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The winners

See who won our 1917 daily question below.

  1. Dennis Parent – I want to get my flu shot this month.
  2. Jessica Ponder – My goals for November are to be more active, more patient, eat healthier, and start meditating.
  3. ramadevi – I want to take my driving test by the end of November. Good luck for me……………
  4. Bridgett Cook – Stop procrastinating when it comes to my Bible Reading
  5. Vera La’Rei – My goal for November is to put a sizable amount of money away in savings for a new house! 
  6. ladyslick – Sometimes a goal unfortunately involves others. It is my goal to get some families back on their feet. A few days ago a former student of mine and two other families lost everything they had except the clothes on their back. A total of three houses burned in this fire. A couple days later in a neighboring neighborhood another family lost everything they had. So four families in just a few days lost everything. So my goal is to provide these families with some of the things they lost.
  7. Timothy Mccollum – To spread peace love and happiness to everyone I meet we can all get along if we try.
  8. risingphoenix2018 – Thanks for asking this question! I have had a Christmas picture book in the works for YEARS. I just made a 1/3 payment for the illustrator and publishing company today. I decided to self publish, so that I can have more creative control of how the book comes out. My goal is to get everything that’s necessary done during November and hope for a mid-to late December release. There will be a few rounds of approving the artist’s sketches and getting the manuscript edited. It will be a lot of work, but my goal for November is to take it step-by-step and see my Christmas picture book come into fruition!
  9. Maegan – To begin each day with a grateful heart and focus on being the best version of myself possible; to set the best example possible for my two wonderful daughters. Life presents us all with various challenges and our success is only limited by our beliefs in our abilities to overcome these challenges; to grow and learn each day.
  10. Kimberly Smith – My November goal is getting approved to bring 2 little boys from foster care into our home so we can be their forever home ❤
  11. monique dagraca – My goal for November is to get a handle on my Anxiety and Depression so I can get a job and properly provide for my family.
  12. Celia D. Scribner – For the month of November my goal is to clean all the clutter from the house and complete the Christmas shopping before end of month, and remember to be thankful I lived to reach my goal. 🤗  
  13. Judy Burba McGarvey – My November goal is to have my Christmas gifts bought and wrapped by November 30th so I can relax and enjoy the Christmas season baking and watching movies.
  14. Dustins Mom – To try and be more happy. Realizing my son will never come back, and trying to be happy as he would want.
  15. Leslie Anne Soloman – My November goal is to take and pass State of Michigan cosmetology exam.
  16. Dee – I plan to spend at least an hour each day during the week and a few hours each day on the weekend to learn the numerous programs I use for work as I have only been able to learn the bare minimum during work hours. Hopefully by spending the time I will be able to not only make my job easier but it will be a start to continue with learning new programs that I have been wanting to learn and have been putting off. I guess you could say this is my New Years resolution just being implemented a wee bit early.
  17. Diane Krumenaker Eugenio – My goal for November is to vote, and to get as many people as I can to vote. I’m even driving my hairdresser to the polls on November 6th!
  18. The Bean – My November goal is to get better with time management with my school work so I won’t be a mess by the end of my first semester in college.
  19. Michelle Wilson – My November goal is to finally cook a Thanksgiving Turkey all by myself. 47 years old and I have yet to attempt this feat!
  20. Elizabeth Nichols – My November goal is to get a place to live and dispose of my house that was destroyed in a hurricane

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