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The winners

See who won our 1901 daily question below.

  1. MT – Jane Seymour’s older sister? Looks very similar.
  2. Dustins Mom – Is she Elizabeth, is this you???
  3. Teresa Rojas – You posted a picture of me without telling me? (HAHA! Just kidding)
  4. risingphoenix2018 – A lady enjoying her life in Tuscany where the streets are lined with beautiful flowers like the ones pictured here. She also reminds me of or looks like a slightly older and more tan version of Sarah Palin!
  5. Alexandra Finks – She looks like a Sedona, Arizona hippie.
  6. Anna Morellon – She is a woman living in Arizona who is posing for a picture at her home where she and her home will be featured in Better Homes and Gardens or another comparable magazine.
  7. Alex  Aspiring herbology mature student
  8. justinkeene – She looks like she is from the Hawaiian islands
  9. ladyslick – Nana Mouskouri is a Greek singer received flowers after one of her standing room only performances.
  10. Jason Provo – A beautiful, confident woman accepting apology (and flowers) from someone who was ultimately forgiveable and worth her time.
  11. Daniel Navickas – Although she appears in an unimaginable humble state of happiness and the compassion for those beautiful flowers of life stirring off a magnificent aroma and fragrance leaving a trail as she travels through the strange ancient forest that appears so dark but when she adventurers thru the forest glows like an apocalyptic yellow and blood orange-red with the occasional strange electric blue lightning beaming up high about 8 to 10 streams of electricity. I’m starting to believe this woman may not appear whom she seems to be. She may be the very one with a this dark force portraying to be that sweet beautiful lady but when gone to the forest for days sometimes months and strange occurrences happen,weird noises, and even the ground shakes here and there. Its it possible this woman or whatever she is was once a security force used for good. To help protect the ……c. But decided to go by herself and teach herself and explore more of the forbidden and dangerous places In other parts of the Galaxy. once done with these places of visit they’s just disappear forever
  12. MyKinKStar – Based on her hair style for her age, she is stuck in another generation. Perhaps she is afraid of change, of is comfortable enough in her space to not care, or maybe she’s in a relationship with someone who doesn’t want or approve of change. She’s likely not happy, but also not strong enough to go for it and cut her hair!
  13. Karen P – Looks like the pink flowers are hibiscus, so I’d say she teaches hula dancing on the island of Kauai.
  14. Leslie Anne Soloman – A smiling Caucasian woman wearing glasses with potted flowers in front of her.
  15. Michael Onstott – She is looking out the window, staring at her grandkids playing with their parents. It reminds her how lucky she’s been and how blessed she is.
  16. Julie Dascoli-Yanop – she is a beautiful happy woman who seems to be happy in life…(she must be single!!) LOL
  17. Judy Burba McGarvey – She is a beautiful Native American who celebrated Indigenous People Day yesterday instead of Columbus Day. She was presented these lovely flowers by her husband.  
  18. Noel Stewart – This smiling lady is a Mexican Senorita who is being serenaded on her birthday by a Mariachi Band. She has been presented with flowers and the Mariachis are singing “Feliz Cumpleanos.”
  19. Cathy Deslippe – As I look up at the window I see her beautiful smile, everyday when I walk by. I know she is someone’s daughter, mother, sister but most of all she embraces the world full of life, therefor I know she is someone’s best friend. Her eyes embrace life and all it brings, she has learned to live life to the fullest and not embrace on negative things. “Her quote – life is what it is, embrace everyday”. I wave as I continue to walk by. Wouldn’t life be wonderful if we had many woman and men in the world that looked at life the way that this beautiful lady does.
  20. Carol Miller – I will describe what I see and deduce from this picture. This is a woman I will call Sarah. She is a naturalist who loves tropical plants and makes her own jewelry. Her earrings look hand made. She is not concerned with what other people think of her; hence, the purple glasses. She wears her hair in a very plain, straight style because that is what she is most comfortable with. She is a happy person by her smile and spends a great deal of time outdoors by the tan she has. I kind of see her saying, “Isn’t this a beautiful plant and would you like to have it?” I named her Sarah because it is an extremely traditional, biblical name and my friend fits those two characteristics.

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