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$1 Winner

  1. Rebekah N – Short people… God only lets things grow until they’re perfect. Some of us didn’t take as long as others! 😜
  2. Michelle Wilson – I’m too short to reach the bottom of our huge washing machine without almost toppling in the drum!

$.50 Winners

  1. Denise N. – I’m too short to reach the second shelf of the cupboard. I’m too short to reach the top of the fridge. I’m too short to grab anything off the top shelf in the grocery store. At five feet barefoot I may be short but greatness comes in small packages 😉
  2. meanlady – i am too short for a lot of things reaching the bottom of the freezer or washer to short to reach the gas petal in our truck without having to move the seat all the way up to short to reach the top shelve so all my groceries go on the bottom 2 my husband the tree has to bend down to kiss me but i like being short lol at times it can be quite the pain in the butt
  3. Pammie Burman – I’m too short to get into those trucks and SUV’s that are set up way high on large tires. Had one Uber driver that had one of those…good thing I have a good sense of humor because I was laughing my head off as I tried to climb way up into it. Hopefully by now he’s put runners on the sides for shorties like me.
  4. Dustins Mom – Read the instructions on some of the rides at Disney!
  5. April S – I’m too short to play basketball, but I can run between their legs, lol
  6. Crizzy – I am way too short of breath to chase that Bus….I pray the driver will see me in the wing mirror, frantically waving my senior Bus Pass but he pulls out and I stand there despondently watching some kids laughing from the back window! Well, at least there’s a wooden bench to sit on for 20 mins ’til the next one comes along.
  7. Micaela Swentik – I am Too Short…well actually I am not Too Short, hes an Rapper from the 1990’s who made some pretty sick tracks back in the day. Heck he still relevant. If you haven’t heard of him, your Momma ain’t raise you right 😉
  8. lindapickens – I am too short to look out my kitchen window and actually see the ground. I am too short to see out of my doors peep hole to see who is knocking.
  9. Rosella D. Cirrito – Life is to short so live your dreams no matter how high they may be. And always live your life the best you can.. 1
  10. char2m – I’m too short to reach the top shelf at the grocery store 🙁 Guess I really don’t need that chocolate.
  11. Celia D. Scribner – I am too short to reach the pedals on the tractor, I have to sit on the edge of the seat and extend my toes, good thing I only need to stop and go🚜
  12. Sue W. – I’m too short to reach the top of my refridgerator! I finally bought a claw!
  13. edeliz – I’m too short to stand next to my most of my family in picture without having my head chopped off.
  14. Susan Saueressig – I’m too short to find my van in the parking lot!
  15. Emma Hormillosa – I’m too short to reach items on the top shelf without a pair of tongs, I’m also too short to reach on top of the fridge, and to do laundry without having half of my body in the machine.
  16. Merna Griffin – I’m too short to reach the dishes, lol, unless I have my favorite step stool!!… otherwise, I resemble my dog jumping up and down for snacks…
  17. Debashree Mondal –  Had a dream of joining Navy, but was too short to be considered 🙁
  18. Colleen Goodbrand – I am too short to reach the magazines I like at the bookstore as they are displayed on the uppermost shelf. If no store staff is watching, I stand on the bottom shelf to grab the magazines!
  19. Tricia Hansard – I’m too short when it comes to reach a certain item when I’m at a grocery store. I’m also too short tempered when I ask if that person has fixed whatever problem I’m having with my car, laptop, etc. when they tell me that they can’t fix it or have no idea what the problem is that they can’t solve.
  20. Pam – I’m to short to see over the steering wheel.

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