Daily question 1962 winners

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$1 Winner

  1. MaxCraw1970 – Colored pencils or markers

$.50 Winners

  1. Cathy D – Ribbon its so versatile. It comes in so many different sizes, materials, colours and can be used for so many different things. I use ribbon in a lot of my crafts; just complete it with a nice ribbon bow 🙂
  2. kandeels – Squiggly scissors, love the “finished” look with little effort!!
  3. K ZJ – My favorite art supply is light, yes the light that comes from the sun or electricity, the sun is the best. I draw with light using my camera (black and white film photography)
  4. Jessica Lobdell – Anything that I can use to make a collage! Pictures of anything, magazine and newspaper clippings, broken pieces of glass, leaves off a tree, different flower petals, pieces of fabric, scrap metal pieces, and even just broken pieces of crayon or whatever.
  5. Dee – Charcoal as it has not changed much since our ancestors were creating pictures and it takes true talent to create beautiful, clear images
  6. Krystl Sycamore – My favourite art supply has to be the good old fashioned wax crayon. It is something that has been around for years and everyone at some point in their life has used one. They are so versatile and fun to use. I started drawing when I was a kid and I spend my time drawing with my niece now and using her crayons.
  7. MT – Glue! Elmer’s tastes the best!
  8. Mukhtar Alam – My favorite art supply is the paper Itself. When I look at it, I can see the potential it has to become something beautiful.
  9. Lucille Frank – Since my kids are grown, all art supplies are my own, and I have tried everything from painting and drawing to rubber stamping and creating greeting cards. I have made mosaics with tiles and jewelry with silver clay. I ever tried making beads with hot glass and glass blowing. You name it and I probably tried it, but my very favorite art supply is little tiny beads because I discovered I love to weave them into intricate and colorful patterns. My favorite weave is called the Dutch Spiral and I have a gorgeous necklace in shades of oranges and golds which I wear all the time. With tiny beads weaving a bracelet, of which I have many in all colors and patterns, takes 1-2 weeks and is an effort of love…….so, think of beads as an art supply!!!!!!
  10. KaoJa Vang – The best art supply is a… Pencil! I always start with a nice sharp pencil to sketch out everything so without it, I wouldn’t be able to start an art project. A pencil is a very important tool for me.
  11. Debashree Mondal – My favorite art supply is Crayola Shape Stampers, gifted by my best friend. They are super cute and the best part is they have washable ink.
  12. Felicia – I’ve liked pastel chalk since I was little. First used them on ceramics. Thought it was awesome well over 40 years ago 😆
  13. Sharon Dugas – My favorite art supply would be clay, because I am able to create many different things, some very delicate and painted, like porcelain, and china, and pottery, and sculptures, to even designing my own landscaping tiles, and bricks, and the kids can paint them as well. I really enjoy creating the unique pieces, and designs, and I find it a very relaxing, and stress relieving, experience, that is inspirational, magical, and very rewarding.
  14. Colleen Goodbrand – I am such a committed crafter ( my husband thinks I should just be committed!) that this is a tough question. While I love cross stitch embroidery and making crocheted blankets, I do spend tons of time making cards and doing up elaborate scrapbooks and photo albums as gifts, so I have to say that paper is my favourite crafting supply. I have so much crafting paper in every colour, I could likely paper my entire house with it!
  15. Humbert Crafts – Plastic canvas and yarn.I make items from placemats,candy holders to ornament then sell at craft shows, and eBay store.10% of sales is donated to cat shelter.
  16. Carolyn – My favorite art supply: Crayons and superhero coloring books when I get to color with my three grandsons!!
  17. Alice Ketchum – I love oil paints! They are vibrant, juicy and versatile, and they can be pushed around on canvas and masonite boards, with brushes and painting knives.
  18. Genie Luxemburg – Glitter! The most versatile and fabulous of all substances… Always good to add a little sparkle to your life 🙂
  19. Adrienne White – My favorite art supply is the ol’ trusty compass because I enjoy drawing circles and creating faces just by looking at a picture and tracing the face of it in the circle. I then start to “carve” the features of that face in the circle in order to create a totally new structure of a person’s face. The process comes about from a compass, a picture, and a little skill and creativity to produce a face from a basic circular figure.
  20. Lauren Kaslick – Colored Pencil twistables. Seriously the great thing ever. You NEVER have to sharpen the little bastards!

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