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The winners

See who won our 1921 daily question below.

  1. deedee walker – From what my parents used to tell us, Mine was a store in the town of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. It was called The Candy Bowl, It was full of those great big lolly pops. I was lucky to get once in a while. From what our parents said, the old man that owned the store, Didn’t like me much, He said to my father “do something with that little girl of yours” she’s here every morning before i open” I guess i’d be there swinging from the big handle on the store door every morning.
  2. the secret behind the words – As a child my favorite store was Walmart bacause my mother worked at the McDonald’s that was connected so my and my sisters would run around Walmart and try not to get into too much trouble  
  3. Cathy Deslippe – Gambles in the city of Brantford Ontario. I loved going in the old elevator with my grandma, they were just bars and I can remember every Christmas it was decorated so beautiful. It was exciting to go to all five floors. The building is still there and has been made over into the University in the city. I would love to see what they did with it now. I remember the clothes from there were so nice and in fashion. Thank you for letting remember the wonderful memories of Granny and I shopping.
  4. Anna Morellon – As a kid, my store would have been Woolworths in downtown San Jose, CA. No longer there, it seemed like everything we had or needed was bought at that store. This store had a diner inside. One long counter with bar stools and my aunt worked there for years. So of course we loved to go there as kids, especially for ice cream sundaes.
  5. Kiomi Woods – My favorite store as a kid was the Disney store. Where you could find princess tiaras, princess dolls from my favorite Disney movies and much more.
  6. Simply Me – I think for me it would be sears because my mom told me I would always hide from them inside of the dryer machines or on the clothes racks and by the third time I did this they would already know where to look for me.
  7. Genie Luxemburg – Claire’s Accessories… It still is, to be honest! I might be a grown-up but I still like wearing sparkly tiaras and things. Sometimes little kids stare at me in amazement, and it makes me feel happy because I imagine how delighted I would have been when I was a little girl if I saw a grown-up woman just casually walking round in a tiara on a normal day. I’m inspiring the next generation to never be afraid to be “overdressed” because one can never look too fabulous 🙂
  8. Denise N. – The corner Crackseed shop! I’m sure that wasn’t the actual name of the shop but that’s what everyone called it! There was one in every neighborhood-two, if you were lucky. They sold ICEEs and candy cigarettes, gum and lollipops, too. But what anyone who goes to the local crackseed store wanted, myself included, were those dried, fermented, sweet ‘n sour little jewels of fruit. Triple rolls of huge glass jars sitting in the middle of the store filled with dried plums sitting in a black syrupy sauce. Or glistening white dried plums coated in crystallized salt and sugar. Then there were the slices of mangos that glowed red from their artificially colored brine. I’d start my rounds and choose one or two from a jar with metal tongs and place my treasures in clear cellophane bags. Dried shrimp, dried scallops, rice crackers, marinated and dried baby octopus legs, rock salt ling hi mui, and Japanese rice crackers. These were always available and some of my favorite treats when I was a kid.  
  9. Keith Broadwater – My favorite store growing up was the local general store. I remember as soon as I got a dollar, I was ready to hit up the little store. I would stock up on my penny candy and play pinball, pac-man, and other arcade games and as I (and the other kids in the neighborhood got older) we would actually hang out at the store. They always kept up with us and got new games; including pool, had an amazing selection of candy, started offering small lunches, and basically had everything we needed in a small rural town. Now that store sits abandoned across from our Post Office; but it sure does bring back some amazing memories. Great question!
  10. MyKinKStar – Ben Franklin Dime Store! They sold Barbie dolls and all her relatives; plus all kinds of outfits, cars and carrying cases too. There were so many different colored pens and pencils, plus notebooks with all the fanciest covers to pick from. They sold records too, from 45’s to albums, just not as many as the Drug Fair in the same shopping center. There were clothes and some shoes, but more important were the big pattern books to flip through to choose a new outfit to make. Picking out the material to use was just as fun to make the outfit unique and yes, I spent more than one night fussing to finish up something to be able to wear it to school the next day. Okay, but then there is this and as awful as it sounds now, we really didn’t know better then. Ben Franklin Dime Store sold colored chicks (blue; pink; purple; green) and ducks too each year for Easter. After being denied for years I was finally allowed to pick out 2 green chicks and a duck to bring home once. The chicks grew up to be 2 white and very mean roosters, that Mother gave to the tenants who lived on our property – to kill and eat. Oh, it’s horrible to realize, but also horrible to admit I didn’t miss them until a few days had gone by. They deserved better. I named my duck Waddles and when he got too big for me to manage (inside, shhh), Daddy and I took him to a favorite fishing pond to live and soon he had a lady friend. By the end of summer we were on Daddy’s boat when we saw Waddles swimming towards us, with BABIES following close behind. He was showing them off to us! The owner of the property told us later that a fox had killed Momma and my Waddles had been working to raise up his babies on his own. We were so proud! That dime store was everything Target or Walmart is today, but on a smaller scale, with just enough of all the important stuff! 
  11. Debashree Mondal – As a kid my favorite store was my Dad’s own grocery store, where I used to sit with my dad for hours in the evening. It was not a very big store and now I don’t even remember the name but had great time there and made many new friends 😊
  12. Crizzy – I know every child that had access to a Woolworth’s really loved that store as did I, but the department chain store “Robinson’s”, found in the larger towns in England had the most fascinating system by which money exchanged hands for the goods we purchased. The shop assistant wrote out the invoice for the amount spent and put it, together with the money we proffered into a cylindrical metal tube with a screw on lid and then it was pushed into the end of a pipe which seemed to suck it into the bowels of the shop for a few seconds before it appeared above our heads on a network of narrow tracks travelling quickly to some distant department where cashiers would replace the contents with a receipt and whatever change was due before sending the ‘bullet’ rattling back to the sales girl. Shopping doesn’t have such excitement these days!
  13. Kimberly Smith – As a kid my favorite store was a toss between Kmart and Target. Weekly my family would go out to eat at Ponderosa steak house and everyone would be so full afterwards that we needed to walk ,so we’d go to Kmart and Target! Most of the time my dad would look around the electronics area and my mom would look around the clothing and food area. My sisters and I would eventually end up in toys, we enjoyed pushing buttons on toys that made noise lol. Its really a shame that we no longer have a local Kmart, but its mainly because when they started raising prices,which in turn lost their businesses. Kmart used to be called “the cheapy place” when I was in elementary. And it was forbidden to shop there or you’d get made fun of. It was ok to say you shopped at Target though,go figure!
  14. Jason Provo – It’s gotta be Toys R Us! As a kid/teenager/immature adult I was so hyped up about a store which was basically an exclusive, fully loaded stand-alone version of a department store’s toy section. EVERYTHING I needed or wanted was there! Star Wars toys and old school video game stuff were spilling over in the aisles and Lego was as diverse and colorful as ever! Even as a teen nerd, I could go there to get most of my Dungeons and Dragons necessities. (please don’t judge)
  15. carina – Living in a Barrio as a kid was fun. My favorite store was a “sari-sari” store meaning everything under the sun. I can buy differentry kinds of candies, chocolates which are out of brand and chips too (branded chocolates are too expensive for us).
  16. Natania – Absolutely without a doubt, Johnnys Toys! Every year they sent me a key for my birthday, (it was just a little plastic key) but you took it to their store and they had this area set up that looked like a castle, you put the key in the door and they would open the door and inside was toys.You were allowed to pick anything you wanted, they had the toys arranged in order and you told them how old you were and they would show you where that group of toys were, but then they would tell you if you see something else you want, just get it, it’s fine. It was your birthday present from them. It was the coolest thing a store could do. Every year as my birthday got closer,I would wait to get that key. They sent you a key until you turned 7 years old. I don’t know if they still do it, but when Kayla (my daughter) was born in 2006, they did because she would get one every year. She would get so excited and it was so fun seeing her get so anxious and wait to check the mail everyday as her birthday got closer. I remember being the same way. I hope they still do it so every kid gets the experience, me and my daughter had. It was so magical and exciting! As a kid we really didn’t get to go to Johnnys Toys a lot, because they were more expensive than normal department stores, but I had two sisters so 3 times a year we got to go there when we got our keys on our birthdays and for us that was a real treat. When I was a kid, I thought it was so neat that they knew when my birthday was but when I got older and had my duaghter I realized you just filled a paper out and signed your child up and thats how they knew. Of course now we know if they still do it, you would get online and sign them up. Johnnys Toys was my favorite store and to be honest if they are still around, it probably still would be!
  17. Rochelle Pieper – Nickelsons corner store in Warroad Minn. My grampa used to pull me up there in my wagon and buy me penny candy and a grape soda!! It had one of those horses out front that he would put a nickle in and I would ride it while he was in the store. The owner had a monkey I could pet and feed.
  18. Erin Estilette – The Sanrio store in the mall. I always dragged my parents there when we would go to the mall. I usually begged for something and my parents would cave and let me get something like a pencil or an eraser. I was usually happy with that, even though I really wanted everything in the store.
  19. Zhulin Gao – Staples. I was fascinated with beautiful pens or notebooks and could brag about those to my friends. Now, I only worry about whether I have sth to write with.
  20. Ken Grant – Montgomery Wards and Thrifties: Both had pin ball machines, but only thrifties had ice cream.

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