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  1. Erin Estilette – Pretty much every one of my family members tells me the story of when I got new shoes one time. They especially like to tell the story when I get new shoes these days. I was pretty quiet as a child. I was also very shy, and sometimes wouldn’t make eye contact. When I was about 2, my Mom got me a pair of Nike’s. A few days later, we went to a family gathering. I walked in, didn’t look at anyone, head down, but said, “I got me some Nike’s” and I just kept walking past all of the family.
  2. Pammie Burman – One of my dad;s favorite stories is the way my just younger sister and I are different, When we were kids I had no problem sharing my food (including sharing an ice cream cone with the neighbor’s German Shepard) but wouldn’t share my toys,,,just the opposite, my sister would share her toys but not her food,,,in fact, at the dinner table she would make sure to lick everything on her plate and make sure every one saw her do it,

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  1. Belinda Ortega – My Husband always tells the story of how he once got his brother to eat cat food by telling him that it was cereal when they were kids. I guess it’s his way of keeping his brothers memory alive.
  2. Julie Dascoli-Yanop – my father tells us the story of the war in his country when he was young — over and over and over again. I can only imagine why. I now tell the same story to my kids over and over again about thier grandpa
  3. Eric Levesque – Moi… la naissance de ma fille, a mes 38 ans un souhait résidait en moi… apres 3 gars, je desirait une fille… ma princesse. Apres 2 fausse couche nous l’avons enfin eu… un vrai cadeau du ciel ————— Me … the birth of my daughter, my 38 years a wish resided in me … after 3 guys, I would like a girl … my princess. After 2 miscarriages we finally got it … a real gift from heaven
  4. Steve Peery – My mother used to always tell the story about my first day in school when I was a small child. At the time I started school there was no kindergarten so I started to school in the first grade. For some reason my very first day to school was a half day and when I arrived home and got off the bus my mother had company. The lady who was there asked me when I came into the house what I had learned on my first day of school. Supposedly, I proudly proclaimed that I had learned how to count to five. This amused my mother because at that time she was a stay at home mom and by the time I started school she had already taught me how to count to one hundred and recite the entire alphabet as well as several other things. What makes this story so special is that I was adopted when I was six months old and my mother was very loving and protective of me. Her entire world revolved around me because I was the child she was never able to bear herself. That was a true love story to its fullest.
  5. Joan Rowe – I think my hubby loves to tell the astory of how i was determined to wear my new high heels out on a date night with him and he is slightly shorter than me. So he didn’t want me towering over him .When we got to the parking arcade we had to get on a escalator. As we where in a hurry i decided to walk down the moving stairs. My heel got stuck in the little grooves and i went tumbling down , leaving the stiletto trapped. I was unharmed apart from embarrassed. All i was worried abt was my new shoe which was now stuck. We eventually managed to get the trapped shoe out which was now badly damaged. My hubby was delighted ..kept saying karma is a @*%$$ lol. Needless to say we didnt go for dinner but stopped for mac d.’s and sat on a bench in our local park ..turned out to one of our best date nights xx 
  6. ramadevi – My husband tells his childhood friendship, school, family stories all the time, over and over and over…..Each time he narrates the stories as movie stories, detailed and scene by scene. Even now when he starts to tell them, I have to stop him. But sometimes when we are in a friends group I cant say that. So I have to hear them over and over, again and again because I am his wife. It is boring but what can I do?
  7. Abagail Manton – My mother always goes on about the story when she was walking down the isle and I was her flower girl. I happened to undress myself and take my diaper off in the middle of the isle and completely throw off the service
  8. Anna Morellon – It is the story he (my love) tells about how we met. The very first time he seen me, he says, he whistled and I gave him a dirty look as I walked across the street to my car from my mother’s house. (I do not remember this) Sometime later he was with my brother’s friend and came to my mom’s house to pick up my brother as they were going to a party. How shocked he was when I answered the door and he pushed his way through on my mother’s porch to shake my hand and introduce himself. They invited me to come along and I did. Later that night he and I sang “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” with the guitar player at the party and he says he fell in love with me. Corny story, I know, but he does tell it with a little more detail. And…. He does tell it over and over. Flattered as I am, it does get old. 20+ yrs old.
  9. Rochelle Vine – My daddy used to tell this story about walking to school in the winter and the more he told it the worst it got!! By the time he passed away he used to walk 20 miles in the snow, up hill both ways, bare foot, and had to eat lard sandwiches!!!
  10. D – My dad always talks about how he could easily find a job and acts like i should be able to also.
  11. Cathy Deslippe – The story my parents love to share is how a lot of my dads customers use to give him great big boxes of turtles as gifts at Christmas time. Strange enough they never got to eat any. “There must have been at least twelve boxes.” They did this to embarrass me. As a small child about eight I loved Turtles. I use to take a couple of the boxes at a time, go into our piano room which had big closets in it. Sitting quietly in there enjoying the yummy taste of the Turtles, I was as quiet as a mouse. Not a care in the world, no one knew where I was. After every box was done, I placed the package back into dads container of presents and the next day I would do the same, until they were all gone. Its a wonder I didn’t get sick to be honest with you. To this day I still love Turtles but not to that extent. Oh they had many interesting stories about the middle child – hi, that’s me. I sure made life a fun adventurous time for them.
  12. MyKinKStar – Oh, the ones that ring true in my memory are all from many years ago when either Mother or Daddy would talk about “running rum” back in the day. They had bar tales to tell and stories about who came through and rented a cabin for the night. I wish I had someone to pass it all on to, but it dies with me . . .
  13. Karen P – my friend tells anyone who will listen how he was injured on the job over 30 years ago.
  14. Genie Luxemburg – My dad often tells this story about when he was a kid, he and his friend used to sit in woodworking class putting glue on the back of their hands just for the fun of peeling it off again after it had dried. One time, the teacher got fed up of them doing it and grabbed my dad’s hand and smeared the glue on his friend’s face!
  15. dottie p – My Dad was about 11 years old, this was back in the day they still had the old farmers matches, and he and some friends decided to go sledding.he always carried some matches in his pocket. so they headed up the local hill, which included a road. it was an old sled with the metal runners. anyway, he and his buddies headed down the hill. and low and behold it wasn’t completely covered with snow he hit a patch of bald street, and he was leaning over and steering not to hit another kid. and he accidentally rubbed his pants on the street and his pants started on fire. he told that story up until the last Christmas before he passed away. i think every one of us kids have heard it and now since 8 years ago, when he went home to God, all the Grand kids have heard it at least once. i can’t wait to share that story with my grand daughter. my dad did have a great heart and a great sense of humor. but boy was his Mom (my Grandma) mad. and my Grandpa laughed about it.
  16. Noel Stewart – Over and over again my Dad and Mom told their LOVE STORY! Their love story started in college. DAD: Dad was a MILKMAN delivering milk around the town. One day Dad took milk into a sorority house to give it to the MAID! After delivering the milk, Dad went back to the milk truck and declared to his buddy that he was going to marry the MAID. His buddy in the milk truck told him he was Bonkers! But Dad said it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!! MOM: Mom was a MAID working around the sorority house. One day Mom was fixing dinner for the sorority when she heard a knock at the kitchen door. Mom opened the door to discover one of the tall, handsome basketball players delivering milk into her hands. Mom took the milk to the cook and declared to the cook that she was going to marry the MILKMAN. The cook in the kitchen told her she was Bonkers! But Mom said it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!! ME: After graduation, the two were married, found jobs, and settled down into married life. BUT WWII happened! Dad was drafted. The two had to postpone a family. After WWII was over, the MILKMAN came home. Then the MAID surprised everyone with a Christmas gift — BABY ME!!
  17. Judy Burba McGarvey – My mother likes to tell me the story of my birth at my grandmother’s house. They only had to pay the doctor $50 and I even have the receipt. She says it was a good investment.
  18. Teresa Rojas – My father has many stories that he tells over and over, and I don’t mind at all. I am fortunate to still have him, and be able to tell these stories, but I think he likes telling the story of how he was brought up in his grandparents home as a little boy the most of all, and pictures come along with the story. Gets me to know about my heritage. 😀
  19. Michelle Wilson –The story that I hear over and over is actually from my Dad. It is one of the best stories and I love hearing it because I learn more each time. He is a Marine who unfortunately was Missing in Action in the Vietnam War. He was reported as deceased to his family. A miracle occurred when he returned home, he vowed to marry my mother (who was engaged to another man). He won her heart, they married and I was born!
  20. Ray Ayala – Our grandparents used to tell us how lucky were to ride the school bus, because in their day they had to walk a mile to school in the snow and it was uphill both ways. Also, it seems that each year there were higher and higher snow drifts.

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