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See who won our 1920 daily question below.

  1. Zhulin Gao – Meeting my bf’s ex in a party and we happened to wear the SAME dress. Even if it was in different colors, but still it was so so so awkward and werid.
  2. Jacquie Todd – I was watching a quiz show about 35 years ago when I lived in the UK. A pair of contestants had the same first and last names as myself and my husband and they both had the same occupations as us along with the husband being in the Territorial Army in the Signals. Exactly the same as my husband. Everyone at work the following day asked if we’d seen it.
  3. Sue W. – Mine is that when I took my granddaughter to her first day of pre school, I found out she had the same teacher as MY daughter had 20 years ago! 
  4. Colleen Goodbrand – I picked up the phone once to call my best friend. Even though I did Not dial her number, she was already there, on the phone as she said she had just dialed my number. Neither one of us had our phones ring at all.
  5. Julie Dascoli-Yanop – One time a long time ago i ran into some friends at a diner after a night out. we all met in the parking lot and we were talking for a while etc. The next day I went to get gas in my car and I noticed a glove on my windshield which was so bizzare – so I thought – who’s glove is this? As I am pumping gas, one of the friends I ran into the night before pulled up for gas. As I’m holding the glove she says – omg there is my glove!! LOL it was very funny. We still talk about it to this day 
  6. Rochelle Pieper – About 4 weeks ago my daughter and I were rushing around trying to get out of town to go to an event in a nearby town. First my car wouldn’t start, then when we were at the store I didn’t have my wallet to pay so I had to run home to get it and now we are seriously running late. Then as we are finally leaving town I get pulled over for doing 45 mph in a 45 mph zone!!!! By now it is way too late to make it to our event so I went home and got the shock of a life time…there was a huge multi car wreck with fatalities on the highway we would have been on at the time we would have been driving through there!!!!
  7. Rosella D. Cirrito – I was at a restaurant with my children and we saw and old friend. About an HR later we went to Walmart and saw them again.. A week later the same thing happened again and the same people to.. that was so weird!!
  8. 9723989 – My family doctor was away so I decided to go to a clinic. I was hoping by some chance she would be at that clinic. As my name was called my family doctor appeared. She was helping out at the clinic.
  9. kandeels – I recently changed insurance companies and my new agent came to my house. It was pouring down rain and we were both soaking wet with goods on as she took pictures of my van. She left and a few weeks later I had a question that could only be answered in person, so she said she would be in touch with me that Friday to meet. Well, I had not heard from her, so I went about my errands, one of which was to take a basket of clothes to the children’s consignment shop. When I returned, I was waiting on line and then confirmed my last name. All of a sudden I had a text asking if I was in Once Upon a Child. Totally creepy, as the number did not look familiar to me until I scrolled through other texts and I figured out it my insurance agent!! She had been buying clothes for her children right before I picked up my consignment cash and she heard my last name!! She lives about 40 miles away, so for the two of to end up in the same store at the same time on days when we were going to set plans to met, just beyond creepy, but I got my question answered!!!!
  10. Sylvia – When I was little I swam in my neighbors pool every summer with their 3 boys and my siblings. When I was ten I moved away and didn’t think of that pool until many years later when my husband and I deceided to install an above ground pool in our backyard. Much to my delight and amazement the contractor who came to install my pool was my neighbor who had that backyard pool. I didn’t even realize this until he handed me the invoice and I read the last name. We both were so excited to see each other decades later and it was great to catch up and dip into some fun memories.
  11. Denise N. – A long time ago I was walking to a friend’s apartment to borrow $50. It was all set up and all I needed to do was go and get it. On the way to her apartment it started to downpour and the streets were flooding with heavy rain. I was tired, cold, and wet and I thought if only I didn’t need the money I’d be home warm and dry. I kicked at the runoff waters in frustration and I noticed a bright reflection in the shallow storm drain. I bent down and found a quarter wrapped in wet papper. I picked it up and started unwrapping the paper only it wasn’t paper it was a soaked bill. A soaked $50 bill. Not one to be greedy I thanked whatever fates were looking out for me and hurried home to dry the money. My friend called wondering when I was going to come and get the money she was lending me and I told her of my luck. She seemed ok with it if a bit skeptical but I know it was more than just coinky-dink- maybe…
  12. Carol Miller – The weirdest coincidence I have ever had goes like this. I was born on Christmas Day at 5 a.m. and was named Carol in honor of Christmas. My daughter already told me she was naming my oldest granddaughter Carolyn after me. It turns out my granddaughter was born on the Feast of the Epiphany, which is considered “Little Christmas “ in many cultures and Eastern Churches. Carolyn, like me, was born at 5 A.M. on a Sunday morning, same day and time of my birth. I was in the waiting room when they told me and the similarities hit me immediately. I was so astounded that I couldn’t stop crying. Now, the real caveat of this story is that Carolyn is very much like me in personality too and especially in working hard in school and being very grade conscious. All I know is that I love this particular coincidence.
  13. Adrienne – I live 250 miles away from my parents. When my dad was doing his family tree he discovered that his ggg grandparents had lived in the same town I’m living in now!!..  
  14. ramadevi – Few days ago my husband brought crackers and cheese. I carried the whole thing to my work place to share with my friends. Mostly we 3 people have the break time same time some times. When we are busy we all finish the work first and sit together for break. I told them at break time that I brought something to share with. My friend also said that she too brought something to share. We both carried them in our hands put them on the table same time. We both were in state of shock and said same time ” what is it?”. Uhhhhhhh… same to same crackers and cheese. All people laughed and asked us that we planned it or not. I do not know at all what she brought. So we got lot of stuff. so we called everyone to eat them. And every one laughed, we shared it with all staff that day the crackers and cheese. That was fun day for us. It was weird coincidence, that some of our staff said do you both like the crackers this much. Yes, some times we both eat together sharing each others food. We never know lots of things happen like this as if our inner souls talked to each other.
  15. meanlady – one of many weirdest coincidences happened at christmas last year i bought my sister in law a gift hubby came home with the exact same item for her , the at the family christmas we all exchanged gifts she gave us the exact same thing that the hubby and i picked out for her twice lol then the mother in law gave us and my sister in law the same item it became funny everybody got the same thing from different people coke a cola glasses lol
  16. Dee – When in grade school we would have subs every once in awhile. One time the night before I dreamed that the sub I was to share was cut into two very unequal sections. The next day when we were given our subs ours was cut with one section being 1/3rd and the other the remaining 2/3rd.
  17. Sin – I was startled awake at 3am one morning after having a nightmare that I was trapped underground during an earthquake, and when I got up a few hours later I was greeting by news reports of an earthquake during the night… on the other side of the planet…
  18. Sarah Turner – I had a dream about my older brother by year and a half getting in trouble and the next day, what happened he got in trouble… I went up to my mom after she was done talking to people where he got in trouble at and said mom I dreamed this was going to happen.
  19. Natania – Me and Jeff had been together for about 10 years, and we hadn’t had Kayla (our daughter) yet, so we spent alot on each other for Christmas. It was December 20, and I needed to go get my layaway out at Kmart, it was the last day they allowed you to get it. So, I told Jeff my sister asked me to stop at her house and I would be back. Jeff said that was cool because his brother needed help with his electric, (Jeff was an eletrician at that time.) Everyone always called him when they needed help with electric, so I didn’t think twice about it. I made a few other stops for items I needed, so I didn’t get to Kmart until almost 2 hours later. I am walking to the back of the store where you pick it up at and as soon as I turn to walk in that area, I bump into someone walking out of that area, he was carrying a huge box (layaway use to bag your items in big clear bags and if you had a ton of items, they would put the bag in a big box) since I was walking very fast and not paying attention and he had this huge box that covered his face, we literally bumped right into each other and he loses grip of his box and it falls. You are not going to believe who it was, Jeff. We both say, “Sor” before we finish the word sorry, we realize who it is and we were silent at first. I said,”you lied to me” and he said, “you lied to me! That was really all we said and just continued on. Afterwards I kept thinking how was it possible for both of us to put a layaway in at the same store, pick up the layaway at the same store, at the same time,on the same date. Talk about the weridest coincidence ever. Later at home, we disussed how crazy that was, I mean I didn’t know Jeff even knew about layaway. At least besides being totally mind boggling, we both loved everything we got.
  20. MT – Once, I had gotten off work early the day before thanksgiving. I went across town to get some touch up paint for some scratches on my car. I got the paint and headed home, but before I left town, a deer jumped out in front of me and I hit it. No more need for that touch up paint! One grill, one bumper and one hood later, and I was good to go!

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