvey – When I was a kid, the rule was that we had to be home by dark in the summertime. We lived in a sort of rural area where there wasn’t much traffic on our street. One evening, a car drove down the street and a lemon meringue pie in a box slid off the top onto the street. My best friend ran in her house and grabbed three forks and as soon as it got dark, we went into her backyard and split the pie. My parents yelled for me but I ignored them. Eventually, my older brother was sent out in search for me and discovered us eating the pie. His only words were “I hope you enjoyed that because you’re in for a whoopin’ for not being home at dark.” All I will say is, he was right.
  20. LORRAINE – I broke the rule of eating crackers in bead my husband hates anything being eaten in bed that only happens when your sick so when I had some crackers in bed it was not good

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