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$1 Winner

  1. Venus Bloodflow – Strawberry fields forever…

$.50 Winners

  1. Micaela Swentik – Fields!! Lets start with “field” trips! Those are/were the best in school. We once went to a Mariners Baseball Game. Sally Fields as “The Flying Nun”. Yes just so much yes!!! Now, Field of Dreams is a great movie, but Angel in the out field has to be my favorite. Corn Fields are the worst, for obvious reasons, you never know what may emerge from there.
  2. risingphoenix2018 – About four years ago, my family and I went on a tour titled the tulip fields of Amsterdam. Amsterdam is famous for its tulip fields and we highly enjoyed our tour. Overall, my favorite field are the tulip fields of Amsterdam!
  3. Laura Jones Goss – Field of Dreams! In Crawford County where I live we have our own Field of Dreams. My kids and grandkids both played baseball, softball and football there.
  4. Zhulin Gao – Canola field. That yellow and smell calms me and reminds me of my family
  5. Carol Miller –My favorite field is “Fields of Gold” by Sting. The lyrics go like this: You’ll remember me when the West wind moves upon the fields of barley; You’ll forget the sun in his jealous sky as we walk in fields of gold. So she took her love for to gaze awhile upon the fields of barley; In his arms she fell as her hair came down among the fields of gold.” Somehow you can exquisitely picture these two lovers in the gorgeous barley fields that appear like fields of gold. The picture is so vivid that you can just see it in your mind’s eye as the sun shines on the barley and transforms it into a field of gold.
  6. Celia D. Scribner – Any field with freshly cut grass something about the smell and all kinds of wild flowers all around the edges leading to the wooded area, where you sit on a log that has fallen and just see that beautiful open freshly mowed field.
  7. Pammie Burman – When my middle 2 kids were toddlers/preschool age, we lived in Austin Texas. Behind the back yard of our apartment was a field that in the Spring, was filled with bluebonnets…large patches of them. I think that will always go down as being my favorite field.
  8. deedee walker – Hi, We Pick Blueberries in the summer for extra cash, so i have to say a “field full of blueberries” Smells lovely and looks beautiful
  9. Caroll Souza – Favorite field is where my uncles live.. it is very relaxing to be able to see how the sun goes through the trees, to climb the trees and reap the fruits to eat, to take milk from the cows and to drink still warm (it is sooooo good that even the chickens love it!).. it is very good to know that everything that is eaten there is natural, without pesticides.. and the peace of mind that exists in that place is simply incredible
  10. Rochelle Vine – I grew up in Alfalfa Oregon and we had a 5 acre field that I spent many years in! I trained my barrel racer Socks in that field, my little calf Midget was born in that field and followed me around it like a puppy, I changed pipe for many summers and bucked hay there. I kissed my first boy on that field and rode my snowmobile around a race track in the winter in that same field!!! I have so many fond memories of that field and the smell of fresh cut alfalfa will forever be my favorite scent and always takes me back to my favorite field!
  11. Dee – Strawberry fields, they taste great. It was also in a strawberry field that I got up close to a wild rabbit. I lifted up the leaves to get to the ripe berries and came face to face with a large rabbit. Damn thing scared me as much as I did it.
  12. MahLou Whelan – Rice field, a source of income and supply of every folks specially in Asia pacific countries and some of the countries around the world.
  13. dottie p – Sally Field, loved her as the flying nun and the t.v. show Gidget. and she’s still just as cute.
  14. Ambrecia Manuel – My favorite field would be fields of cotton because i would love to reconnect with my ancestors in a positive way and learn what they went throughout the years
  15. Genie Luxemburg –In the village where I grew up, there was a beautiful field just at the end of our road which we used to play in. On sunny days it felt like nothing could ever be wrong in the world when I was in such a lovely place. Sadly it has been built over now, and even though I live only a short bus ride away, I haven’t been back. I haven’t seen the new development in that spot and I don’t want to, because I want the memory of it to stay unaffected in my mind.
  16. Belinda Ortega – My favorite field would have to be an almond field because the look beautiful when in bloom. And the grow my favorite type of nut.
  17. Mellissa Naylor – When I was 5 my dad left the family and 1 winter my dad took me and my brother to this huge steep field to sled ride in , it was a long ride down but even a longer walk up so we could do it agian, this field stays in my memory because our dad took us to the field several times that winter but only that winter because that was the last time we saw him and it’s been 40 yrs.
  18. sandra s – My favorite field is “Flanders Fields”. I have never been there but I imagine beautiful, peaceful, huge fields of poppys. I can see it clearly even though I have never been. Poppys growing freshly row upon row in memory of our heroes who fought the battle of their lives for our freedom. We must always remember this and when we prepare for remembrance day each year to wear our poppies proudly for they are the ones who gave up so much for our lives we live now. Thank you forever Dad! You are always in my heart and soul for your bravery. You will always be my hero.
  19. Robert Fox – The Field of Cloth of Gold in northern France in June 1520 which hosted a summit between Henry VIII of England and KIng Francis I of France. The summit lasted three weeks and was designed to confirm a new alliance between the two countries. A tournament also took place over the three weeks in which both Kings took active part. A temporary structure was erected and was lavishly decorated and contained many golden ornaments.
  20. Michelle Wilson – Heinz Field in Pittsburgh PA. Not only is it where my favorite football team plays but also where some of my favorite concerts have taken place. The view is beautiful and The North Shore is packed with life! Also my guilty pleasure, The Rivers Casino is right next door!
  21. Anna Morellon – ‘The little field where my granddaughter plays baseball. She is one of two girls on the team.
  22. Jason Provo – Living on a farm when I was a kid in the 70s, one’s closest neighbor was a long distance away, usually because of the fields that separated the farm properties. My favorite field was the barley field that stood between my house and my friend’s house. It was not as clumsy to walk across as a corn field would have been. No tall stalks to get lost in…No woods to get chased by bears in… It was a good shortcut to take, cutting across the barley field to his house to socialize. Without that beautiful barley field, I would have had to walk the roads around it to his house which would have exhausted more time than we had to hang out!

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