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See who won our 1965 daily question below.

$1 winner

  1. Marce McHone – I’ve never been a fast runner, kidney disease and type 1 at a young age (14) though, I feel now at 46 I’ve ran faster and longer than anyone should ever have to, and still running.

$.50 winner

  1. Colleen Goodbrand – Running to get up on stage with Donny Osmond when he called out my name!
  2. Chris Minas – when I was being chased down by my neighbors rabid dog… lol i wasnt having a good day
  3. Ashly Rodriguez – My mom was a single mother and struggling so we had to stay at the shelter. One night my mom went washing down stairs and I was asleep all of a sudden my nose started bleeding like crazy so I went to the restroom across our dorm no toilet paper!!!! So I went over to the sink to wash off. After the bleeding stopped I was walking back then I hear this sound and I turn to my right and see this scary native person running towards my way and I ran like flash back to my room scared as hell true story some other things happened that night like real paranormal stuff.
  4. Melissa – When you’re being chased by a angry rooster, you’ll run your butt back home quick! My neighbor had the meanest rooster and it would chase me whenever I was outside.
  5. Michelle Wilson – The fastest I ever ran was in a Nightmare. A dinosaur and a camel took my little dog Roscoe and were running with him in a post apocalyptic scene. He was all I had and I ran and ran until I caught him. I woke up and was sweating, my chest was hurting and I couldn’t breathe. My legs felt like jello and I was sure I just ran a marathon. The dream was so real that I got up and found Roscoe on the couch looking at me like I was crazy. I said “ oh thank god the dinosaurs and camel weren’t real…. my husband now wants to have me committed!
  6. Belinda Ortega – The fastest I ever ran was when my Dad was assaulted at a McDonald’s restaurant. A guy was trying to rob him in the restroom. When my Dad ran out telling us what happened the guy ran out of the restaurant. I guess my Dad must have knocked him down because he came running out after my Dad. I remember jumping out of my seat and running very fast after him. I don’t know what I was going to do if I caught up to him because I was a young girl and he was an adult male but I didn’t care. All I remember is everyone yelling at me to come back. I never did catch up to him. To this day I remember what the guy was wearing though.
  7. Teresa Rojas – When my name was announced that I had won $500 in free play at the casino ( a big casino) and I had 5 minutes to claim it. The location where I had to go was completely on the other side of the casino. I never ran so fast in my life, and made it with plenty of time to spare! 😀😀😀
  8. Aletha Lucas – the fastest I ever ran was when I jumped in between my grandma whopping this girl. My grandma knocked the shit outta me for interfering as the girl she was whipping took off down the driveway. I turned and ran after that woman so fast I was gonna whip her too! I didn’t know what she did to make my granny so mad but I wasn’t gonna take her whippin! I was sure of that!!
  9. Rochelle Vine – I won a quick trip shopping spree at a grocery store many moons ago. I got to run through the store and fill a shopping cart for 2 minutes and I hauled donkey!!! I went for the meat section and diapers because my daughter was still in them!! I scored almost $700 worth of groceries (meat, diapers, and wipes) in 2 minutes!
  10. Carol Miller – The fastest I ever ran was when my daughter was five years old and was sledding down my front lawn. She was told not to start until I was at the bottom. Somehow she started down before me and when I looked up a car was coming down the hill. I have never run that fast in my life. I knew I couldn’t catch her so I belined to the street to stop the car. Thank God he wasn’t coming that fast and was able to stop right before she came barreling into the street. Well that was the end of using my front yard as a ski slope.
  11. Sg Frindle – Fastest I ever ran was back in 1991- I was walking with a friend in a wooded area, and this snake appeared out of nowhere and slid over my foot! Like a shot I was gone, left my poor friend to fend for themselves; or in this case laugh- it was a black racer (non venomous, and basically all around good guy snake apparently)
  12. Anne – The fastest I ever ran was when my Mom literally caught me with my “hand in the cookie jar”, and I said feets do your stuff~😫😫
  13. Cathy D – When I was just a rotten teenager and I was late for school, I was cutting through someones yard and accidentally trampled some of their flowers. I didn’t see the elderly man sitting under the tree in his chair. He came running after me with his broom!! Man he could run fast for a man his age. Never underestimate anyone and watch where your going lol
  14. Cathy Deslippe – I remember this day like it was yesterday. My best friend from grade school and I were walking home after school. A man in a 67 Mustang asked us if we could help him find his way, he said he was lost. Very young and not knowing what we teach our children now, calling us closer to the car, we were ready to tell him where he wanted to go, he had the door unlocked ready to lunge at us and did we run. I can remember holding onto each other, running as fast as we could, my heart was beating so hard I felt like it was going to pop out of my chest. Running to the closest house, I feel like it was close to at least 60km, but know it wasn’t. The lady opened the door. I could hardly talk, it was the worst panicky feeling ever. I remembered the license plate, my friend remembered the make and year of the car and the lady seen what the man looked like and the color of the car. That honestly was the fastest the two of us ever ran, we are still best friends. Best part, he was caught and arrested and jail time. He had done this before. Justice had been served.
  15. Gin-Mary Megeway – I was going home from my school when my tummy ached and I need to find washroom immediately. Unfortunately I am in a public transit so I just kept praying and luckily I got home in time. I can’t remember how fast I ran to go to washroom and do my stuff.
  16. Tammy Robertson – The fastest I ever ran was whenI ran across my yard to stop my son from sticking his hand down into a yellow jackets hole.
  17. Estefania – The fastest I ever ran was when I accidentally broke the favorite mirror of my mom, she just scream my name and I disappeared like Houdini😹
  18. dottie p – when my mom had a heart attack, i got a phone call from my sister when i was on my way to work. i parked in front of the store,, ran in and told my boss, he let me leave, I ran back to my car and drove the 45 minutes to the hospital, it was Feb 7, 2008. then i parked and ran into the hospital, slipping on ice but i made it. they were giving my mom her last rites, sadly she passed away the next day. i haven’t had to run since. i couldn’t if i tried.
  19. Anna Morellon – I was 16, my sister who is a year younger, and I were riding bikes home from a day at the lake. She was pretty far ahead of me as we rode down a hill. When she went through the cross street a car hit her and she flew up in the air and landed in a ditch on the side of the road. I don’t know why, but I jumped off the bike and started running to get to her, and I remember the bike still rolling down the hill behind me. I guess I thought I would get there faster if I ran. And I think I did. When I got to where she was, she was trying to get up, in shock, she didn’t know that the impact had tore her thigh open, from her hip to her knee. The whole thigh was pulled off and hanging off her leg and I could see most of her bone. I was in shock also but managed to get her to stay still without letting her know or see what had happened to her leg. By this time the woman who hit her was taking her nylons off to make a tourniquet and asked me to get my parents. And I took off running again. A man who had been there got in his car to chase me down and give me a ride. He said later he was wondering if he was going to catch up with me i was running so fast. But he did take me home and then took my mother back to the accident. I still feel like crying when I think of what all happened that day and how it effected our family and changed her life forever.. My sister luckily did not lose her leg that day but spent years of surgeries and skin grafts to rebuild what could not be repaired. I will never ever forget that day.
  20. Sunshine Hughes – The fastest I’ve ran that I can remember is 1-1-19 at 3:43pm when my son called telling me that my first grandchild had been born. My first granddaughter! I did nothing but put my shoes on and said bye to him as I hung up. I walked from Churchill Downs to Norton’s Hospital Downtown, which is a little over 4 miles away, in less than an hour (51mins)!! That is clocked at 12 min/mile. Oh…and I should say I can’t run run due to spine/muscle conditions so it was more of a quickly paced WALK! LOL

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