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The winners

See who won our 1919 daily question below.

  1. Pammie Burman – Believe it or not they actually make catnip scented bubbles…yes they’re made for cats. It’s fun to watch my cats trying to figure out where the catnip is!
  2. tricia brown – My favorite bubble is my 6 year old dachsund mix. Her name is bubbles but we call her bubble
  3. Pam – Bubble gum has been around forever. Even though it’s not as popular as when I was growing up, bubble gum still exists. I use to live to blow bubbles. I had a Aunt who could somehow pop bubbles with her teeth chewing gum. I had forgot all about that until now! Wow!
  4. Connie Henry – My personal bubble. I have issues with people getting to close to me. When someone stands to close or talks in a way that feels to close, I get anxious and agitated. It’s very hard to let people in.
  5. Noel Stewart – As a former scuba diver, I like underwater bubbles. Sometimes a diver gets disoriented. However, if you look at the underwater bubbles, they always rise up. So a trick of the diver’s trade is to FOLLOW THE BUBBLES to rise to the top for air.
  6. Chelsea Warren – The oldest living bubble! (Spongebob square pants) the episode when spongebob and the gang go Atlantis. 😁 classic  
  7. Celia D. Scribner – The bubbles of black tar after the road has been repaired and the sun shines down creating bubbles which are fun to pop or squish..  
  8. cyberbabe11 – My favorite bubble is the one that Glinda the Good Witch arrives in Oz in.
  9. Anna – My favorite bubble, would have to be my personal bubble! Nothing like having an imaginary force field around me that I know exist and when someone violates my boundaries/standards , I inform them of their violation and then enlighten them of my “personal bubble”
  10. Dee – I had a chakra balancing done once, a new thing for me. The practitioner said she’d put me in a golden bubble for healing. I don’t know if she did anything that day, but I seriously could feel the beautiful golden glittery bubble. It made me feel happy and positive, so hey, maybe she did do something!
  11. Denise N. – I love the bubbles that Kois make on the surface of the water as they swarm to eat. The transparency of the bubbles make their colors of gold, ivory, orange, and black really “pop”.
  12. risingphoenix2018 – My favorite bubble is the bubble that Paula Abdul comes down in at her performance at the 1990 American Music Awards. How she does that is beyond me because I’m afraid of heights! Some people may not realize what a talented performer, singer, choreographer, and dancer she is. Paula hits it out of the park with this performance! And, it all starts with her coming down in a bubble and you know that you’re about to be AH-mazed!
  13. Adrienne – My favorite is soap bubbles because the bubble is rainbow colored… aren’t just pretty to look at, Isaac Newton was able to make a remarkable discovery from this phenomenon.
  14. Carol Miller – My favorite Bubble story is the Tulip 🌷 Bubble that occurred in Holland between 1634-37. The tulip had just been introduced to Europe and people were enchanted with this beautiful flower that was different than any other they had encountered. As a result “tulip mania” began and everyone flocked to buy investments in tulip bulbs. This created what historians call the “Tulip Bubble.” The price just kept going up and up. Everyone smart enough to sell at the top price became very rich. When the Bubble finally burst, some went broke. I find this Bubble story quite fascinating because it happened long before the stock market Bubble burst but, for anyone studying history, this was a Bubble lesson to be learned.
  15. Natania  Mason, our new nephew, is just a little over 3 months old and he is the cutest and sweetest. He does this little thing with his mouth while he is sleeping, and he blows this bubble and it just sits on his mouth, sometimes for almost a minute, until it pops. If it was anyone else, it wouldn’t be so adorable. That is without a doubt my favorite bubble of all time.,
  16. Michelle Wilson – This brings back such great memories. In a day with no Ipads, electronics, or smart phones my sister and I and the neighborhood kids played for hours with Super Elastic Bubble Plastic in the 80s. It consisted of a tube of viscous plastic substance and a thin straw used to blow semi-solid bubbles. A pea-sized amount of liquid plastic was squeezed from the tube and made into a tiny ball. One end of the straw was then inserted into the ball, inflating the plastic into a bubble. The bubble could then be removed from the straw by pinching the hole closed, sealing the air inside. The smell of the plastic was horrible but we spent hours creating solid colored and rainbow mixed colored bubbles. We would have our parents judge them. Oh how I wish I could go back to those days. I actually feel as though I can smell the mixture!
  17. Ray Ayala – I like the bubble screen pass in football. It is a safe way to get the ball to a receiver with protection so he can burst down the field like a bubble. It should be part of every talented team’s playbook.
  18. Adrienne White – My favorite bubble is the all-famous bubble machine blowing champagne bubbles on “The Lawrence Welk Show”.
  19. Leslie Anne Soloman – Did I say bubble wrap? Well that’s my favorite bubble. Bubble wrap. Have a great day!  
  20. ramadevi – I used to make the bubbles in my childhood which was an amazing and fun filled skill. We need small bottle, piece of pipe, water and pieces of soap. I used to make solution by dissolving end pieces of soap ( when soap gets small, we dont waste the pieces, we store them for other uses) in water in a small bottle. Then we need a pipe to blow the bubbles. We used to use bamboo broom sticks. Bamboo sticks are like straw thick pipe and at the end feathers remain. So we make a bunch tied with a rope. Then the broom stick is ready for use. After the feathers get old, my mom used to keep the sticks in storage room, which can be used to light the lamps, to use them to make bubbles etc. We used to choose thick stick piece, cut into a pencil size and then used to blow the bubbles. All kids used to come to my home during the holidays in the evening and we used to play making bigger bubbles floating in the air in the garden. Some of the bubbles stay longer on the plant leaves. We used watch the bubbles how long they live and then burst. It was very good fun and time pass for the kids. I used to gather kids to play with bubbles. It is easy with no cost fun. I really enjoyed making the bubbles by myself.

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