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The winners

See who won our 1918 daily question below.

  1. Tammy Robertson – A few weeks ago I watched my cousin’s chickens while she went out of town.
  2. Diane Krumenaker Eugenio – My next door neighbor asked us to watch his (sick) German Shepherd while he went to Disney World. He told us the veterinarian said the dog was ok, “but if he dies, dig a hole four feet deep in my yard and bury him near his dog house.” Guess what happened? I made sure to call him to ruin his vacation.
  3. Michael Pickering – I watched my friend’s vintage E-type Jag while he was away overseas. And wasn’t allowed to touch it and certainly not drive it. Nearly killed me.
  4. Ray Ayala – Last week, I watched someone’s shopping cart filled with groceries. They were panicking because they had spent a lot of time gathering their food. All of a sudden, they realized their credit cards were still in the car. I pushed their basket around while they retrieved their wallet. I was only buying a few items, anyway. And, I have done that before, myself, so I could relate!
  5. Adrienne – I watched a friend’s birthday cake while she went to the bathroom.
  6. Sylvia – During outdoor recess for kindergarten I watch 5 jackets, 7 hats, 4 scarves, 2 Barbie necklaces and 3 hoodies. I feel like a human coatrack!
  7. Colleen Goodbrand – Decades ago, I stayed at a friend’s apartment while he and his partner went on vacation, to look after their three cats. The cats were Bill, Blanche and Vivian Marie. Bill was a very quiet soul – he had to be as Blanche was SO vocal! She followed me around every waking minute and carried on a not stop “conversation” all day long! Vivian Marie was a diva, as I had to keep her groomed by vacuuming her daily!
  8. Sandra Spalding – I sat through a boring documentary for someone. Watching that, for my significant other, was like watching paint dry.
  9. kandeels – This would have to be the dozen or so families I babysat for between the age of 14 and 18 or so. I had many regulars, so I was often after school off the bus, evenings and especially weekends. The parents learned to plan ahead, so they could get me!! My “kids” ranged from 1 child in the family to 4 boys in the family and from infants up to 10 or so!!
  10. Connie Henry – I watch my first great-niece all the time. In fact, she will be here in the morning! Ellie is the most well behaved three year old I have ever known.
  11. Scarlett V. – A few months ago a friend of mine moved out of state and wasn’t able to take her dog because of limited space on her drive to Arkansas. She asked if I would watch her dog until she could come back for her. I’ve never been a dog person, but this dog stole my heart. She instantly took up with me and was by my side 24 hours a day. She even cuddled up with with me at night. It wasn’t long before I realized she was about to have puppies. She ended up having 5 puppies. 4 boys and 1 girl. After the puppies were weened we gave away the boys and I kept the girl. Daisy’s owner then was able to pick her up. I miss her, but now I have her daughter that’s just like her.
  12. Michael Stas – When I refereed a football game, the home was losing by a goal, 4 minutes additional time, it was already 90+6′ I knew the home wanted the game to continue till they have an equalizer but when I blew the final whistle…they realised somebody was watching.
  13. Celia D. Scribner – A couple year ago my daughter came home saying she found an abandon kitten, the mom left it. Wonderful but we can’t have it in our home so she kept the kitten at her boyfriends…needless to say she bottle fed, potty trained and spoiled it with attention…watching something… Mom will you take care of the kitten for a few days… IT has been 8 years and I am still watching the now cat. Guess I was suckered😉 she told me it was to keep me company when she went to college…but Thumper did grow on me.
  14. Dee – I watched my Dad’s cat a few weeks ago while he was away. She had been attacked not long before he was to leave and he was concerned about leaving without someone to check up on her as well as feeding her. She was very jumpy for the start of the week but by the end she was very affectionate.
  15. Cathy Deslippe – During this present time in my life I am watching a lizard named Reggie who eat crickets and loves to climb up my arm and into my hair. On top of that two fighting fish, two separate containers for my grandchildren until they settle in their new home. I never thought for a moment that this old girl would ever be looking up information on lizards and their care and cleaning out the tank he lives on, adjusting the temperature to keep him warm. Than of course two fighting fish that have to stay apart because they could fight and well we know what will happen there and the fish tanks, well this old granny should get a job at the Pet Store lol.
  16. dottie p – I do everyday, my daughter can’t have her dog Panda where she lives so Panda is now with me. she’s a good dog but barks a lot.
  17. Kelli – Just a couple days ago I had to watch my moms ice cream so my brother wouldn’t steal it and try to eat it because he does that sometimes and succeeds for a free ice cream, lol because he never buys his own  
  18. Pammie Burman – Back in the mid to late 90’s I worked at the wastewater treatment plant in San Marcos, Texas (I was the administrative assistant). Heard a bunch of ruckus out in back of the office building so I went out to see what was going on. There was this little pig running around with the guys who worked there all trying to catch it. When I went back in the building, the little piggie followed me inside and kept following me. Figuring it liked me or something I sat down on the floor and it crawled into my lap! We contacted Animal Control (which was on the same grounds) and they were familiar with the little critter and had already contacted it’s owner. Since it seemed so content to be in my lap, I was basically put in charge of watching it until the owner showed up to claim it.
  19. Karen P – In April, I watched my friend’s suitcase at Ohare while she went to get us something to eat. Wouldn’t dare do that if you didn’t know the person.
  20. Noel Stewart – Yesterday I watched a basketball game. The high school coach needed some impartial input on some of his new players.

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