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  1. Micaela Swentik – Holy Poop!!! Even to this day this movie scares the crap out of me. Just imagine house hold appliance huanting you. Moving, talking, planning things in your own home. Then your forced as a child to utilize these items for everyday chores, and then you begin to realize they never leave you. The vacuum is the worst, I still dream about it. Sucking me up into is nasty little bag then always is too full and about to burst…who ever created the movie “The Brave little Toaster” was a demented person wracking fear upon innocent young children dooming them for a life long hatered of house hold chores.

$.50 Winners

  1. Bonnita L Riley – Chuckie scared me the most as a kid. I loved my dolls but I just didn’t quite trust them anymore after that movie. I even would lock Barbie in tight in her doll house at night so she couldn’t “get me” when it was bedtime!
  2. Rachel Sarah Marshall – Arachnophobia. I was afraid spiders were going to start coming out of my shower and tub drain for weeks after I saw that movie. I knew it was fake, but the fact that real spiders exist didn’t help. I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch that movie since then either, and my fear of spiders I’d much less than it once was.
  3. John K – For me it was The Sentinel (1977). Today, I realize the acting was so-so, but the hordes of Hell still freak me out. I’m a big fan of horror, seen more movies and read more books in the genre than I care to admit to, but this is the only movie that had me checking the dark corners at night. Edit – talked to my folks, and they said it was Pinocchio, to the point they had to take me out of the cinema. Must have been really bad, since it’s one of the few things I do NOT remember from childhood. Gee, what’s scary about turning kids into donkeys and then selling them into slavery, or being eaten by a whale?
  4. Carol Miller – Without a doubt, the movie that scared me the most growing up was Psycho. The shower scene with Janet Leigh has to be one of the most frightening scenes in movie history. The way she gets killed caused me to have nightmares for weeks afterwards. Also, who doesn’t remember The Bates Motel. It went down in the annals of scary movies as the most horribly deranged motels. Anthony Perkins was the most believable deranged predator in the long line of horror movies. I had nightmares about his character for months afterwards. Alfred Hitchcock outdid himself in bizarre horror in the creation of this movie.
  5. Annette Schmidt – Salem’s Lot. My bedroom was on the second floor and tree branches sometimes swept across the windows. My young imagination was positive the sound was vampires scratching my window with their long fingernails. I slept with a nearby rosary and light on for weeks.
  6. sara allen – Amityville Horror! I was way too young to see it and my babysitter let me and my older sister watch it one night. I was so scared of the blood running down the walls, the glowing eyes and flies attacking me. I slept with my sister every night for a month!
  7. Casey Franco – E.T……..I remember being 5 watching it and he pops out of the corn field screaming! I jumped out of the recliner while screaming trying to run in midair! My feet hit the ground and I was gone!!! They found me hiding in my room still shaking! I still wont watch it!
  8. Anna Morellon – The only movie I can remember that scared me as a kid was the Wizard of Oz. LOL Those damn monkeys. Later in my teens it was the Exorcist. I have never watched it again.he North Shore is packed with life! Also my guilty pleasure, The Rivers Casino is right next door!
  9. Tricia Hansard – When I was a teenager, I remember when The Fly came out. The one scene I remember most is when these two guys were having an arm wrestle. One of the guys literally broke the other guy’s wrist in two and you could see the bone sticking out. To this day I have not been able to watch that movie because of that one scene.
  10. Colleen Goodbrand – My brother and I were watching Hitchcock’s “The Birds” in the basement one night, when we were kids. When I realized that my brother was completely a scared by the movie, I very slowly leaned over towards him and at a strategic moment, yelled “Boo!” He was less than amused. I got my come-uppence, though. After the movie,as I walked up the basement stairs, into the kitchen, my dad jumped out from behind the fridge and scared the ever living daylights out of me!
  11. Michelle Wilson – Poltergeist “They’re here” To this day if the tv loses picture and you see the snowy picture with static sound, I get goose bumps!
  12. Amanda Marie Criner – I was terrified by the odded movie as a kid. It’s not necessarily considered horror, but it gave me nightmares Edward Scissorhands. I’ve no clue why it scared me so, especially considering I’ve watched it again and found nothing scary. I guess I was just a weird kid.
  13. Jenn Rowland – The blob. I couldn’t sit through it. When they pulled him through the garbage disposal. That messed me up. But really when the blob was big enough to cover a guy and he was gasping for air. That was it!! That done it!! To this day i can’t handle slime. I am a member of gore groups and absolutely love horror. Seeing that guy gasping for air reaching out- I still get that sick in the gut feeling i did as a kid
  14. Jason Provo – I was a “cold war” kid growing up in the 80s and I remember a made-for-TV movie that I watched with my family when I was around 12. It was called “the Day After” It was about society struggling with the aftermath of a nuclear war. It was horrifying and the images from the movie stuck in my mind for years after as I experienced 80s life in the cold war era . I remember my mother saying “this is what will happen if we have a nuclear war” as we watched it. I wish I was out playing ball that evening with my friends…
  15. Penny – There was an episode of Little House on the Prairie that scared me as a child. During this episode, a young girl was attacked walking home from school. Her attacker wore a white mask (I think), and it was the mask that scared me.
  16. Genie Luxemburg – For a while my mum had to stop me watching Scooby Doo because it kept giving me scary dreams… That’s pretty embarrassing, it was never even a real ghost!
  17. Renee Hoagland – Honestly it was star wars lolll chew bacca was the scariest thing to me I swear my mom had an action figure of him an would torturize me with it!!!!
  18. Noel Stewart –ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS gave my siblings and I the scariest nightmares when we were young and impressionable. In this scary movie, the people are trapped on a shrinking island by intelligent, brain eating giant crabs. The Crab Monsters ate everyone and my siblings and I thought they were coming after us also. After seeing this movie we looked under our beds every night for a year.
  19. Teresa Rojas – Believe it or not it actually was a TV episode of Lassie, and this man was stranded on a ski lift and Lassie kept barking away on the snow under him. I don’t know why it scared me so bad, but now that I’m approaching 60 I still from time to time will have nightmares about it, never mind how bad it was when I was a child. 😱😵
  20. Cathy Deslippe – Dum, Dum, Dum “Jaws” I remember going to see that and the panelling in my bedroom scared me so bad, the sun was reflecting it and it looked like the mouth of a shark. For quite awhile I was scared to go in the little pond to swim. It come a long ways since then there are even more scarier movies, that one stays in my mine..

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