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The winners

See who won our 1922 daily question below.

  1. Michelle Wilson – When my sister and I were little kids we used to watch a TV show called Land of The Lost. We would hide out upstairs in our bedrooms and wrap ourselves in aluminum foil and pretended we were SleeStacks. My Mom to use aluminum foil for everything and due to our dressing up she would find empty rolls all the time. We of course didn’t tell her where the aluminum foil went. That is until one day she cleaned under my sisters bed and instead of throwing away what we used she threw it under her bed. There probably was enough to cover an entire football field. OOPS
  2. Carol Miller – When I was young, my brothers used tin foil to make rockets. They would take wooden match sticks and break off the sulphur tops. Wrap the match in tin foil with the sulphur tip sticking out slightly from one end. Then they would light that end and watch the tin foil rocket zoom into the air. Eventually, they got their friends into it and they would have contests in our back yard. We were pretty poor so this was a very inexpensive way to make your own rockets. I was always designated the judge of the distance it went. I used a tape measure and had to be very accurate as to who was the winner. The winner always got a popsicle or ice cream. Oh, those good old days!
  3. Erika Little – I remeber when my sister and I were little kids we used two rolls of tinfoil and tried to make a unicorn but it didn’t quite work out lol. We then crushed all the extra pieces into Tin foil balls and pretend they were snowballs and have a tin foil ball fight it was so much fun😃 And I also use Tin foil on a daily basis.
  4. Natania – When I was about 15, me and my friend wanted to highlight our hair. I asked my Mom if could go get it done at a salon and she said no we didn’t have the extra money, beause she was very fair and if she took me, she would have to take my two sisters also. So that made me think I was allowed,we just couldnt afford it at that time. So one weekend when I stayed all night with my friend, she said she had found some hair dye in her bathroom closet. I would do her’s and she would do mine. We decided I would do hers first, so she goes in the kitchen and brings back aluminum foil. I followed the directions and she helped mix what we were suppose to. I start putting it on her hair, as I was doing this she was cutting up pieces of the foil. Of course I had never done this before and had no clue what I was suppose to do with the foil. I had seen it on peoples hair before sitting under dryers but that was it. She tells me after I put the dye on her hair, to grab a piece of foil and start at the end and roll the foil up close to her head. So that’s what I did. After I got done, she had pieces of foil all over her head and it said leave on for 15 minutes. Well after about 7 minutes we noticed her hair is smoking, I said we should take them off, she says she thinks its suppose to do that. So being young and immature, we left it on the whole 15 minutes. Finally times up and we take the foil off and her hair smelled horrible, not like a dye smells, but like we had just set it on fire mixed with some terrible smelling chemicals. Her hair was real hard at the ends but she says once she washes it out, it will be fine. She washes it and blow drys it, and she cried. It looked terrible, it was an orange color and it felt like horse hair. I felt so bad for her and there was no disussion about even doing mine. Her mom came home and was furious, she said she cant even remember when she bought the dye. We got the box out of the garbage to look at the date and it had expired 6 years eariler. She said where did we find it. We told her in the very back of the first shelf in the closet. We didnt say a word about it at school or anywhere, she wore a hat until she was able to get it fixed. Once her hair looked good again, we was able to laugh about it but trust me when I say I learned my lesson and never did anything to do with hair again without talking to an adult about it.
  5. MyKinKStar – I don’t use foil often but sometimes have pie pans or foil on foods I bring home. When it’s done doing it’s job, then I always fold it up to push into an aluminum can to be recycled! I do this because once at the recycling place the guy said I had to pull out the foil pans and foil balls because it’s not worth it . . . I don’t know how that can be true or what that manes, so now I sneak it in because it’s better than going to a landfill and melting into our water table.
  6. Belinda – I remember when I would go on field trips with my kid’s when they were in school and I would wrap the sodas in tin foil to keep them cold longer. Ah memories :). 
  7. Dee – As a child my sister and I had a ball of tin foil that we would any piece of foil we could find to see how big we could make it. We would even go to the extreme of peeling the paper backing off of some of the foil we found. By the time we had lost interest in the ball it was about the size of a softball and was almost completely round and very smooth.
  8. Sylvia – My 4 year old great niece was visiting and deceided she was hungry so I told her there were some hot dogs in the fridge I could make for her lunch. Little Miss Independent found the foil wrapped weiners and placed the dogs and foil in my microwave. A short time later my wide eyed niece and 2 cats came flying into the living room because there were “fireworks” in the kitchen. So I lost my hot dogs and fried the microwave but all was not lost. We ordered a pizza and talked about metal things that don’t belong in the microwave. My cats, however, take cover whenever I put anything in my new microwave.
  9. dottie p – some days you can really hate your older brothers that bullied you. i was about 11 and just got a lot of fillings. of course being naive as i was when my brother came up to me with tin foil. he told me it was like chewing gum. well dummy me i crinkled it up and shoved it in my mouth. oh my god that was an awful experience. i swear some day i will get him back, i tried to get him to pee on an electric fence, that didn’t go so well. it’s been 40 years and i’m still working on it
  10. Noel Stewart – I like to barbecue, but not often enough to buy an expensive grill. I make my own. I used to have a grill, but the main part rusted out. I salvaged only the grill. To construct my homemade grill for my homemade barbecue, I line a large box with aluminum foil to make the oven part. Then I line a much smaller tin box to put the charcoal and catch the drippings. I then get 4 empty tin pop cans to hold up the grill. And there it is, my own hand crafted mostly tin barbeque grill.
  11. Princess Efe Minty – Foil, The duct tape of the kitchen Curl a section of foil into a cone shape, secure it with tape, and start pouring.😊
  12. Rochelle Vine  I went to camp Tamarack in the 6th grade and they taught us how to make banana boats in tinfoil in the camp fire!! I still remember that 40 years later!!! Leave it in the peel, slice it open, stuff it with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips, wrap it in tinfoil and lay it in the corner of the campfire!! YUMMY!!!
  13. Ray Ayala – I have lost a lot of tin cake pans at pot lucks. Every one seems to claim them when it is time to go home. So, now I bake a cake, cut it into manageable pieces, and then place them in a shallow cardboard box that I line with tin foil. No one has ever stolen one of these. And if you line the shallow box inside and out, they look nice!
  14. Marce McHone – Tin foil… Best invention ever! I wrap my drip pans on the stove, I line baking sheets, I wrap food for the grill, I even wrap a radio antenna with it in my art studio… My best use is I lay it on the table to catch excess paint while I’m creating my beautiful canvases!
  15. Chris – I cooked Maple Flavored Bacon in a pan in the house on the stove. Why? Because everyone cooks bacon in a pan on the stove, right? The guy I was dating lost his marbles because the smell of the maple bacon overtook the house and attached itself to everything, including our clothes. So, I was told I could never cook bacon in the house again. This is where the tinfoil story comes in. I decided to buy some heavy duty Reynolds Tinfoil. I pulled a piece as long as the grill on my BBQ. I shaped the four sides and pinched the corners and put the tinfoil on the grill of the BBQ. I laid the bacon on the tinfoil, and the smell is history!
  16. ramadevi – I use old tin foil to scrub the dishes for cleaning. I use old tin foil it to cover the bottle, bowls to keep them in fridge. No need to use plates or lids. Just throw the foil after use. Also I wrap up cut apple, which I eat half and I leave the half in the fridge. I carry my bread in the foil which is easy and light weight. One thing and many uses.
  17. Sue W. – The old tin foil on the rabbit ears antenna! Never did clear up the snow, but we always did it.
  18. Cathy Deslippe – My adventures of taking a survival course included the fact that I packed great big roll of tin foil. It was part of a Girl Guide Training even and all of the ladies were dropped in the forest near the river with very little to survive for a overnight stay. All because of my tin foil and our great fishing polls (we made) and gummy worms (in one of the girls pockets), we caught fish. We later dug a hole, cleaned the fish and after getting a fire going in the bottom we had a nice fish dinner . By the way tin foil is great for a lot of things especially when you take these courses in the winter. Tinfoil hats are awesome.
  19. Pammie Burman – My ex-husband and his “friends” were tweakers (AKA meth users) and, yes, indeed, many of them would cover their windows with tin foil to stop “them” from being able to listen in or spy on them……total insanity I know, but that’s how their thought processes worked…and yes, I got away from this group long ago.
  20. Julie Dascoli-Yanop – my famous line is “I’d rather chew on tinfoil” – then do whatever it is i dont want to do. LOL — do NOT chew on tinfoil!!

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